‘Tolak Pampasan! Tolak Tambak!’ Anwar finds fishermen in uncompromising mood


Anwar Ibrahim did not have it easy yesterday at Teluk Kumbar in southern Penang Island (see video above).

Just before meeting the fishermen, he was believed to have met representatives of SRS Consortium.

The prime minister-in-waiting must have fancied his chances as a mediator extraordinaire between the state government, contractors and developers, on the one hand, and the fishermen, environmentalists, activists and other members of the public, on the other.

But Anwar, surrounded by Penang Tolak Tambak flags and banners, was quickly disabused of such illusions. He was forced to back-pedal when confronted with the anger and strong feelings on display at Teluk Kumbar.

The reaction of the crowd effectively dispelled the political-corporate spin in Penang that this was an insignificant area with only a few fishermen.

Before arriving, Anwar must have thought the main issue appeared to be the quantum of “compensation” for the fishermen and “engagement” with “stakeholders” and “mitigation measures”.

After all, the Penang government has portrayed the issue as one of fishermen merely seeking higher compensation and bigger boats to venture further out – and many among the public have fallen for that propaganda line.

But this is false mediation. False negotiations. The fishermen yesterday were in no mood for sweet talk, corporate jargon and other typical attempts at divide-and-rule.

Faced wth the depth of anger over the project at Teluk Kumbar, Anwar himself conceded that it was hard to find a single reclamation project around the world of this scale which had not caused enormous harm to fishermen’s welfare.

Anwar and the Penang state government appear only interested in finding a way to get the project going while somehow pacifying the fishermen – probably through “compensation” – and the public.

This is a pro-corporate approach to maximise returns for the project proponents. These proponents are not interested in better, cheaper, faster alternatives to provide sustainable mobility for the whole state – with zero damage to the coastal ecology – at a fraction of the cost of the disgraceful RM46bn “PTMP”. Instead, they are only thinking of the fat contracts, enormous profits and huge “project delivery partner fees and expenses” to be reaped.

Who cares about the conflict of interest inherent in the “project delivery partner” model. Who cares about the destruction of the coastal ecology and the loss of affordable fresh fish. Who cares about the likely operational losses in running and maintaining the mega highway on sensitive hill slopes and the expensive light rail transit system (which provides just a single rail route from the airport to Komtar).

Who will end up paying for the multimillion ringgit cost of periodic dredging to clear up siltation and sedimentation along the narrow waterways between the three proposed islands?

Sadly, under the intoxicating spell of Greed with a capital G, all these project proponents and their internet shrills can think of is $$$ – and “compensation” to try and pacify the fishermen. Thirty pieces of silver.

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Ken Song

Why no solving problem of too many cars on the road polluting the air and noisy some more?

Very sick of the cars on the roads of beautiful Penang, just too many!


Just too many BMWs! Why complain?
Cruising from Tanjung Bungah to Pg Int Airport will be a breeze on PIL1 mah!


Ask tu Lang. He being driving around looking for vest one ton mee and chen dol. He can tell as he talk big.

Gabby Benson

Nonsence ramphant parking by road sides eg while lines even yellow lines in Penang law enforcer close one eye with selective saman not to traffic rules. What arbitrary road standard to abide? These cars pose serious obstruction to pedestrians on the road!!!!


All NGO members like to drive own cars, so no complain from them. Anil, what car do you drive?

Now drive car also can earn money as Grab driver.
So more people will drive, earn money frkm Hrsb to pay car installment!


It’s a peak hour problem of traffic jams, not so much of car ownership.
Do you see any such at midnight?
Maybe a shrieking Kuntilanak or he-he Pocong driving & trolling unsuspecting drivers in Lebuhraya Anilnetto!


Who comes out at midnight? You pontianak to join your night club friends? No wonder you see all those strange things. No need to call NCIS and open up X files.


Why are we building so many highways?
Read more at https://www.thestar.com.my/opinion/letters/2019/07/15/why-are-we-building-so-many-highways/#Meab7dTTee98LK7f.99

IS it necessary to keep building new highways in the Klang Valley? The only thing they seem to provide are traffic jams, morning and night.

Let’s think out of the box instead of doing the same old thing.

Why don’t we use taxpayers’ money more sparingly by doing such things as improving already existing public transportation facilities.

Q: Why can’t we learn from KL, the most traffic jammed city in Malaysia?
CM Chow should get real, not get ‘song-song’ with PTMP!


Tu Lang tell us it is necessary to own a 4wd in peng land. Why not you junk your car or cut them into pieces and show your readers. Otherwise you kbkb to get more kangtao.


The DAPCAT head honcho LIED BIG TIME when he, Tak Malu Punya Orang proclaimed the PSR affected fishermen were all agreeable to appropriate compensations, that most of them agreed to ‘pampasan’, that they have no issues to go deep sea fishing. What a Sandiwara shame. Anwar …. may have shared knowledge/tactics of how to placate & compensate people affected by development but this time is another issue at heart (people’s passion) & involved a generations-old livelihood that matter to a group of people. The insidious divide + rule tactic will fail but the state greedy pack of CATs have no… Read more »


Correction: Bukan tamak gila nak jadi kaya-raya dan makan ikan tuna-sushi sementara Rakyat jelata tak mampu makan ikan diimport (dari Thailand).

Ken Song

Don’t anyhow say things without proof just because you are not happy no kantao today. Last time not good you think bring back bn with bossku can solve your problem? Get real please.


Why you want to spin about bn & bosky?
You should get real lah!
The behaviour of DAPCAT was in the news. What’s there to show proof any further? As for happy kantao, it shows your mentality for such craving! Anyway, go spin some more for your own addiction to kantao!


You know different. Rebuke developers but not your own relative and even bodek him. Complain about highways but you are driving a 4wd. One needs a 4wd in peng land?


Hello. Penang hotel kantao shrinking. How’s EQ? Mutiara no more!
The same from PDC.
And now developer A&M budget in cold storage.
How’s that compared to yesterday years’ ad kantao? 🙂 🙂 🙂


UK no more. Soon US. This is part of life. Like you praise Gilakan but Gilakan orso no more today. Same with Boon Siew. A peng land trade mark. Now everyone is deserting peng land.

Milk Tea

Waste money, destroy environment and disrupt people’s life. Just let that sink in your mind for a second…Absolute vodka arrogance indeed.


Waste your time and shorten your life. No eyes see. Still in peng land. No going to ke lan tan? Who is twisting like tu Lang said?


Same thing with susu teh. He lied. He said he is migrating to ke lan tan for PASs. Until now he still hang around waiting for his kangtao and knighthood.

Ismet Ulam Raja

What the hell is an mp for port dickson, negeri sembilan doing in pulau pinang?


What the hell you talking?
Future PM cannot come Penang?
You like Bossku to Penang?
Go get your head examined at klinik 1Malaysia while it is still around!

Gabby Benson

Project Delivery Partners PDP should be a topic for Ekonomi 101 for university Sains Malaysia USM syallabus.

PDP can be a more stylo mylo term for politically correct cronies???


Gabby, be very alert to politically correct crony labelling you as not getting kantao!
Isn’t crony = kantao? Why can’t they just hypocritically tak malu admit it (that they are the ones getting kantao) & get real with themselves. Instead of personal-attack-spinning to score for their political idols?


See who started the personal attack? You can see meddle in others haystack but not rafter in the own eye


Of reclamation, sand and the royal company

Interesting article. Lots of new information not covered in mainstream press. This is a true case of investigative journalism.


Merdeka Center estimated that the proportion of Bumiputera voters will rise from 62 to 64.1% with the voting age set at 18.

Umno, which is the country’s largest party by membership, is confident of benefiting as it has agreed to team up with PAS in a ‘Malay unity’ pact to topple PH, despite the Umno-led BN coalition losing young voters at last year’s polls.

Gabby Benson

Sad to see you people ‘fighting’ over islands just hope not escalate…
Best way to settle amicably is to have all filling stomach yum yum.
Go have noodles see video link below then all can discuss rationally to resolve Penang matter without fear or favour.


RM19bil GST refund missing or not missing?

But here in Anil blogging universe, Raj 666 is indeed missing!


Penangites vote overwhelmingly for the state government in the last GE, The state government’s development agenda get overwhelming support and approva..it is great that the government is delivering what the people want….hehe


72 conditions has been set by the Department of Environment in approving the project’s Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) report. Are the interests of the fishermen been considered?


Of course. They maybe interested in getting a sum and then taking it and do other business like cendol durian. Others will want to go to. Perak water and fish. Some with kbkb experience wants to be like tu Lang and susu teh to crow kbkb

Ken Fong

Even though 72 conditions had been set, enforcement by the federal gomen and state gomen are HIGHLY QUESTIONABLE !!! I really don’t have ANY confidence on the DAPCAT state gomen – enforcement not strict enough and they are merely favoring the developers and not the stake of the people!


Agriculture Ministry sets four conditions for Penang reclamation project https://malaysia.yahoo.com/news/agriculture-ministry-sets-four-conditions-044411825.html The Fisheries Department clearly stated that PSR will destroy and have residual impact on mudflat ecosystems, fishing ground, turtle landing zones and part of the coral reefs at Pulau Rimau which is an important ecosystem for the local marine life. The reclamation areas will also disrupt the feeding grounds, nursery and main migration route for the white prawns and Sua Lor prawns and also affect their population. Minister Datuk Salahuddin Ayub: “However, any attempts to mitigate the problem can only be conducted after the 15-year reclamation process has been completed.”… Read more »


Tulang, you think the fishing ground will remain the same forever? You should kbkband tell the fishermen to catch ikan bilis. Don’t overfish. Give a quota. Stop cars and scoop out all silt and dust particulars from contaimining the water. Stop peng land Lang from buying caught from that area. Tell peng Lang to eat less fish just like the shark fins. Otherwise even the area is still there, there is no fish only drone fish.


PSR approval must be very ‘song-song’ = more ad spending by PDP developers for a Pg kantao seeker = can change old 90s BMW for new BMW = can cruise from Tanjung Bungah Condo to Pg Int. Airport or to 3-Fantasy-Islands mah!

Pray more on Sundays that PSR with kantao gets approved!


Then you go and enforce it. Same with traffic offence. Cars park on road side no parking tickets. Kopi not kau kau, volka like drinlking tap water, susu teh like water from sungei pinang. Hokkien mee like teow mee.