“We’re sorry Pakatan has to deal with BN’s mess, but…”


Tanjung Bunga Residents Association chairman George Aeria reflects after handing in a residents’ memo calling for a ban on property development on steep hill-slopes in Penang:

With the submission of the memorandum to our state government (via YB Phee), the TBRA and the Chee Seng Gardens Action Committee have decided to give our new and better state government (from the last one-lah) a two-month period to see concrete action. In fact, in my discussion with YB Phee on the day of submission, he did indicate that he might come back to us earlier. We are pleased with his statement and his care for the environment of Penang.

To put on record, the TBRA and Chee Seng Garden Action Committee is VERY aware that this whole mess is caused by the past government under the unresponsive Gerakan-Koh Tsu Koon and Umno government with all their irresponsible approvals. He lost badly and even had to get out of Tanjung Bunga to contest on the mainland because he knew the groundswell against him and he would have lost.

We are also sorry to see DAP and PKR having to shoulder the s… dished out by the old administration. However, our point of view is that no one said it is easy running a state government, especially when they have to right a clear wrong. So since they want to govern, we want our new state government to walk their talk and to ban all current dangerous hill-slope development and all similar future projects.

We are pleased that in the discussion with YB PHee, he said that there is already a ban on Class III and Class IV hill slopes, just like Selangor. Well, good – BUT please come out publicly and announce it and make it a clear state policy just like the Pakatan government did in Selangor. Thereafter, review our memo and should the perceived irresponsible acts in the Bolton project be true, please ban that too and all other projects that are done not in accordance with requirements.

The sin against nature in Tanjung Bunga and Batu Ferringhi with all this dangerous hill slope development MUST STOP.

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Forget about lawsuits for now…

What about unapproved projects? Even here the State Govt has made no cogent moves… one can only assume it cares more for developers than the rest. Please let this sink in: Do you know the Penang State Govt does NOT comply with Ministry of Environment recommendations in respect of gradients?



If the site classification is IV, then it is very clear. Full stop. No argument. Neither the Engineer will take the risk as he can be deregistered as like the case in PJ where the Architect increase the number of floors in a building and the developer wants to get away by paying fine.
But if the person approves it, then he ought to be sack or ask for MACCA and investigate like the former DPM. But it shows that you are not jughead as people has been going along with BN voting them into office again and again.


By the way, I have to apologies if any comment of mine (be it in this blog or other blog. Present or Past) of offending you or TBRA. However, I do hope that there is no element of “BN” provocateurs within any NGOs especially TBRA of attempting of disrupting the workings of the state government especially those held by PR.
Having an uncooperative federal government of practically sabotaging any and every PR state government actions are bad enough. There shall not be any more salt added onto the wounds


Jughead Darling.. I’ve been to the dikes in Holland and New Orleans. Amazing job the engineers did with the dikes in Holland ain’t it? New Orleans didn’t have much of a dike. So, yes, I know what you are talking about and I definitely know what I am talking about 🙂 And I AM involved in helping out the poor, directly; both in my involvement with NGOs as well as as a loose coalition of individuals who sincerely care. So, yes, I know the difference. Oh, so I notice you only mentioned NGOs or rather ‘charity organizations’ as you put… Read more »


Folks, There you go again. Well, at least people do understand NGOs do not represent the wishes of all Penangites. Hence, such threat of withdrawing support or even shouting on themes such as ” Neglecting NGO wishes at your peril” backfires. Of course, they have the rights to voices their concern. The government of the day has the right to decide based on all peoples’ interests as a whole including TBRA. I mean everybody. If not, majority of Pennagite interests. While I understood that this topic of paying penalties to developers have been discussed before,but any fool proof solutions have… Read more »

George Aeria

Jughead, As already mentioned a. We do not speak for ourselves – we have support. All 1,558 of us And you – YOu have none. b. We are talking about Dangerous Hill Slope Development in this topic, not Ah Gee and Ah Joe as you put it c. Chee Seng Hill is not all rock – is is mainly red soil with large boulders & rocks here and there d. It is being built on very steep CLass IV cliff and not flat land d. TBRA was set up in mid 2006 and we did make “noise” (as you put… Read more »


Gustri Can you tell me apart from speaking about Tg Bungah, whereas TBRA is concerned about other’s environment? Is TBRA a pressure group or a charitable organisation? Helping those people in Sarawak about clean water and helpless children are left to charity organisations eg World Vision and Oxfarm or Rotary and Lion Clubs or Red Cross. Can you differentiate the two functions? Clearly you do not understand about the dikes in Holland. Most of the country are below sea level and it is worst than a hill slip if the dikes are breached like those happen in New Orleans You… Read more »

George Aeria

Dear Jughead We do not only speak for ourselves but we have got 1,558 other people from Tanjong Bunga who signed a petition who agree with us and have said the same thing as what our memorandum states to the Govt. So lets not confuse our support. We have it. Do you have any support to show that you speak for large portion of people in your area. If so, pls show us. Otherwise do not write and say we have no support. The issues here TODAY are a. did the City Council Officers in CHarge do right in approving… Read more »


Dear Jughead, I do not think it is fair for you to say that TBRA only speaks for themselves. Apart from working hard to earn a living to put food on the table for their family members, the members of TBRA are busy fighting this battle to save their family members and friends and neighbours and fellow Penangites from being part of the statistics in tragedies similar to those of Bukit Antarabangsa and Highland Towers. If you do FEEL for the poor then why don’t you do something for the poor? And what makes you think that there are no… Read more »


TBRA speak for themselves only. As for the poor who will speak for them when their houses are built on contaminated soil where hazardous material are leaking or wash down by flood waters? Or they face constant dust and noise pollution emitted by cars of those those TBRA members who pass their houses daily? Can those poor ones ask TBRA members not to drive past their houses causing environment hazard? Those corrupted ones are those not directly responsible for the certification of the buildings. But if you ask the Engineer who certified, he would not take the risk. In fact… Read more »

George Aeria

Dear All, To all those who talk like Monique and Jin Hup, you guys can say whatever you want BUT there is a whole load of us in Tg. Bunga who are really pissed off at the way the developer/s (or some say DevIl-opers) are cutting our already steep hill slopes to build houses and apartments – thus putting all in harms way. To also say that the Tan Jit seng project is safe is insane. We in TBRA have no desire to court the developers because the ones that are responsible are the City Councils who gave permits for… Read more »


Anil, you astute chap! You hit it squarely on the head with your wry remark about “Monique” and “Khoo Jin Hup”! Ha ha! Probably the developer. I am sure he’s been flooding your site with lots of other similar comments. Keep up the good work!

Kah Seng

Let TBRA make as much noises as possible – even if a minority of the noises may be mistaken, being misled by a few. That’s how democracy works to drag out crucial information from complex and non-transparent system. TBRA is institutionalizing a public debate. The cliff-like project above Chee Seng Garden, for example, is more complex than outsiders imagine. It apparently involved incomplete geo-technical studies (at least the one shown to TBRA) and developing portion of land not under approval (at least the approval known to TBRA). We need more daring NGOs like TBRA – necessarily motivated by the personal… Read more »


**Hmm, how do you know that Monique had commented, when I approved both yours and “her” comments at the same time? It’s also interesting that you both have the same IP address! – Anil** Nice one, Anil! Let’s have honest commentary here ppl! I would support a ban on FUTURE projects on safety issues but not pre-approved ones, TBRA or no. Unless, TBRA comes up with the legal and compensation funds themselves. The state government should only approve and facilitate the paperwork of such cancellations. Cancellation of pre-approved projects on safety grounds could well start a similar discussion on COMPLETED… Read more »

Dalbinder Singh Gill

The Penang State Government still has time to take action before its too late, I suggest the state government stops the land reclamation works around the shores of the coastal highway leading to Penang Bridge – The Light Project by IJM !! Reclaiming land and shooing away the water will cost us a hefty price someday, look at the condition of the mini fishermen village nearby the IJM The Light Project. ALL THE PROJECTS ALONG BATU FERINGGI MUST STOP IMMEDIATELY!! NOT JUST STOP WORK ORDER BUT PROJECT CLOSING CEREMONY FOR GOOD!!


Ban on all future steep hillslope project is ok….but not on projects already approved by the previous state govt. It is just too risky…..1)chances of the state govt losing Millions in compensation is too great and 2) all open exposed surface have to be covered and if that is not done, soil erosions will occur on rainy days putting the hillslope in danger of extreme erosions.


Just look at the pahang’s case where the state govt have to pay RM60M for breach of contract. Another RM400+M lawsuit against the Johore state govt is pending in Johore. So whoever want to put up a guarantee to the tune of a few hundred millions RM in case the Pg state govt is sued and lose, I think the state govt will be happy to stop all hillslope project in the state.


Why Tan Sri KSK and his superiors umno dont appear and help to clear all the messes started during his rule?if you are keen to serve the people. In the real world esp in the private sector the previous staff responsible for the mess will have to face the music,But we are living in an unreal world folks, so what can you do

Khoo Jin Hup

I agree with the comments made by Monique. I believed TBRA is being used by certain people for their personal interest. I have seen the plans for Solok Tan Jit Seng from the developer. It is for a few rows of town houses, away from the slope. There are probably some bungalows along the way too. If you go to Solok Tan Jit Seng, you would notice an abandoned run down existing house. The owner had submitted plans to rebuilt the house, but these same residents also objected to his proposal. You can check with MPPP. So, these 2 or… Read more »


TBRA – be consultative and constructive. Engage the demonized developers first. If they play punk, then you play punk yourselves.


There is nothing wrong if buildings are on steep slopes beacuse they are ROCK!! The sites in Penang and Ampang is different beacuse Penang is more than a rocky outcrop island whereas Ampang is in the Klang valley famous for its tin mine. Just look at Sinkapore – the hills are not tall as their HDB flats and Changi airport is founded on soft clay. You all must give chances to Malaysian Engineers. In fact the Bristish learn more engineering in Hong Kong than in UK because of the nature of the project and hilly terrain. The Dutch become well… Read more »


At least, the (new)Penang government has the gut to question all hillside development and take some action.
New KL Mayor is 100% silent on hillside development.


I think the good YB is mistaken… there is no ban on Class 3 and 4 slopes.

Leong Yook Kong

this whole mess is caused by the past government under the unresponsive Tan Sri Ya dan Botol and Umno government with all their irresponsible approvals. He lost badly and even had to get out of Tanjung Bunga to contest on the mainland because he knew the groundswell against him and he would have lost. Never mind lah on losing, Tan Sri Ya dan Botol is now appointed a Senator and made a Performance Minister. Shall he return to Penang to assist Pakatan to deal with the “mess”? By this action, he has to prove to the people of Penang that… Read more »

Monique Abdullah

I agree that we should stop being aggresive and abusive. I do not know much about the develpoment in Chee Seng Gardens to comment about it, but I do know about the development in Solok Tan Jit Seng. After speaking to various parties, there is actually nothing wrong with the development in Solok Tan Jit Seng. The houses are going to be built away from the slopes and there is minimum earthworks on the slope. The engineering professionals of the developer had submitted plans in accordance to the requirements of the by-laws and also MPPP’s Professional Engineers have reviewed and… Read more »