Cabinet to review petrol price on Wed: Shahrir


According to Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister Shahrir Samad, the Cabinet will review the petrol and diesel prices this Wednesday. It is set to discuss a proposal to reduce retail prices. This from Shahrir’s website in a posting titled ‘Price drop ahead of Raya?’:

JOHOR BAHRU 20 Sept. – Keputusan sama ada kerajaan akan menurun atau mengekalkan harga runcit petrol dan diesel bakal diketahui pada mesyuarat Kabinet Rabu ini.

Menteri Perdagangan Dalam Negeri dan Hal Ehwal Pengguna, Datuk Shahrir Samad berkata, Jemaah Menteri akan membincangkan cadangan penurunan harga minyak itu dan menentukan kadarnya.

‘‘Pengumuman penurunan harga itu memerlukan sedikit penyesuaian bagi mengelak berlaku kekurangan bekalan secara mendadak dalam pasaran,’’ katanya tanpa mahu mengesahkan jika penurunan harga minyak akan dilakukan sebelum Aidilfitri.

Blog reader Han2 asks:

Whatever happens to the ‘automatic mechanism’ they were talking about in respect to price adjustment according to the market price of oil?

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Bad news, folks. World oil prices are up 16 dollars today.


Where was the commitment that prices of feul will be reviewed every two weeks. Gone with the wind after the election!


They keep lying and lying. I thought it was earlier announced that if the crude price per barrel dropped further there would be a reduction? Now they are saying “wait and see whether to reduce or maintain”. Why maintain? Should be reduce!

artic turban

Anil do you know but it is a fact, We Malaysians were paying way above the world market price for petrol in the 70s and 80s. So all this political propoganda of subsidy is just that, propoganda, What about the sale tax and other hidden cost of which the monies go to the govt from the sale of petrol in the form of land taxes, on the petrol stations, income taxes of the proprieters, company tax, sales taxes and all kind of other taxes. What the govt. so called gives out in subsidies, comes back IN OTHER FORMS, it is… Read more »

Johnny Cheah

What is the big deal! Price increased by 78 cents per liter. Prices of most goods gone up sky high. Reduced by 15 cents per liter during the PP by-election. Please tell me, any price drop for the things you buy and the food you eat. NO RIGHT? So in the coming days we can expect further drop in the price of petrol and diesel. DO YOU REALLY THINK PRICES OF GOODS AND FOOD WILL BE REDUCED? THINK AGAIN.

artic turban

Dalbinder grow up lah paueh, YOU CAN BE GIVEN CHICKEN, BUT IF IT COOKED BY A S***TY CHEF, or if is a last weeks accident chicken which fell off the truck than that is another story. than there is ‘chicken’ and and there is ‘chicken’, is this the chicken bought in supermarket or a proper stall selling chicken, or is this the rejected chicken thrown away by stall owners, picked up, recycled, repackaged by the myanmar ‘visiters’ to our country. Like the expose last week regarding this ‘new’ old phonomena. I am very sure you have been fed atrocious food… Read more »


The petrol price now at RM2.50 was based on USD115. It was RM2.70 when the price was USD125. We are looking at RM2.30 min at USD105.


What is the point? Prices of essential goods and even stall food has been raised. Are they going to lower their price again when petrol price is lowered? No way. The damage has been done. Only motorist will benefit. A stupid mistake has been made and we the rakyat has to pay a high price for BN stupidity.


anil, how’s the petrol price calculated? the crude oil is about USD105 now which translate to RM2.15 per my estimate. what say you? TQ

Dalbinder Singh Gill

Teresa Kok has lied to all malaysians , she said she got dog food in prison, which is a lie, just watched latest news and i am very upset as now she says she got chicken and others, therefore why make a conclusion just from one meal, its a balance diet ok teresa. She has lied and this has broken the confidence i never had in her, haha.


Everyone is going to lose but sure not BN/UMNO… Cause they don’t know what went wrong, Primary School Politician. It’s a pity that the Government is being run by a bunch of loser/bozo!!


So arbitary. There seemed to be no proper system in place to make the calculation. i wonder if the oil companies / retailers is going to loose big money due to this.


long overdue ,good at making promises without doing their home work first…tipu tipu bohong bohong


Whatever happens to the ‘automatic mechanism’ they were talking about in respect to price-adjustment according to the market price of oil? Cakap bohong lagi….