1Regular 1Water supply for 1UMS-KAL, please


It looks as if the water shortages in Labuan, previously highlighted in this blog, have not yet been resolved, judging from this letter by an upset parent.

Since July-August 2009, many letters have been written to everybody and anybody in authority to resolve the major water crisis that has hit the Universiti Malaysia Sabah-Kampus Antarabangsa Labuan. Despite all the requests and pleas and the resulting promises, there seems to be no end to the water shortage crisis. If anything the situation has worsened, with the static tanks that have been set up not being filled up when empty. Invariably, students have to endure a day in every three days with ZERO water.

Many students have been spending time in town to find clean food as there is insufficient water to wash the dishes properly. My daughter told me that many of the male undergraduates have resorted to staying at the Labuan International Airport from Friday to Sunday night, or whenever there is a holiday. The airport is the one place where there is regular water supply, air-conditioning, and Internet access. During the Mauladur Rasul holiday weekend, there were so many UMS-KAL students at the airport that airport officials started to scold them, and they were chased out from the airport.

The air-conditioning in many of the buildings in UMS-KAL has also been switched off as there is insufficient water for the air-conditioner cooling towers. In the last report from the Labuan Authority, they re-assured the undergraduates that a dozen tankers would be put into service from 1 February. However the hostel undergraduates have not seen any improvement except that the water smells of diesel as diesel tankers are believed to have been converted to water tankers without a thorough clean-up.

Is this how the Higher Education Ministry and the Government train and nuture the future professionals of this country? Are we telling them mediocrity is acceptable? There is no use even duscussing 2020 ‘developed nation’ status when a basic amenity like clean water supply cannot be provided to a university for the last one year. Tan Sri Koh Tsu Koon, please do include this as one of the main KRA for 2010.

JKR Labuan, please do something fast, and Ministry of Higher Education, please don’t leave the students in a lurch. To the PM, all we are asking from 1Malaysia is 1Regular 1Water supply for our 1UMS-KAL.

Frustrated Parent

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Gerakan K

It is your choice either to vote for Gerakan, MCA, MIC, UMNO. But to encourage students go for demo is a stupid idea. There are plenty of jobs available. To find a job visit this site jobstreet.com.my


Gerakan K, So many letters have been written to every relevant party/agency, and I have solid proof. Not once not twice, and not by one or two persons.
I challenge you to bring it up to your KRA Minister and see if he can do anything better!!
Stop the rubbish that the students spend their time protesting and not studying hard. That is totally irrelevant to graduates not having jobs. Gerakan K YOU MAKE ME SICK! with your stupid logic. And you expect us to vote for Gerakan?? or BN?? That is illogical

Dry Man

Come on lah, university without water for a year? You must be kidding me, how to achieve wawasan 2020? My son fall sick because or canteen foods he consumed that were not clean properly with water. Yes, water smell of diesel. Instead of Tax heaven, it is hell there. Students complaint to authority, nothing done. I have actually instrcut my son to partake in demo so that some one can take action. Gerakan K, you are the by product of Malaysia, everything kia-si.

Gerakan K

You are poisonous !!! Please don’t poisoning the young innocent mind. For the young one, study first and politics later. Secondly, of course I’m a Malaysian. Are you PR (permanent resident) or foreigner ???


Dangerous Variable, If you choose to smell … and enjoyed it, that is your pleasure, not everyone want to smell or live like that. If you accept mediocrity, that is also your perogative. 30 years ago, we used to cycle to school, is it safe now? Modernization! 20 years a go, we did not need cell phones, but now it has become a necessity. We were 4th world country when you were gowing up, so do we continue to remain a 3rd world country now? The Govt talks about 2020, that means developed nation status. It is not whether you… Read more »

Dangerous Variable

“In the last report from the Labuan Authority, they re-assured the undergraduates that a dozen tankers would be put into service from 1 February. However the hostel undergraduates have not seen any improvement except that the water smells of diesel as diesel tankers are believed to have been converted to water tankers without a thorough clean-up.” It looks like a ploy by the government to cause brain damage to these already globally disadvantaged students by giving them diesel laced water for consumption! Oh come on! Do not whine. When I was in boarding school in Perlis. Water was scarce and… Read more »

Gerakan K

These students got time to protest and not to study hard. No wonder there are plenty of unemployed graduates nowadays. I think blogger and media should not give them coverage as they will think this is their show time. This is similar to someone run naked during a football match that hunger for attention. Their water problem should directed to relevant parties. Again this blog owner has proven as a diehard PR supporter. Just few days ago he wrote about PR do in Sabah and now the problem faced by students in Sabah. All these just to counter BN development… Read more »


Gerakan K, Come on, the undergraduates today are a frustrated lot! They know the quality of education they are receiving, compared to those who returns from overseas, eventhough they have the same degree, but, they admit that those that returns from overseas are taught much much more than them. Besides, how would you want your kids to go without water for a week? Be reasonable ok? And your comment against the blog owner is most unfair. Look, I am not here to curry favour or what, but, to comment in Mr. Anil’s blog is the safest, as he takes great… Read more »


Gerakan K,

Talking about show time, we have a star performer in CSL, agree? Syioknya! Did you get to see the first blockbuster?

Cheers! Jom Sertai PAS!


Another example of the couldn’t care less attitudes of those in UMNO/BN! This BN is so utterly hopeless! Once they are voted in, they just could not care less for the next five years! You can only see their faces, when “projects” are offered to them that benefits them! Shameful, disgusting UMNO/BN! Just what are the Sabahans waiting for? Just vote them out! The trouble with East Malaysia today is because they are the safe deposit box for voting BN! Just vote them out! You need to change the Government to benefit! Agree Gerakan K? Jom sertai PAS, Gerakan K.… Read more »

Gerakan K


you are so bad because everyday you are scaring me by asking me to join PAS. Ibrahim Ali is the product of PAS. He contested under the PAS and we know his achievement so far.



Gerakan K, Hi! Bro, just where have you been? Come on, put your facts right, ok? The King Katak was from UMNO, S46, UMNO and sacked! Then he contested as an independent in 2004, lost, appealed to TGNA to contest under the PAS banner, given the chance to contest under PAS, won, and then immediately betrayed TGNA’s trust ok, bro! He yearned to go back to UMNO, that is where he belongs, as birds of a feather flocks together! UMNO said no, but sub contracted the job of being a Malay ultras to him through PERKASA! Just see the products… Read more »

Andrew I

The Labuan International Airport. Where students learn how to improvise and sharpen their scouting skills.

LIA. Independent and critical thinking at its saturation point.

Along the lines of all those wonderful 5 star hotels dotted across our cities with 5 star toilets. Where do you go when you’ve got to go?

Andrew I

I like the request to KTK for this to be included as one of the main KRA. Has a sense of humour, this parent.

An airport which is not being under-utilised. Wow. So, all you white elephant sayers, what say you now?


Dry man, take heart, better late than never. Unfortunately only The Sun & Anil had been hilighting the issues. The biggest problem is that there is poor town planning before the decision is taken to locate a university in a small town. Only when there is a breakdown in the entire infrastructure support, and massive noise made by the rakyat, the Government kicks in damage control. All of you know the rest of the story, as to why mess started in the first place.

Dry man

I wrote to everyone except myself regarding the water problem in Labuan last July, nothing changed. My son still need to buy drinking water everyday because the water supplied by the tanker is uncomsumable. I emailed to Vice chancellor too but I guessed he has not open his email kua. I don’t think anybody outside Labuan care because they are not effected. Malaysia Boleh! I heard UUM also having similar problem. *sigh*


Why dont the students threaten to vote for the opposition. This will sure to make the lousy politicians to sit up.

Wise Owl

Dear Parent,
I sympathize with your daughter’s plight. May i suggest a few courses of action. Write to the press. What is the action taken by the VC of UMS to overcome this problem? If all this fails then why don’t you and few of the parents get together and approach the PM at Parliament House. It is ridiculous to be without water for such a long duration.