Is Malaysia’s nuclear power programme really on hold?


Are Malaysia’s nuclear power plans on hold – or are they quietly proceeding behind the scenes according to a scheduled timeline that could see the first plant commissioned in 2021?

According to an NST report dated 18 October, Energy Minister Peter Chin was reported as saying the government has not yet made a ‘final decision’ on the proposal to build nuclear power plants in the country.

But what’s happening behind the scenes?

Take a look at the the INPRO Dialogue Forum, which “brings together nuclear technology users and technology holders from interested Member States to discuss issues related to sustainable nuclear energy development and deployment”.

The Director of the Nuclear Power Division of Malaysia, Mohamad Puad Haji Abu, made a presentation on the progress of the nuclear power programme in Malaysia. The presentation was published on the IAEA website page for the INPRO Dialogue Forum, which was held on 10-14 October 2011 in Austria.

Among the key challenges Puad identified: to “promote public acceptance”, and to “acquire approval for plant sites” and “obtain public support in the locality”.

According to the detailed timeline, the programme managers are now supposed to be identifying potential sites and the final site selection is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2012.

Puad ended his presentation by stating, “In 2021 and 2023 Malaysia plan to have 1000 MW reactor respectively and probably by 2030, 2 SMR might be proposed to propel nation’s future energy demand.”

So how? Who is telling the truth?

The Sankei news portal reported that METI (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry) of Japan had announced on 3 September 2010 that it had signed a a document with Malaysia for the cooperation on infrastructure development of the country’s nuclear power programme. The ministry will cooperate on human resource development, public relations and legislation development.

Of course, Japan turned out to be a public relations disaster with Fukushima in March this year; so that is why one of the key challenges is winning public acceptance of the nuclear power programme in Malaysia. Memories are short; and Bernama reported in August that Japan had decided “to continue with its policy of exporting nuclear power generation technology after reviewing the policy” in the wake of the Fukushima disaster.

So is our nuclear power programme really on hold given what was revealed in the presentation for the INPRO Dialogue Forum?

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NO COUNTRY can afford to rule out nuclear power in the future at this moment. Not anytime soon. Because of this excuse, its typically UMNO/BN to use pervert it to mean to grab its dangerous possibility at the very first chance they can. Like it not on the only way to ensure that Nuclear power is delayed for as long as possible is to rid of UMNO/BN


2011 Japan’s Nuclear Plant’s Meltdown will effect us all for centuries


Barang Naiki means everything in the Putrajaya bills must “Naik Harga Berpatutan!” If not, how to ‘screw themselves’ with RMRatus Screw Drivers made in China!
The next Holy Grail of Barang Naiki Berpatutan will be GST so everyone who buy or sell will be ‘lynched’ to the bones.
And Ah Kong’s monies will be everflowing for another 4 year term of Pok Khai Siang Hari dan Malam for the average Malaysians.

Time to look for free real estate in the Belum rainforest where Barang Naiki is an unheard misnomer!

Han Chiang

serengetti of belum park :

Belum adventure for Anil Fan Club to be guided by tunglang ?


Why torture me with these beautiful Belum adventure videos? I am counting I year, eleven months from now to my eventual freedom days living in my sanctuary Belum. Feel like going there tonight! BTW, that’s a close call on highway’s elephant crossing. If you are in deep rainforest, such 100 metre encounters will be highly dangerous, what with your noisy diesel engine still in running / idling mode. Playing dead is the best advice even for your mighty Land Rover. One of my 4WD buddies told me of a night incident where a trail’s blind bent took the lead vehicle… Read more »


A nuclear incident like Fukushima would negatively affect the health and safety of generations.

I have zero confidence Bolehland can handle this technology safely.

The scenario has been repeated so many times.
1. The principal construction contract goes to UMNO crony company
2. The international contractors pay out mega millions in “Consulting fees”
3. Once the plant is ready for operation, the management and staff are selected based on “Cable-fication” and “Kulit-fication”


What do they care as long as they masuk masuk masuk just like the IPP

Lok Ming Xian

If a pair of night vision Marine binoculars (market value of RM1,940) can cost BN government RM56,350, I hate to imagine how much above market price the BN flers will pay for a nuclear plant.


The UMNO-led BN government has never had the best interests of the rakyat at heart. Not when Dr M was PM, and he saddled the nation with mega-projest after mega-project, many of which are still to justify their existence. Just look at Putrajaya. Not only does it feature eye-popping palaces which surprisingly only house ministries, but there are very expensive and ornate bridges all over the place to carry vehicular traffic to various oarts of the twon. The bridges could have been far less expensive if only they were functional instead of over-decorative. And worst of all, the bridges were… Read more »

Nazri Aziz Bukhari

The current Government is dead bent on having the nuclear plants, and they are biding time, hoping a convincing victory in PRU 13 will enable them to do what they want! This is a fact, not only on the above nuclear energy, also supposedly with LYNAS! Penangnites are lucky in a sense that “there will be no nuclear plants in their state” so said Lim Guan Eng. But, really, even if the plant is sited in Gebeng, and if there is a leakage, there is no chance for the folks in Selangor or Johor or for that matter Singapore to… Read more »


BN is ruining the nation with the threat of nuclear meltdown as well as financial meltdown with high debt.


Double jeopardy if the nuclear plant mgmt is awarded to umno crony. They do not even know how to do cattle farming (NFC).

semuanya OK kot

This can be undestood by comparin the Philippine nuclear plant, built at great cost but never used as it had too many problems. The idea is to build first by hook or crook (for you know what), and suppress discussion of the consequenses. Nuclear energy is a very dangerous industry that has never made sense financially. That is why banks won’t lend for it without gomen guaratees.


No because we cannot a govt and pm that keep deceit and lie