When it rains in northern Penang…


This is the scene when it pours in Chee Seng Gardens, next to a controversial condo development project, which has exposed the hill-slopes. Elsewhere, the sea off Miami Bay and Moonlight Bay turns a muddy orange.

Photos by Chee Seng Garden residents and Hymeir Kamarudin of Batu Feringghi

Something must be done to rein in all those hill-slope developers who are responsible for this mess. What are the state authorities doing about this?

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It is so amusing to see the orchestrated spin of Iron and Gerakan K. It is also heartwarming to note that the work of LGE is being highlighted and recognised by those who see and hear. Keep on spinning Iron and it will definitely be a blessing in disguise when the angels that surround LGE will sound their judgement.


Dear All Tanjong Bungah and Battu ferringi lovers Yes I am so aware of the demise of our lovely penang hillslopes. I have raised this issue over recent years and I can tell you I dont mince my words. BUT you see deaf ears are those who are either profitting from these developers (back handers and corrupt bribes?) or they couldnt give a damn about the Island of Penang. Our sea is a huge muddy puddle and the tourists are being short changed-international ad campaigns lie to them when they show lovely green paradisical waters along our North coast then… Read more »


Dear Gerakan K.

If Gerakan rules Penang, we will again be step children of UMNO. 🙂

No, maybe even worse than step children because they will never accept any peninsular non-Malay/non-mamak a member of their ‘family’. Not even after you “masuk.”

Penang lang

I once tell my Dad not to vote for BN but he told me it is necessary for a secure future. Today I hold all the older generation accountable for the state we are in. Iron and Gerakan K, you make me sick…

Gerakan K

Malaysia is OK what ???

Malaysia got 1Malaysia, KLIA, KLCC, Putrajaya, Palace of Justice, astronaut, MSC, MNCs, etc.

Foods also heavily subsidized. What a BN people government for decades !!!


majority of the comments posted here makes one wonder about the maturity of the respondents. The effort made by author/blogger to highlight the various issues pertinent to the community should be applauded. Please restrain yourself, don’t make a mockery of the free space available and embarass yourself. Democracy demands responsibility. If you have brilliant ideas to share, lets meet, talk over the thorny issues and present the suggestions to local council man, or better still have the local council man present. There is no need to resort to name calling…. Be pragmatic, if you really care, DO something about it,… Read more »


Unfortunately, DAP has nothing to do with maturity. Ditto for the DAP machais.


Iron-man: since you deem yourself as so ‘misunderstood’ n that you are better than sliced bread n LGE-sandwiches, perhaps you can rationale the FAIRNESS in giving allocation only to BN-MP but not PR-MR?

If your rationales are not just BULLDOZING warped thinkings, then perhaps we are able to understand you through different angles.

I am only my machai, nobody else!

The Najib administration has allocated an extra RM500,000 to each BN MP this year – on top of the existing RM1 million allocation – to be used for development purposes in all constituencies held by the ruling coalition




I am amused. 🙂 Choice of factory location depends mainly on economics of business. Why build a factory in Malaysia if one intends to make and sell low end products to the masses in China and the rest of the world? Moreover, why set up shop here when most of your workers are going to be Indonesians and Bangladeshis? This country needs to move up the value chain. Penangites who have the necessary knowledge and contacts after spending years working for MNCs should try to venture into higher technology industries like design and software. These are the companies which should… Read more »



A funny thing happens here.

Spinners accusing me as being a spinner.

Like liars accusing me of lying.

And there are more than one of them doing that !

Imagine that, Anil.

Instead of working overtime for the people, they rather send their machais to attack people who disagree with their DAP cultist behavior.

See how they praise Lim Guan Eng.

As if Lim Guan Eng is the best thing ever happen since sliced bread.

tan, tanjong bungah

Hi everyone, Let the people read thru’ all the comments made by me and the one who cries “Spinners accusing me of being a spinner” to judge whoever is the spinner. Show me which comment I have made in Anil’s blog that I’ve spinned!! The TM net bill came today and it costs me a ‘bomb’ as I need to pay it and not dependent on benefactors! So who is whose machai? I’m not a member of any political party, though I’ve a dilemna as to whether I should commit as a member of any political party or remain status… Read more »

Gerakan K

People here love to make “Penang as step child statement”.

Do you PAS supporters’ club is in fact a step child kind of membership ??? Why differentiate ??? Any future in the party for supporters club members ??? Able to stand for party key posts or not ??? Or this is a public relation gimmick ???

Gerakan K


People here love to make “Penang as step child statement”.

Do you think PAS supporters’ club is in fact a step child kind of membership ??? Why differentiate ??? Any future in the party for supporters club members ??? Able to stand for party key posts or not ??? Or this is a public relation gimmick ???

tan, tanjong bungah

Hi everyone, People join political parties for different reasons, some for political patronage, also those for positions and party posts, even some for possible govt positions. There are others who join because they subscribe to the party’s ideology and struggle. For me, if I join Pas Supporters’ Club/DAP/PKR, it is hopefully to contribute, even though it just a small contribution, and to facilitate a 2-Party System. And Gerakan K, if Pg has not been treated as a stepchild by the BN Federal Govt, then explain why currently Pg State is apportioned a mere 3% of the total taxes paid by… Read more »

Gerakan K

Money must be taken care by smart people and not the otherwise to prevent abuses.

It is clear that abuses/wastage already occured. RM100 santa claus program is a wastage. Some may call it a form of bribery. What’s more, PICC ??? Tiger Park ??? Disney land ???

tan, tanjong bungah

Hi everyone, Gerakan K: “Money must be taken care by smart people and not the otherwise to prevent abuses.” After 53 years’ gross mismanagement of taxpayers’ money, are you, Gerakan K, suggesting that the Federal Govt Officers and the BN Federal and State Govts are the smart people … to prevent abuses?!!! This is like ‘harap pagar, pagar makan padi’. Are you blind to the scandalous losses of RM hundreds of millions and billions of taxpayers’ money thru’ such smart management, as you call it, of peoples’ money by the UMNOputras, BNputras and their families and cronies? Quite often such… Read more »

tan, tanjong bungah

Hi everyone, wira, understand that Gerakan K and Iron are just spinning for their masters only… wira, you’re also right that where on earth can the Pg State Govt find that type of money to build MRTs, flood rehabilitation, etc without having to increase assessment rates and quit rent since the bulk of taxes goes to Federal coffers. And the Federal Govt is treating Pg as a step-child in disbursement of taxpayers’ money! The only way forward is for PR to march to Putrajaya to stop the past and current excesses of the BN govts at Federal level and many… Read more »


When i went to Immgration Office lately, i was pleased as the pavement was nicely done… I also note that the pavement in Cantonment Road to Gurney Drive was very nicely done, too… We have budget surplus in Majlis Perbandaran Seberang Prai after taking one year from Gerakan/BN… We also have budget surplus in Majlis Perbandaran Pulau Pinang under DAP/Pakatan… Lim Guan Eng fought for Federal funds to help Penang… Under DAP/Lim Guan Eng, the project PGCC is cancelled … The senior citizens now have RM100 to makan kuih instead of the millions and billions of Ringgit gone just like… Read more »


1. Gerakan K-friend, I was ready but timing collision with Sibu-elect’n, then iced-limau kosong Football! Will work with Anil to pass him details/data, so that Anil can moderate the interactive discuss’n. Now-FOOTBALL IS KING! 2. Duh Iron-man. If you love Penang so much, then 4th factory should be in Penang Island lah! China labour-cost increase abt 20%, Renminbi go north, better come back Penang. Since u BIG-EMPLOYER status, you should know, for every new projects ( in this case help support LGE-govt how to do their jobs, ahem) the BOSS got to pull up their sleeves, GET INVOLVED! Alot of… Read more »


Until the time you set up your own factory you would never believe the issues involved.

Factory in Penang?

What do you think I am? A world-leading multi-national-company with trillions in reserve?

Do you know how much it cost to hire ONE PENANGITE to work? *DO YOU KNOW THAT ???*


One other thing.

It’s always easier to fight the state government than Putra Jaya because unlike the latter, the state government does not control the Police, use of ISA, AG office, MACC or any authoritative bodies which can give you protesters a very hard time ! 🙂


Forget about local elections. Until PR occupies Putra Jaya, that is not going to happen. Moreover, the ball is now in the court of BN. So if you want local elections, fight those in Putra Jaya. I don’t want our Penang government to waste millions of precious tax payers’ money to force local council elections only to find out that they have no legal right to do so and may have to extend their fight in a partisan judiciary. I will not support a fight which is directed only against the Penang state government for the ignoramus who fails to… Read more »


1) Iron, since you talk soo much about making changes here and there….may I suggest you lead the way first rather than writting an episode of a book everytime you leave a reply….no offence though but I did see in one of your reply you mentioned you are busy with the 4th factory in china….so what does this means…you expect the blokes here to slog it out while you enjoy the fruits of labour while adding comments everyone already know about 2) Why Lim Chong Eu sold Penang to the BN goons….one will never know but to blame LCE losing… Read more »


Please read, then reply.


In fact, I won’t be in Penang for quite a long long time.


Anil, i really admire your patience… I just want to say too much of “teh tarik” is indeed not good for health but i think it is not as deadly as too much of “ikan bakar”… We expect Pakatan to rule Penang with a miracle… We expect after 308 the flooding problems be gone just like that… We expect traffic problems to be ceased immediately … We also expect DAP to pull down all the hillside projects approved previously… Gerakan can approve any projects they want but DAP cannot… O ya because their reasoning is, Koh Tsu Koon is orang… Read more »

Gerakan K

Habislah !!! Habislah !!! Habislah !!!


Get ready for Singapore. The MOON is coming strongly ( * another pitiful event since WW2 *).

The ROCKET has been compromised in order to get a landing in the moon ( * sigh * ).

The EYE already got black eyes ( * LOL * ), so no eyes to see !!!

p/s: plus points to consider, Singapore got more casinos + legal sports betting !!!


People’s Power.
Though we may not have tons of money to throw around buying votes, destroying the environment in the name of development, or building stupid arches, we have conscience, common sense, empathies for our environment, care for our neighbourhood and undeniable basic rights to live, work and enjoy living in Penang.
If nobody can help us, it’s high time we Penangites help ourselves.

One way, we have the power of the written words to voice our concerns. Many thanks to Anil. The best blog to express yourself without fear or favour.


Words are powerful, but words alone ain’t enough. We must put pressure, *REAL* pressure on the power-that-be, whoever that guy/gal is. They must deliver, and we must make it so that we see to that that whoever wants to be the CM of Penang better deliver. 308 we threw out Gerakan. That was a very sweet victory for us, the Penangites, a payback for all the years they have screwed us. And since 308 we Penangites have found out one thing – the new guy on the block is behaving just like that guy we threw out ! And worse… Read more »


Do you mind telling us what that “Penang Forum” has achived so far, Anil? As far as I know – as an outsider – NOTHING ! Yes, you get it right – you guys did have the demands but there is no follow-up. And those political …? They just pretend that there was nothing ever happen. Don’t believe me, Anil? Wait 5 years (that is, if Lim Guan Eng’s adminitration is re-elected), and see how many of your demands are being met. You know why? Because those political … are expert in pretending. They pretend to forget their pledges. They… Read more »


If we Penangites had kept quiet like tikus, I’m very, very sure the stupid tilting arch will be there unopposed without questioning. Only thro’ blogs and forums can our voices be heard and taken seriously.
This is ONE of the ways to voice out our dissatisfaction for all (globally) to see.


Easier said than done….why not you start the ball rolling rather than pass the buck around since you are so good at writting suggestions…Do you think that …-less Gerakan goverment can make a better difference if they take over Pen in the next GE….over my dead body…


It is *ALWAYS* easier said than done.

But if we do nothing, what do we get?


At least we gonna have to do something.

No, no promise of success, but if we ain’t even gonna *TRY*, then we all might as well emigrate, and leave Penang to the …, from both BN and PR.


Dear Anil, … How long has it been since 308, Anil? Long enough to see something different, isn’t it? The next GE would arrive very very soon, Anil, trust me, I have sources from the top echelon of BN machinery. And as a Penangite, I have to tell you I am disappointed in what we got right now. The Lim Guan Eng administration isn’t that different from the previous one. The traffic jam is still getting worse by the day. Whenever it rains, it floods. And the government? Can you really say that the present Penang state government a people-minded… Read more »


When I say “Are you game” I do not mean wallowing in the political mud. What I mean is, will you consider leading a public campaign to put pressure on the government, with a compiled list of demands we Penangites want. I have listed 4 demands, and I know that there are more. What we need is *PUSH* to whoever helms the State Government of Penang to focus on making Penang better. No more can we tolerate all those bull… that have been going on for so many years, when when I say *BULL….* I mean bull… from both BN… Read more »

Gerakan K

So, what is LGE KPI as Penang CM ???

tan, tanjong bungah

Hi Gerakan K, You’ve the cheek to ask what is LGE’s KPI! Remember the UMNO MP from Sri Gading (if I’m not mistaken) openly declared and challenged in Parliament why a person of no KPI in Penang (the political eunuch KTK) is made the Minister of KPIs and that also thru’ the back-door! I’m really ashamed to have such a thick skin Penangite in our midst. I would rather have a person with principles to be the CM, even though he may be from another state, rather such a spineless person! As for LGE’s KPI in Pg, the auditor-general even… Read more »

Simple Truth

This is Koh Tsu Koon’s legacy to the Tanjung Bungah folks for the umpteen years that he was their state assemblyman.

Loh Yeow Boo - Penang

Hello everybody………let’s talk facts here….just go to this website…and you can see all the applications and approvals….who, when, where,…..


Ahmad Syafiq

We’ll see what action is taken after this.

Gerakan K

Probably they will make dunno ???


2 stages in this fight:
a) No more NEW approvals, no more NEW development
b) All current developers will face hefty fines it they flout or violate any of the conditions.

Lets get objective about it. The damage was done more than 2 years ago when the development plans were approved. Let LGE and the State Government together with MPPP, come out with the mitigation plans. No use blaming the Gerakan Govt now, it will not help anyone anymore, except during the elections.


Gerakan K

Go and get into the habit of drinking Green tea lah…it will cleanse your rotten soul….Mr handout!


Many residents of Batu Ferringhi, and there is now a Batu Ferringhi Residents Association – have called on the local Government to cease the dangerous overdevelopment of the North Coast. If someone doesn’t wake up soon in the Penang Govt. and realise the o/development is a disaster waiting to happen, believe me, when it does, the people of Penang can hold them responsible. It is shocking, it is deplorable and it has to stop. When we see the waters all muddy one knows this is massive erosion and do you know what happens to excess water, it eats into the… Read more »


Aisay, Gerakan K.
Football positively made you mellow…
Ice lemon tea(non ciplak) is abundant in Vit C.
3 Teh tarik per match too sweet not good for health.

Gerakan K

I’m interested in this one too. Specifically, how does give-take work for the home generator with TNB? Do they allow you to ‘turn your meter back’ while you’re net producing, or do they install a separate connection for you to generate power on, and pay you by the kWh (about 25sen per kWh, right?) while you pay them for your consumption? If the latter, do you have to pay for the separate ‘generator’ connection or do they throw that in with the generator contract? What did you pay RM/Watt for your solar panel installation? What surface area does it cover… Read more »