Higher density, more congestion for Penang?


Great, more high-rise buildings, concrete and congestion…

Why is Hunza announcing changes in property development density and not the local government via a press conference? Was there any public consultation before coming up with such a decision?

This from The Star.

Wednesday August 26, 2009
Penang raises density for property development

GEORGE TOWN: The state government has raised the density for property development in Penang, which will bring down land cost and stabilise property prices, said Hunza Properties Bhd executive chairman Datuk Khor Teng Tong.

“The state government recently decided to increase the density to 280,000 sq ft in built-up area from 90,000 sq ft per 100,000 sq ft of land.The decision to increase density will allow developers to build more, hence giving consumers more choices.

(It was only last month that Hunza was slapped with a stop-work order after a road within the compound of Gurney Park condominium, adjacent to the developer’s super condominium and commercial complex project Gurney Paragon, caved in.)

I contacted Ahmad Chik, who is familiar with the issue. He said density is usually measured in terms of units per acre. In the primary development area of George Town and surrounding areas, the usual density is 30 units per acre, he said.

“If this report is true, I am appalled that they (local government) could make such a fundamental change without considering the effect on congestion and without consulting the wider public.”

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It is very worrying that the road next to where Hunza built Paragon collapsed and they are going to build yet another high rise on the hillslope behind Alila Homes. god help the local area!!!


be nice to get a waterfront property though …emm …


Dear Friends Kg Buah Pala… Lim Guan Eng Govt issued Title for Land worth RM150m to the Developer on 27/3/2008 for only RM3.2 million despite the fact that BN Koh Tsu Koon approval have lapsed and withdrawn. Till today Lim Guan Eng have not published the PAKATAN EXCO minutes on Kg Buah Pala !!! … Penang People (deprived) of RM147m !!!! Where did RM147m went??? … Why Lim Guan Eng refused to publish PAKATAN EXCO minutes on Kg Buah Pala???? Why the so called ” blogger” refused to pressure Lim Guan Eng (administration) to publish all documents on Kg Buah… Read more »


Dear Friends This is the evidence that LGE have good relationship with (developers)!!! Development does not mean more high rises , more crimes, more traffic jam, less trees, less hills !! Higher Density means Taller High Rises with more units means more money to the Developer!!! … selling Penang to the Developers…. Cant You Guys use think, Why the LGE & Developers are only interested in “Development” in Penang Island!!! Penang Island Land means more money for the Developer… they dont care about density, traffic jams, crimes, less trees… They only CARE for MONEY! Some MORON said we shd compare… Read more »


Anil, By the way, always remember there is limited things that state governments can do. With funds being tied with the federal government & repeating interference & interruptions from Federal government, it would be better if state government should be given some slack. This is Penang! It’s not Singapore during the merger where LKY has absolute monopoly on labour, land & state policies. Singapore then allowed to impose CPF as high as 50%. 25% from employers, 25% from employees. Penang only got 450 million budget. Hence, I often say IT’S ECONOMY, STUPID! I guess that the density shall be risen.… Read more »


Anil, Extensive public consultations, yes? To arm twist the government to accept your proposal wholesale? Or is it the mantle cry “Don’t offend NGOs” All decisions made subject to state’s requirement. Charley, When the villagers started to pay TOL fees, that’s beginning of the process they would be evicted. Again under whose authority, the land has been gazetted for the villagers. Then come the independence day when the land was gazetted under the Co-op It’s always been Economy, Stupid! Mind you the villagers are not that stupid. For LGE’s government, to fight for 30 village families by sacrificing 1.5 millions… Read more »


Romerz, to be fair Anil has done some of his homework and you need not attack him like that as fellow-bloggers. May be the air will be cleared if Anil has consulted the present government. But let’s not divert the issue which is a policy change in the land use on Penang Island. It is as important as any national issues you bloggers have highlighted. In the end it is a question of good governance, an issue that touched us so much so badly that we overthrew the BN govt. We have the right to demand better governance from the… Read more »


people need somewhere to stay.
many of you may think that the density has increased, it will get congested etc, but you cannot discount the fact that new projects now are not affordable for many who live and work in penang.


Looks it its a BN conspiracy to sink Penang Island.
If it can be done, then it solves a lot of problem, top item is getting rid of an opposition govt.

See. Everything can be blamed on BN.

people power

Romerz, kelvin

You guys are the classic example of a typical malaysian mindset. Here you are finding fault on the messenger and insinuating when issues are raised.

Well if you knew about it, what did you about it other than let it sleep and slip through public awareness.

Aiyah!! ever wondered why and how we could put up with 52 years of UMNO, because of this typical mindset of who cares for community that we live it, its only me, me and only me.


How can the density change be announced when the Local Plan is still in draft stage and not exhibited for comments? In Penang plot ratio is used for controlling density of commercial developments. The minimum allowable plot ratio was 2.5 to 1, which means that 250,000 sq. ft. of floor area can be built on every 100,000 sq. ft. of land. In practice MPPP allows plot ratios of 3.5 to 1 by imposing “development charge” which if I am not mistaken was 70 sen for every additional sq. ft. of floor area built. Prangin Mall has a plot ratio of… Read more »


For every 100,000 sq ft, the build-up area of 280,000 sq ft means a plot ratio of 2.8. Typically, plot ratio means GFA/land area, where GFA =gross floor area. Each country would have their own way to calculate the GFA, i.e. which type of built-up is considered as GFA. Malaysia and Singapore have different sets of calculation for GFA. A local architect would be able to advice on the GFA for the project that they involved. The plot ratio is also depending on types of land titles, whether it is a commercial land or residential land. Depanding on the local… Read more »


Readers, please go figure the meaning of this message from Datuk Khor Teng Tong.

“The state government recently decided to increase the density to 280,000 sq ft in built-up area from 90,000 sq ft per 100,000 sq ft of land.”

Can you understand?
I can’t. 🙂


What is the plot ration in S’pore and Hong Kong…

15 & 25???


See, the beauty of blogs. It is a medium where its contents is constantly being scrutinized. Its audience plays a crucial role in ensuring all information published is accurate and just.


The state government merely increase the plot ratio from 0.9 to 2.8. This is still very low compared to KL, where the plot ratio could go up to 11 at CBD area. In outskirt area like TTDI and Damansara Heights, the plot ratio allowed is usually 7, which is still much higher than Penang.

Plot ratio of 0.9 just doesn’t make sense judging from shortage of development land in Penang.

autumn cloud

This is a sickness in Malaysia. More buildings and no infrastructure.


I agreed that density change already been announced by the state government much earlier, not by Hunza as per reported. Anil should get facts right before blog this article. It seem that many readers misled by this outdated piece.
Dear bloggers, please be more receptive before giving comments.

Tony Lim

Hunza trying to convince Bankers to give them more loans with higher changes in Penang?


just a conjecture, maybe the state government has also fallen into the politico-business nexus, our LGE and his band of people are also humans too. what makes him and his group of people think they are whiter than white?

Morning Dew

Some times numbers such as “built-up density” is misleading. It only referred to the built-up area over a plot of land but does not take into consideration all the support facilities and services needed to support such an area. The ecological impact such as changes to the micro-climate, pollution and run-off during development seldom if ever factored into the thinking of businessmen. The social impact on the stresses of living in such a high density area is also often not considered. All these are additional costs if there are factored in. But the piper has to be paid sooner or… Read more »


This moves would screwed Penang in long run. Don’t make Penang like Singapore or Hong Kong (concrete jungle)

Ong Eu Soon

This state government is out to create slums for Penang disregard for traffic congestion, livability, crime and etc. Ultimately we will have more Rifle Range to content with. High density, low cost, ghettoish residential that is waht LGE has in his vision?


More prove that Developers’ rules . Well done LGE.
I also like to take the opportunity to say that my heart goes out to all Kampung Buah Pala villagers’.


Actually it was announced by CM Lim Guan Eng on 19 August at REHDA’s 35th anniversary dinner but none of our MSM gave any coverage on it! I know because I was there as most of the MSM were and I heard it for myself as they did. Tut tut Anil, what are you doing? Are you going down the path of Rockybru as well? Sorry to say this but I’m starting to wonder about your intentions! I can’t understand why you would use your wide readership to play local politics when there are bigger national fishes to fry out… Read more »