Why are vested corporate interests influencing Penang’s urban planning?

Photograph: The Malaysian Insider

Today an important meeting in Penang was held, away from the public eye, to discuss a revised Local Plan for Penang Island.

The meeting was a “Bengkel Penyelarasan Kajian Semula Draf Rancangan Tempatan Pulau Pinang (PULAU) 2020 (DRT)” (Workshop to review and streamline the draft Penang Island Local Plan). This was especially to incorporate the Penang transport masterplan and Gurney reclamation into the draft local plan.

Among those present were officers from the MBPP, the Town and Country Planning Department, local plan external drafting consultants, and Penang Heritage Trust.

Disquietingly enough, also present were half a dozen representatives from the Gamuda-led SRS Consortium, the selected project delivery partner for the Penang transport masterplan.

The meeting was said to be “confidential” because they were going to discuss the transport masterplan with SRS.

SRS is only the selected project delivery partner, and their plans are only part of the Penang transport masterplan. (The earlier Halcrow report should be the accepted masterplan as the state adopted it as its blueprint for transport.) No agreement has been signed yet between the state government and SRS. But that did not stop the SRS folks from putting forward their wish list for the local plan. What standing do they have?

Meanwhile, other Penang Transport Council members (like me) were not invited. Neither were Penang Forum reps. Several MBPP councillors were also not told about this meeting.

Among other issues, I hear the meeting today discussed:

  • the inclusion of the Penang transport masterplan infrastructure into the local plan
  • the inclusion of the three new islands to be reclaimed off the south coast into the local plan
  • the land use for these three islands
  • transit zones for the LRT
  • building height limits
  • the 250-feet and 25-degree gradient thresholds for hill-slope property development
  • Sia Boey as a controversial transport hub
  • a tropical island resort on Pulau Jerejak
  • Pulau Rimau to be made a possible tourism site (SRS is believed to be trying to get this island out of the aquaculture zone.)
  • the fate of fishing villages
  • higher density for property development around LRT stations. There is a push for the higher density to to be extended to a 400m radius from LRT stations instead of the 250m originally suggested.
  • 21 kampungs or living quarters on the island are likely to be redeveloped; only eight likely to be preserved.
  • the fate of the cross-channel cable cars – a guessing game. Some seem unaware that the federal government has rejected the plan, possibly due to the alignment of the route and the interference the pylons would cause to shipping. Nonetheless, the state apparently wants to slip the cable cars into the local plan as a “suggestion”. Meanwhile, an EIA on the cable cars is underway. (There was no mention of the proposed Penang Hill cable cars project that was slipped into the Penang Hill plan despite consultants’ and review panel objections.)

Are state agencies being too receptive or amenable to whatever is being proposed by SRS? Why is SRS being given considerable leeway?


The hurried Local Plan meeting today was held ahead of a Penang Transport Council meeting tomorrow. At the last council meeting, Penang Forum reps had pointed out that the land reclamation and transport masterplan should be subject to the local plan (still not gazetted despite having been approved in 2008). Obviously, this hadn’t been taken into account earlier.

But the Penang Island Local Plan also cannot be inconsistent with the Penang Structure Plan. Since the review of the structure plan has not yet been completed, the local plan must follow the existing structure plan, which was gazetted in 2007.

Legally, the local plan can be challenged if it doesn’t follow the structure plan in force. But the state is expected to amend the existing structure plan, presently under revision, to fit a revamped local plan – as the local plan previously approved in 2007 and 2008 (but not yet gazetted) has been so mutilated.

Upon the structure plan being revised, the state will have to display the draft revised structure plan publicly and get comments and then gazette the structure plan. The local plan will then follow suit and be displayed to the public. The MBPP will then examine the local plan to see that it conforms to the revised structure plan. If not, the council will have to reject the whole local plan .

The exhibition and public display of the structure plan will take a few more months. They will then have to exhibit the local plan. All this could take us up to next year.

This also means work on any of the projects cannot begin until all this is completed with due process being followed. And if the detailed EIAs are properly carried out, the start time would be postponed even further.

But even with due process, how likely is public feedback and criticisms on key issues likely to be incorporated into the plans given the enormous corporate profits riding on all this? After the public display, the draft plan will not be shown to the public again until after it has been gazetted; so what can the public do if their legitimate concerns are not incorporated?

As it stands now, are the new property development projects along the northern coast eg Batu Ferringhi consistent with the existing Penang Structure Plan especially in terms of property development density? Who is there to object to this?

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David Loman

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james k

Any update during the transport council meeting?

Did the local plan meeting on the previous day make any favorable changes towards developers?


Which means another round of Bahasa translation after a revision of Local Plan (which can go on & on just to put preference for ‘anytime’ developers’ fanciful dictates?


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It is no secret that the Big Developers have no respect for the state govt and the local council as they know that the all power is held by the Tokong and the rest are mere minions merely carry out instructions. I can’t recall a single instance where the local councils or the state exco came down hard on the violators, unless when instructed by the Tokong himself, which of course never happens in any case. In fact I see there is no distinction between the Big Developers and the state – they are one single entity whose sole objective… Read more »


Three Penang Umno lawmakers reject appointment as Penang Transport Council members https://sg.news.yahoo.com/three-penang-umno-lawmakers-reject-065010389.html Three state Umno lawmakers have refused to sign their appointment letters as Penang Transport Council (PTC) members as the trio are not allowed to influence the implementation of the RM27 billion Penang Transport Master Plan (PTMP). Teluk Bahang assemblyman Datuk Shah Headan Ayoob Hussain Shah said he did not want to accept his appointment letter due to the “rubber stamp” role assigned not just to him, but also to state opposition leader and Telok Air Tawar assemblyman Datuk Jahara Hamid as well as Bayan Lepas assemblyman Nordin Ahmad.… Read more »


Cheers Kopi-O kau kau.


Anil good do your duty and not tunlan lap dog unlike some main main politics day in and out with the same tone for years. We blast you for any incorrect facts.. Be a cat and make own decisions.


In terms of its own pollution, China is at the critcal stage where USA was around 1975-1985. Its outraged people are protesting. As it cleans up, it finances at least part of the effort by exporting its unwanted industries (e.g. some mining), tech. and products. In the case of Bolehland, “tourists” from China are also coming with little difficulty to work, start scams, seek brides, etc.


Reclaimed land opposite QBay Mall for condo project by Ideal Group, soft launch apparently held last week for so-called VVIP only ( aggregate foreign purchase to finance the project?). Gold Coast condo folks protested over reclamation in front of them, now they cannot stop environmental impact of free sea water flow in their backyard?


Have you drank the sea water???

ong eu soon

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Anil, good luck today – your first(?) transport council meeting.
Will it be tied to CAT’s FOI?
Tips: Go there with a smile, on your recorder & iPhone (video & sound), Keep Calm (instead of frustration of the kind typical of CAT minions) & don’t be swayed by any saliva-filled promises than can twist & turn like Elvis Mao Wong (King Cat).


no reporting on the first meeting? no newd or discussions at all? good bring spy or peep hole cameras. foi unlike mca n gelakan supporting big brother osa. very lucky to be in ptc gelakan n mca are all insiders or bn friendly like lee lam tye we cho keong and t aziz


Why go so low…?
Tak berina kah?…


What kind of master plan and cost estimates produced by the planners? An elevated structure carrying a tram which is heavier can cost less than light rail train.? They both have the same overhead power lines but tram has to depend on driver whereas light rails can be driverless like drones which is the technology for the future. In a transportation, the major cost is not the vehicle but the civil and structure work.

Pamela Nowicka

Err. what country is this???


You should ask what kind of state is this?
Singland satellite city?
Or to be more precise, Niao Kong Cosmo state?
FYI, cat’s … stinks sky high if your nasal membrane senses it from a distance!

David Loman

Were you there in your advisory role for transportation plan?