Try Firefox’s Tab Candy: it’s great


I’ve just been trying out Firefox’s Tab Candy, and I must say it could change the way you work on your browser.

I think it’s great. But a warning: it’s an alpha version (not even a beta); so it’s only for those of you who really want to see what’s in store and how it could radically change the way you use your browser tabs.

What Tab Candy does is to give you the flexibility to create groups of tabs on an empty workspace of your browser, so that you only need to open one group at a time in your browser, instead of opening an ever-increasing number of tabs.  Each group of tabs can be given a name. You can also drag a tab to move it from one group to another. And then you can save the groups of tabs.

This video demo here will help to make it clear.

You can download ‘Minefield’ from the Mozilla site here.

As I said, this alpha release of Firefox is called ‘Minefield’ for a good reason: it is just a ‘pre-release’, not quite stable. So beware.

But so far it works for me.

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dude i thought tab candy was something you ate.


What is the use of more tabs and groupings when the damn thing is so slow compared to its competitor? Switched to Chrome for a long time already..


Ayah Anil you asking me, a bloke with a dull brain to try on something new? Thanks and no thanks…stick to my one way traffic method, switch on, read, get amused or annoyed, write some unintelligent comments (get corrected by my shifu) switch off and go to bed.
By the way, Aussie GE not that exciting la, still have to depend on my old country to get entertained…


What do you have in your tabs, Anil? I can’t help thinking this must be better for people who have lots of dynamic content in their tabs (feeds / chats etc) than it is for those of us who like our content dead. When I get to the limit of the number of tabs I can navigate through from memory (up to about 20?), I tackle my quickest outstanding task first and close the corresponding tabs. Is it really necessary to have such a large number of tabs open long-term?