Will Penang follow Selangor in banning hill-slope development?


Today’s entry is from a guest writer in Penang, someone concerned about the unchecked property development in the state and its devastating impact on the environment:

Heartening news today from Selangor where the new state government has announced a ban on development of hillslopes of 26 degrees gradient or more. When will Penang follow Selangor’s lead?

Those who have not driven out to Batu Ferringhi recently will be in for a shock when they see what is happening to the hill slopes above Moonlight Bay, which now perhaps deserves the name Moonscape Bay! For months bulldozers and earth-movers have denuded the hills of tree cover up to the crest line to reveal acres of bare red lateritic soil on slopes which must well exceed 26 degrees.

Approaching this scene from town the driver is welcomed by a large billboard with the words “A short drive up to paradise”(Someone sure has a warped sense of humour! — Anil). Today, when I visited the site to show a friend, the whole hillside had been draped in blue plastic sheeting, surely an acknowledgment by the developer that the work has created a massive environmental and safety problem.

And further along the Batu Ferringhi road as you approach the Fort Auchry army camp on the right, dark green construction fencing has been erected along the left-hand side of the road for a project bearing the name “Plenitude”, evidently another scheme to build on fragile hillslopes still covered with jungle.

Let’s hope the new state government takes note and puts a stop to such rapacious property development projects.

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Hello, I am a Penang resident also affected by a dangerous hillslope project, complete with the rock blasting, mud slides and flooding, and damage to our neighbourhood from rock blasting flyrock. Our residents have undergone all the meetings with MPPP, JMG (Minerals and Geoscience in charge of blasting safety), DOE, Police, and also YB Teh. Without YB Teh none of these meetings would have taken place. Unfrotunately, YB Teh is only one Assemblyman, and even though he is on the side of the residents and common sense and reason, he can’t do it all. (even though he tries). The agencies… Read more »


now, now, now, “…they aim at people who(m) are from either filthy rich or people who)m) are not localss here in Penang or Malaysia…”, not all “non – locals and/or Malaysians” are by definition rich! Not all non – locals and/or non -Malaysians can afford expensive condo’s with a price way past the RM1 million ticket! as a matter of fact the big majority actually choose Penang for its beautiful flora and fauna, only to discover that every day another high rise is going up. it is this very big majority of expats who are doing the God damnest to… Read more »


I am resident of Batu Ferringhi who is appalled by the destructive construction going on the hills along this road. Moonlight bay & the site prior to that oonthe way to Batu Ferringhi, belong to Ivory, who openly declared support for the BN govt via a large billboard in front of their showhouse opposite Island Plaza a month ago. As for the latter site, do notice developer have built a low retaining wall along the existing drain to prevent any mudflow to the road in case of heavy downpour; do note the drain is clogged with mud & construction rubbish,… Read more »

Mr Smith

The destruction of the country by BN and UMNO is manifold and all encompassing – the nation’s social fabric, economy, judiciary, morality, education, media and information, the constitution and environment.
BN/UMNO is a cancer.
We need the best “politico-physicians” to undo the damage.


thank so much for writhing the hill slopes story.(didn’t know it from news)
the government just create more impervious surface to create to many Non point sources pollutant


YB Lim CM of Penang is busy in meeting with our PM Badawi
to get started all the “Mega Projects” without review and
so it is most unlikely he the YB Lim will ban hill slope
development projects like Selangor.


I totally agree with you. I have been an annual long stay winter visitor to Penang (Batu Ferringhi), from wintry Canada, for 7 years & the hill cutting, which i see almost daily, is disgusting & shocking.


Well not just developing on the hill slope is the problem. Currently most developers focus on High End Condominiums which are aimed at highly paid people and most Penangite have to resort to buying houses in Mainland or Balik Pulau. There is a site in Island Glades where they are building a big project to have a high-end condominum there. They are blasting rocks in a housing area. Come on.. Not all Penang-ite can afford expensive condos. They aim people whom are from either really filthy rich or people whom are not locals here in Penang and Malaysia. When oh… Read more »