Welcome to Botak Hill 2


We have the first Penang Bridge and the second Penang Bridge close to each other. So perhaps it is only fitting we have the ‘iconic’ first Botak Hill and the second Botak Hill next to each other.

While the spotlight has been on the ‘mitigation’ work in Bukit Relau, better known as Botak Hill, a couple more patches have been cleared just a bit south of Botak Hill.

The Botak Hill 2 image above is of Lot 271 (on the left) and Lot 277 (right) of Mukim 1, Daerah 4. What is the zoning for Botak Hill 2? Has this been rezoned as well?

Now, let’s take a closer look at Lot 271 (below). You can see a road right along the flat summit of Botak Hill 2. What is this road for?


The image below (on 9 January 2016) is where Botak Hill 2 (left) lies in relation to Botak Hill 1 (on the right ie Lot 11396 at the summit and Lot 303 down the road).


When did this clearing start? On 11 February 2013, the hill below looked pretty much normal:


But by 20 February 2013, a road had suddenly emerged:


Then, by 3 May 2014, considerable work had been carried out:


Now, we are told that ‘mitigation’ work is being carried out, which apparently requires a stronger, wider road. So they say.

But what many are asking for is complete ecological restoration, not mitigation.

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Andrew Ng Yew Han

Great post as usual. Is the place still accessible?

Dear Anil. I messaged via FB about a documentary. Need to verify certain information and discuss about an angle of the doc. hope to hear from you soon.


private land and private. road. no thank. to owner for botak the hill to make it accespenang forummers and public? or is a small botak difficult to find?

Tabik Kopi O

Somehow we miss comments from Yang, who is MIA for too long!


Very likely Yang now focus his energy at brokering the housing deals for Sandiland Foreshore projects intitiated in Penang Island for Low Cost & LMC housings at 297, Jalan C. Y. Choy, George Town, 10300 George Town.

Low cost RM72.5K (700 sqft) 321 units up for grabs for truly deserving ones (no agent pls)

Low Medium Cost
RM200k (800 sq ft) 80 units
RM300K (900 sq ft) 161 units
RM400k (1K sq ft) 241 units



What about Ong Eu Soon? The last I heard he has been acquitted together with the 2 PPS guys.

Billie dcuk

Great revelation and the awareness of this news is well in circulation. But if I may so suggest that the manner of how and where the respective locations have been cleared or worked on could be better and easily read by way of highlighting in colour and numbering them graphically.

Would make the reading and follow through much more simplistic and comprehensible. Nonetheless after much scrolling up and down we who are Penangites leaving overseas managed to grasp the two pieces of land referrals.

Thank you.


Go to Padang Kawad USM (the one at USM Gate facing Jalan Bukit Gambir) &you will see the 2 Botak Hills plus the winding hill roads.
Only that one commenting ‘Z’ ‘Z’ to sleepiness from a distance outside Penang will not know where it is.


Wait, why get so excited? Wait until he put some structures. The land belongs to him and he can get rid of all the trees he want. You mean in Penang people can forbid the owner to clear his land and build a private road? If you are on his land you are trespassing his property… Who knows the owner wants a easy drive up hill to his property to have a sip of kopi kau kau. He may invite some you especially some of you own 4wd. Too bad kapcai and bicycle owners may not be in his list.… Read more »


With the hills getting more botak by the numbers, what the hell CAT stands for? C = Competent? Yes by worshippers’ accounts. Who dare to take up their jobs? A = Accountable? Yes, to the last count! Count more botak hills in the months to come. T = Transparent? Yes of course! The Deity Niao Kong has no clothes (go find out the meaning) Anil, what you are showing is east of Jalan Paya Terubong ie Bukit Kukus. Go take a drive up Lebuhraya Thean Teik (after turning left from Lorong Batu Lancang) to its highest point just before Melody… Read more »


Please allow me to continue your example:

Competent – World class competence in (allowing) destroying heritage, flattening hills, selling and reclaiming lands
Accountable – Supremely accountable to the developers in being business friendly
Transparent – Unbeatable in making the state transparent by (allowing) stripping (of) hills off and removing trees


very good talk. bravo. what is your solution to improve housing. traffic and job opportunies and making penang is just more than fighting kungfu or wong fei hoong inns? please answer Otherwise cheapest shot and fire cracker and big cannon.

Tua Pai Kiah

I think the number of motorcars on Penang Island is now at scary level ! If the cars are not in motion, they occupy sides of roads obstructing pleasant views !

Ti Lung, the 70s Shaw Brother kung fu star, remarked that Penang has more cars than Hong Kong (rather sacarstic dont you think so?) according to my buddy in the Sia Boey neighbourhood.

May be NASA one day can witness Penang Island motor car lights from space !

This should be the concern of every Islander as the motor emission of carbon monoxide can be fatal.


shows pensng forummers unable to convert unbelievers. sustainable traffic is another big talk and no walk. others go fof 4wd with donkey bars.
if more cars then more houses.


an absolute disgrace from the CAT proud state govt.

peng cheong

Why not build houses within the forest (minimal cutting of trees) like The Datai in Langkawi?

Teh Leong Meng

Another Botak Hill has appeared. Penang government must have voluntarily given up governing Penang Hills. What a shame !


Tokong must resign with his cronies. Lets others run Penang but not UMNO/Barisan sapu $$$.
rajraman. In the wildest dream the Deity will resign since he … tasted power and $$$ attach together with the post… Until the last blood drips the deity won’t give up his grip of power.


your good mate?


it is a private land and unless he built a pernament structure, what can gomen do? the owner may want to put tonnes of gold in the open because he do not trust bank negara. what a shame rights of penang people can be dictated by greenies. one can pave his footpsth or elephant grass is up to the hse owner.


Some blokes have no shame in supporting a state gomen not doing its jobs (that no one dares to take up just to shoulder CAT’s public-mandated responsibilities).
Instead of countering with intelligent reasons (why Niao Kong is doing contrary to Greener Penang), the knee-jerk reaction is looking like a Jerk.
More so when the comments don’t support any real time observation on the ground. I suppose they don’t even know where is Bukit Kukus!


what a shame anil has broken his own first few golden rules in the regulation but allowing insults and cheap shots. just hurl insults and contribute suggestions. you only how to reply me with personal insult which is not allow in anil’s golden rules. you only knows how to drive 4wd with monkeyson this island. the greenies has gone beyond. you only knows how to talk but not walk


up to you if you want your childrent to wotk in martisl up wong fei hoong type inns. penang will miss out holding some international events and conferences because you have only kungfu type facilties. bill gates cannot set up a regional hq because 70% roads are narrow·. ang moh dont kopi kau kau only star bucks. so you opposed gomen trying to create a better future for younger generation.


you only know how to critise, throw tantrum, threaten like mafia godfather and point faults but never offer suggestions debate. take a good look at yourself owning a 4wd and yet complain and complain about traffic jam. and complain when gomen does road improvement. full authority is given to person to do clamping but … shrink. bet has other non 4wd cars
climate change believer like leonardo oscar winner flew from NY to LA in private jet. 6 times in 6 weeks. cant he travel in commercial jet? how much carbon prints.
so be careful …


I hear a lot of (noise) here & there! Noise pollution from KL?


kl always have pollution but never expect greater pollution coming out from penang. almost deaf and pengsan.


I doubt these people know what climate change is…Without the green lungs, temperature soars and will soar. Some think Penang is vast…C’mon peeps…


please go and read and find out which group are the msin causes of climate change. you maybe one of the supporters of those industry.

peng cheong

We can support green movement by taking public transportation and not driving our own cars to reduce carbon emissions. Car pooling instead of driving alone in your car. Also try not to use air-conditioners unless really necessary. Plant a tree in your neighborhood. Have grass lawn (however small) rather than cemented ground at your home. Focus on on our circle of influence, and less time blaming others.


Unfortunately many households ‘botak’ their home by cementing every square inch in front of their house to park their precious family cars, instead of having grass patches or growing plants to absorb CO2. So no need to bark at the Botak Hill if you are guilty at home in the same manner.


Good observation.


Penang FORUMers can be more effective engaging the public to do simple gardening not to further concretise their homes. Also conduct entertaining and educational trips for young children to appreciate the nature as most parents nowadays too busy (free time spent on social media or computer gaming) to take children for nature walk (eg Botanical Garden).


unfortunately this nlog is hijacked by people with political.agenda just to throw cheap shots. anil himself allow it. if look at his what comments can be made, no abusive or taking shots. anil says commenters should debate and discusss and generate ideas. but anil did contary to his own regulations. no wonder we cannot progress like our neighbour. no ideas and substance contributed but constant cheap pot shots at komtar.


dicapro oscar man believer of climate change flew in private jet 7 times in 7 weeks. many says and pointing finger but 4 are at themselves


In this episode of Conspiracy Theory, Jesse Ventura is following the money trail, out to expose the most frightening, inconvenient conspiracy theory yet: That Global Warming may be a scam. Whether global warming is real or not, it’s believed some people are using the issue to make billions of dollars, start a one-world government and control our lives, from the cars we drive to the foods we eat. Jesse Ventura starts with Al Gore and goes far beyond as he uncovers the evidence that leads to one man thought to be behind the global warming conspiracy.


Tabik Kopi O

The future home owners there need to have 4WD vehicles to climb up. 4WD salesmen in alert.


no need future to have 4wd. the vocalist here has one long ago on flat penang ground.