URGENT: Go through draft revised Penang Structure Plan with a fine-tooth comb


Hello everyone, the draft revised Penang Structure Plan 2020 is available for public viewing from December for two months.

The Penang Structure Plan 2020 came into force in 2007. Five years later, in 2012, it was up for review. The drafting of the revised plan is now complete and it is now set for public display for comments, criticism and feedback.

You can find the draft revised plan at the state secretary’s office in Komtar, the Penang Island City Council and the Seberang Prai Municipal Council.

The broad Penang Structure Plan and the detailed local plans should be the basis when deciding what kind of projects are allowed in the state.

Unfortunately there is still no news about the Penang Island Local Plan, which was approved by the city council in 2008 but never put up on public display for feedback. So the local plan remains missing in action. In the absence of the local plan, maximum permissible densities have soared four-fold in recent years.

Nonetheless, please go through the draft revised Penang Structure Plan, when it is up for display next month. In particular, look out for what is happening in your area.

The controversial areas that you should look out for are:

  • the status of Pulau Jerejak
  • the densities to be allowed in Batu Ferringhi, Tanjung Bungah and other areas of Penang
  • the route of the RM8bn six-lane Pan Island Link highway
  • the controversial elevated LRT from Komtar to the airport
  • the massive 4500-acre three islands land reclamation in the south,
  • land reclamation near Queensbay Mall,
  • land reclamation at Tanjung Tokong and Gurney Drive
  • any other land reclamation
  • the status of Sia Boey and the proposed transport hub near Komtar
  • the controversial cross-channel tunnel
  • the status of the Relau Agrotourism Park
  • the status of Botak Hill
  • the Penang Turf Club land
  • the RMAF base in Teluk Air Tawar in Butterworth
  • the development status of Batu Kawan
  • what they are allowing in Balik Pulau
  • the controversial cross-channel cable cars
  • the controversial Penang Hill cable cars – where are the stations located?
  • the plans for the Jelutong dumpsite
  • the threshold for prohibition of hill-slope development – Still 250 feet above sea level?

and anything else you can think of. And of course, check what ‘they’ have planned for your neighbourhood.

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Joe Chow

Partially correct. For full explanation, please refer to the Town and Country Planning Act, 1976. Criticism without suggesting better and pragmatic alternatives, is not constructive criticism. Best regards.

james k

I was shocked to find an island appearing in the middle bank – is this for real? More reclamation?



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Penang airport needs expansion, but BN is denying the required funding.

tunglang supports Bersih 5 & coming Bersih 6

This one @ Jesselton may have escaped Anil’s fine-tooth comb: Opposition grows to proposed high density development in Penang https://sg.news.yahoo.com/opposition-grows-proposed-high-density-093610885.html No places as serene as Jesselton in Penang can escape the fantasies of SPC-AOK-ed developers. Not even if Penang Structure Plan is fine-tooth combed by every Penangite as stake holders of a liveable Penang in high stake. Increasing density for Komtar CAT profiteering seems the order of the changing months, notwithstanding the road networks & transportation system in perpetual struggle just to unblock bottlenecks. Q: Is building more (expensive homes) aim at meeting the needs of locals? Already, our Ringgit… Read more »

tunglang supports Bersih 5 & coming Bersih 6

Kensington Gardens is just Parcel 1, but there are more Parcels by this developer.
Check here: http://www.penangpropertytalk.com/2016/05/upcoming-batu-gantong-berjaya-land-development/

tunglang supports Bersih 5 & coming Bersih 6

Yeah, The Star is always ready to sell their projects!
Despite the lull in high-end property market.
Property gurus, can you still sing?

goay weng leng

What is the State Govt plan with regards to squatters community? Developers have been buldozing historical homes and homes erected since colonial eras with low compensation! The plan should provide a standard guide on this issue.


This is utter madness. It is interesting that Perak and Kedah remain silent. Already, we have unwanted coastal changes – both erosion and silting – on both the east and west coast of WM. Here is an example of major, hydraulic changes – on a continental scale. In Australia, they made some changes at the lower delta of the Murray-Darling to prevent the estuary from silting. This prevented silt and sand from travelling around the eastern coast all the way to Gold Coast. The beaches at the latter are now deteriorating, and the expensive, seaside buildings themselves are threatened by… Read more »

tunglang supports Bersih 5

Anil, what is the difference between Penang Structure Plan 2020 & Penang Island Local Plan?
Which of these 2 has more bearing (in terms of longer term development)?

tunglang supports Bersih 5

So, all the individual local plans make up the Penang Structure Plan 2020.
But a comb may miss out the details in local plans still in MIA & maybe morphing as time goes by!


you have been barking the plans over years. time for you to pillow and study the religious snd tell the fault with it. the balls are with you now and please dont ask us questions.

tunglang supports Bersih 5

Pls try harder!