Where will the Butterworth RMAF base be relocated to?


It has been reported that the RMAF base is supposed to be relocated to Ara Kuda, or at least that is the site that is mentioned. But where exactly is Ara Kuda?

Ara Kuda is only about 20km away by road from the RMAF base in Teluk Air Tawar on mainland Penang. So why relocate the base if is just going to be 20km away? If the plan is to have a “state of the art” base, why can’t that be done at its existing site? It just doesn’t make sense.

The Edge (8-14 September 2014) quotes the Penang Regional Development Authority chairman as saying that the Ara Kuda site belongs to Perda. The site, valued at RM50-60psf, had been earmarked for 1000 medium-cost homes. These were meant to be sold at RM270000 (supposedly RM100000 lower than market price) each.

But if the RMAF base moves here, what kind of replacement land will Perda get for the medium-cost housing?

Three months before GE13 last year, it was reported:


Perda Kenal Pasti Tanah Di Ara Kuda Untuk PR1MA

Diterbitkan: Jumaat, 8 Februari 2013 12:00 AM


NIBONG TEBAL: Lembaga Kemajuan Wilayah Pulau Pinang (Perda) mengenal pasti sebidang tanah seluas 100 hektar di Ara Kuda, Tasek Gelugor dekat sini bagi membolehkan Perumahan Rakyat 1Malaysia (PR1MA) dibina di situ.

Pengerusi Perda Datuk Azhar Ibrahim berkata pihaknya sedang berunding dengan PR1MA bagi membolehkan projek perumahan rakyat itu dibina dalam tempoh terdekat demi kepentingan rakyat Pulau Pinang.

“Berapa unit dan bila akan mula dibina masih dalam perbincangan kerana ia bergantung kepada pihak PR1MA untuk memutuskannya. Perda terlibat dalam urusan jual beli tanah sahaja,” katanya selepas melancarkan fasa kedua Taman Panchor Utama, di sini Jumaat.

Turut hadir Pengurus Besar Perda Saringat Hassan.

Sementara itu, Azhar berkata 140 unit rumah pelbagai jenis akan dibina menerusi projek bernilai RM17 juta itu dan ia dijangka siap sepenuhnya pada April tahun depan.

Katanya semua rumah yang dibina Perda termasuk lebih 11,000 unit sejak beberapa tahun lepas lebih murah berbanding harga pasaran.

“Setiap unit rumah berharga antara RM170,000 dan RM200,000 dan ia jauh lebih murah daripada harga pasaran dan harga yang ditawarkan kerajaan negeri Pulau Pinang,” katanya.

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What has this chap chong got to loose, for his critical and seditious remarks of the Malay ? Besides who dares to have him indicted for what he has got to say, he has got their … in his hands. … he doesn’t care a damn if the Malays are offended by his remarks enough not to vote for him anymore as he is no longer in Putrajaya. More importantly the Malays have given up on him long ago and that is why his appeals, during all the by elections and the past elections, were falling on deaf ears. On… Read more »


Ara Kuda is also where the new Kulim aka Mukritz International Airport will be based ?

Tomorow Redhuan Tee if he wants to defends the Malay community should hit back at Dr M, who has said it was disappointing that the Malays were dishonest and lacked integrity because they prioritised money more compared to the Chinese. Quote Dr M : ” what I am ashamed of is that when some Malay workers see money, they forget themselves and their values.”

source : http://www.themalaysianinsider.com/malaysia/article/dr-mahathir-defends-malays-are-lazy-remark-says-they-prefer-to-be-mat-rempi#sthash.cAHOlInG.dpuf


In other words, the land meant for PR1MA is no longer be used for low cost housing?


As I said before it is only an excuse for the base to move… (is it) just (so) that there are excuses for inflated bills to be paid(?) Once again please remember you only try to fix something when it is broken but clearly there is nothing wrong. Or are the people behind this exercise is trying to say because where the base is as a result they are unable to locate in the radar when MH370 turned around instead of flying to Beijing and also where it headed to after that !