Curse of Bakun strikes again


The Sarawak blackout yesterday, which lasted for more than six hours in Kuching, originated from the Bakun plant.

Sarawak Energy Bhd chief executive Torstein Dale Sjotveit said the outage at 5.36pm yesterday led to a shutdown of power stations in Sejingkat, Batang Ai, Mukah, Bintulu and Miri.

According to The Star:

“Just before this incident, the system had a total load demand and supply of 1,555 MW. Bakun, which at the time had a load of 884 MW, dropped its load supply by 456 MW in 10 seconds, causing a serious frequency drop to below 47.5hz in the system. The normal operating frequency in Sarawak is at 50hz.

“To protect the integrity of all the other generators in the system, the safety tripping was automatically activated, resulting in the shutdown of all power stations in the grid. This is termed as a ‘no recovery situation’,” he told a press conference here Friday morning.

Sjotveit said SEB initiated its blackout restoration plan within 10 minutes of the outage to start up its generation plants.

He said Batang Ai hydroelectric plant was restarted at 5.53pm, Tun Abdul Rahman power station at 5.56pm, Bintulu power station at 6.21pm and Miri at 7.45pm.

“Bakun was only able to be synchronised to the grid after 10pm. Two power islands were created in north and south Sarawak while Bakun was delayed, leading to a serious delay in restoring power supply to Sibu.

“The state grid was re-established by 11.30pm and all loads were fully restored by 2.07am on Friday,” he added.

Isn’t someone supposed to be monitoring the operating frequency of the power load? Why did the load supply suddenly plunge in 10 seconds?

Something tells me this won’t be the last we are hearing from Bakun.

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1 Jul 2013 9.50am

Third world grid design.
How much corner is cut to put the billions into this hornbill land cronies coffers?

semuanya OK kot
semuanya OK kot
30 Jun 2013 3.44pm

This is why the genius Taib want to build more dams.

Taib er en tyv
Taib er en tyv
30 Jun 2013 2.27pm

So if it is reported that MACC is after his back, why not run away with RM…? Makes sense of placing early pawns.

Ong Eu Soon
29 Jun 2013 10.33pm

This is just the beginning of a bigger nightmare. The next 6 months will witness a dry spell. The bakun dam is expected to face the problem of water shortage. I am not quite sure whether it already started. If it really happen, you can expect an ecosystem disaster to strike the Rajang river. God bless you.

29 Jun 2013 12.47pm

Bakun plant supposed to generate electricity, not to cause blackout!

Another Malaysia Boleh!

29 Jun 2013 6.58am

The good CEO ( a foreigner) APOLOGISED for the power blackout. How I wish our local politicians will do the same when they or their subordinates make a mistake. Look at the President of Indinesia over the haze.

Andrew I
Andrew I
29 Jun 2013 9.13am
Reply to  DOPE

It takes a big man to apologize.

Big word there for nasi lemak. Still using your 1email to com with your English teacher?

nasi lemak @ GK stall
nasi lemak @ GK stall
28 Jun 2013 7.29pm

At least we know the safety protection system is sound @ the great Bakun dam. Congrat to the builders !!!

28 Jun 2013 6.37pm

That’s close to a 50% drop! Mechanically maybe half of the number of turbines “no pusing”! Or some power transmission mechanism konked out!

Another possibility is, well, unassociated with power generation, 60 mins is like a century for some precious data and info to go out or come in undetected by public system!

Or maybe some big rat ate some cables.