Urban planning gone crazy


The view from Mid-Valley

This is an example of urban planning without a thought to pedestrians. It is a world in which cars reign supreme and pedestrians are just above cockroaches in the “food chain”. It is a world in which pedestrians – what more people with disabilities – seem to be completely forgotten.

Thanks to the blog reader who sent this in with the following remarks:

Take a look at the awful world we are creating for ourselves. I was staying at (a hotel) in Mid Valley – and needed to get to the small tower (near the cream-coloured one on the right) 10 minutes walk.

But how? Apparently the girls from the office do walk to Mid-Valley for lunch, but what an experience, no pavements and massive pollution. No shelter under trees – cruelty. Designed by sick people to create sick people. Will anyone learn how backwards this thinking is?

Sorry the pic is so bad; it was taken through dirty uncleanable windows. The worst was feeling so trapped in the hotel – nowhere to walk but a shopping mall. Where is the fresh air in my face, the sound of birdsong, the touch of the sun? New York, Paris, London, Tokyo, but not KL.

It’s a sad day for Malaysia when you have to go to London to look for fresh air and a touch of the sun!

Could our urban planners seriously give some thought to making our streets more pedestrian friendly? You know, simple stuff such as wide, unobstructed pavements – without any sharp steps down and up again – lined by shady trees and lots of shrubs. A riot of colour from tropical flowers could do wonders to brighten up our urban spaces. Better still if we could have more pedestrian-only streets. Think especially of people with disabilities when doing your urban planning. Power to the pedestrians!

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look at George Town also can tell la. Pavements of shophouses are grilled up, blocked with plaster wall, lined with motorcycles, and people putting out their stuff to prevent pedestrians from using their five-foot way. Pedestrians have to walk on the tar road despite RAIN, SHINE, and SNATCH THEFTS and RISK OF BEING HIT BY VEHICLES. What are the enforcement doing? They ONLY investigate whenever someone complains. But it amazes me that they NEVER see these obstructions whenevr they run their other duties. Check Section 46 Street, Drainage, and Building Act To prove this point, try walking on the streets… Read more »

Ong eu soon

What are you complaining about? You should read the KL City Plan 2020, this is an incredible plan, based on no carrying capacity. The most significant point of this plan is simply this; It just want to build, build and build. The KL City Plan must has been based on the assumption that KL City has unlimited resources for squadering. So if you found the city is too congest to live and to move, you only have yourself to be blamed. For too long, the people have been too supertituos over the ability of politicians to lead, to build, and… Read more »


It’s not only pavements for friendly pedestrian walking in the city, it’s also the pedestrian crossings. We almost have NONE of that. And to try and cross the roads without them are just crazy.


This is what it means by 50 years of development.


It is money Every inch of the land in the city You think the developers and city planners care In their books it is wealth creation Nothing to do nature and the people You know the drill The cost of land wealth brings If you think about it It will become a slum within the city In the end the scum of society They have their own made believe world The city of professionals Yet the way the planners move I don’t get it how they approve Without consideration to nature Shade of trees for others well being The façades… Read more »


In most modern cities no matter how busy the traffic is, u still find friendly pedestrian pavements with wheelchair ramp that not only allow disables but also cater for cycling & baby strollers.

You think you can push a wheelchair freely in Malaysia’s most acclaimed golden triangle area? Go experiance yourself & see how good our urban planners are


I remember Singapore 30 years ago when they started pedestrianization linking the shophouse five foot ways and the road pavements. They assigned newly graduated architects to do the details: avoiding high steps, deciding on ramps, coordinating the positions of drain manholes in pathways and downpipes of shophouse roofs, not to mention location of telecoms/electrical boxes. And of course the look of the quarry tile pattern.

In Malaysia, they won’t have the proper design staff. The job of pedestrianization would be given to some engineering technician who won’t be sensitive to design for walking people.

Juan Taman

The “Developer” and “Politicians” plan and build in the country. Professional urban planners have no say.We are far from achieving a caring society yet.
Is this ‘ugly sight’ part of vision 2020? This should be some food for thought for both BN and the Opposition!

malaysia born

Everyone should know by now that the only planning is in how to get an extra million or 2 from every project and to hell with the people, either on foot or on wheels.

So carry on suffering …….

Mr Smith

In Tokyo, they have ‘brailled’ walkway for the blind and reserved carparks bays for the handicapped.

Malaysian town planner need go far for ideas. Just drop by the little dot down south. Its a paradise for pedestrians.


Did I hear you say flowers? Urban planners will be thinking how much profit would pass them by per stalk. There are two degrees which would be quite useless to have in Malaysia: Town and Country Planning and Economics. Better to have one in the following: Conology or Denialogy.


Reminds of klang when dato zak was the town planner


why are we so afraid of touching the earth?

Hasbullah Pit

Kota kinabalu is a good example development for pedestrarian.

buildings connected with othe building on fist floor.