World Economic Forum: Fareed Zakaria interviews Najib


This conversation is about Najib’s “breakthrough idea for initiating and sustaining Malaysia’s economic and political transformation” – that’s what the World Economic Forum website tells us.

Here he touts his ETP and the 5-plus per cent growth rates. Yes, but who benefits most from this 5 per cent growth?

He talks about the need to use the country’s oil wealth “in a prudent way”. But only a “small portion” has gone into a trust similar to the Norwegian model. The rest has gone into “productive investment”.

He also claims that university admissions now are “based on merit”.

“We are moving towards a policy on the basis of needs as opposed to the basis of race.”


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Phua Kai Lit

He should also hold the position of Minister of Information (in addition to his
PM, Minister of Finance, and Minister of Women’s Affairs posts)

He does a better job at ruling regime propaganda than the present Minister !


Make me want to puke. All his policies are failures as far as i am concerned. Period. The worst PM Msia ever had.

Gerakan K


read TV3 news, the Home Minister has warned. The police chief also gave stern warning. What else do you want ???

Andrew I

Didn’t know you can read TV3 news. How about helicopters and lights a la Anwar Ibrahim, circa 1998?

KT Wong87

Malaysia Chronicle posted an NST item with this new title:

“HIGHEST DEBT but Najib wants to share economic ‘success’ tips”


The new title sums it up nicely, eh?

I guess Najib, the Prime Minister cum Finance Minister cum Women’s Minister had better try his luck at some forum for women’s affairs. Seems he is way out of his depth in any international gathering which has to do with his first two roles.



in front of the devil,talk satanic
in front of angels, talk heavens.

he doesnt even give bible-burning ibrahim a slap on the wrist.
can this man stand up with some spine?