What’s happening at ‘sore thumb’ in Tanjung Bunga?


I thought rivers and the sea front are public property. So what is going on here?

sore thumb at Tanjung Bunga


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Seasides for the Rich & Famous, hillsides for the Rich & Famous, hill tops (Gambier Rape) for the Rich & Famous, but ghettos of ‘Boh Bin Chui’ for the poor & soon-to-be-poor middle class. Is this the exact price of Cosmopolitan Penang in the making? What kind of ‘FCUK’ (Friendly Corporate Undertaking Kautim) development is this for most Penangites who took risks + hope to vote for UBAH but end up the losers? I don’t think the state gomen truly understands or cares about the predicament of the locals, much less to take affirmative action for a sustainable development (that… Read more »

Tg. Bungah Resident

Yea, I thought rivers and the sea front are public property. And I suppose the adjacent land from which the photographs are taken from, that land PSC uses as a boat and yatch storage, is “public property” too? How strange that they are “public property” yet are fenced up.

Vexy Hackus

Looks like Bolehland’s Can Do spirits also in the minds of CAT practitioners. Are they buiding hubs for displaced folks from that UDA’s new lifestyle condo prohects ? Could this be the reclaimation work for Penang Malay Heritage zone for Tanjung Tokong/Bungah area ?
Pls enlighten us, MPPP etc


A public sea and river front with only private access road.. very ingenious indeed! I was told the developer also owns the big piece of land opposite Penang Swimming Club. Dont know when he is going to develop it… Maybe waiting for all the ‘noise’ on hill development to quite down first.

Ong Eu Soon

no law. no regulation. surely another freehold seafront property. tell me no corruption, no abuse of power.


You can think all rivers and sea front public property but ……..
rajraman. but anyone who have $ and strong cable with Political Trader your properties can be annexed under land acquisition act and given to the ultra friendly new owner.


Why must you mention your name in every message?
It is not cool.


Hi rajesh, rajraman666 is for google search – sometimes ago my name was use for posting and i can track it by my icon – hourglass.( I love watches and collects rare pieces) rajraman.My real name but there are thousands of rajraman around the world.My writing skill so horibble when i start blogging and some good souls advised me how to write and some bad soul say i am drunken man with seven bottle’s of guiness stout.I manage to track because the key words.The guy who bad mouth me that i am drunk is dontplaypunks.Highly educated but not proffesional enough… Read more »



where did you get your education?
if in Bolehland, then ok with me as many Umno minions could not write as well as you.


ajiboy, for sure in bolehlah but the worst part is during one … name Mahathir … change the whole education system to his adopted mother tongue .If (he) gives 1% attention to Indian community, the Malaysian Indian overall will do well but he want to be more Malay than the Malays and (marginalised) the Indian community with his buddy Samy.

rajraman. Thanks.


The icon change again?


I think the DPM’s education blueprint is meant to dilute the learning of Chinese and Indian mother tongue languages by forcing them to spend more time on BM. As a Malay I must admit that thesis overkill as there is no need to overlearn BM as it has less economic value than Chinese language. Already many Westerners are learning Mandarin, something that DPM chose to ignore.