Umno not alone in struggle to adapt to new conditions


If there’s any consolation for Umno as it struggles to adapt to a changing political landscape, it is that it is not alone. After having been in power for a long time, political parties tend to think they have the natural right to rule –  and then they fail to tackle the rot and adapt to the changing landscape. Like Umno leaders, the Republican leadership too is struggling to come to terms with the new reality and to heed the message of voters.

Check out this Bloomberg report:

Republican Battle for Party Chief Pits Leaders, Base (Update1)

By Heidi Przybyla

Jan. 23 (Bloomberg) — Republican leaders’ efforts to select a new national party chairman are stirring concerns among a vital constituency: Republican voters.

Rank-and-file Republicans are telling their leaders they want more ethnic, gender and age diversity in a party that is dominated by white males. They also want party leaders to cooperate with President Barack Obama, according to surveys.

After losing the White House and 28 seats in Congress last year, some party leaders still aren’t hearing the message from voters who are urging them to claw their way back to power by promoting minorities and striking a less partisan tone, said Rich Bond, a former Republican National Committee chairman.

Full article here.

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26 Jan 2009 2.51pm

Rhetoric is one thing… walking the talk is another. extending his hand to the inborn ingratitudes is not going to make Obama any wiser. Obama has to first understand what the ‘toruble-makers’ are up to in this world. It is racial and religious dominance that they want, not to sincerely live peacefully with others. Obama is going to commit the GRAVEST of all mistakes if he thinks that the HARDCORE terrorists roaming around the world are going to extend their hands to him for peace without any attachment to it. He will soon find out that he is wrong and… Read more »

24 Jan 2009 11.22pm

In the wake of Obama mania, there are many unworthy people who are jumping on the bandwagon of “change”. These people who do not understand what the word “change” is all about are rushing out with their own versions of change. We have seen people such as Najib, Muhiddin and other politicians from the BN fraternity sprouting out saccharine, syrupy and wordy tomes of an idea that is so foreign to them. To them it only fashionable to be associate with something that is spreading like raging fire lest they might miss out on it. In fact, even before Obama… Read more »