This is what we stand to lose…


… if the massive 4,500 land reclamation plan to create three artificial islands off the southern coastline of Penang Island proceeds.

This area is a major source of prawns, fish, crabs and shellfish for Penang, and fish can be bought fresh.

Are we prepared to see supply of all this eroded and hence, possibly pay higher prices?

As you can see from the video above by Simon it is also a panoramic natural setting, that is hard to find elsewhere in Penang. It is a tranquil spot for Olive Ridley turtle landings. Live corals thrive in nearby Pulau Kendi off the southwestern coast.

You absolutely cannot put a price on something like this.

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Anil, I never in my life expected to see (live) a turtle came to shore to lay her eggs in Penang. That was in 1986 or 87 when I & my group of outdoor friends went to Pantai Kerachut on a weekend to camp on the heavenly beach. That night, we faced a sudden thunder storm after barbecue+beer dinner which nearly washed away our camps & belongings to sea (we thought pitching tents on a depression (on the beach) was a sure protection from the cold winds of the Andaman Sea). That depression was actually a rain water path from… Read more »

Teddy Bear

Turtle the Penang island to lay 3 fake eggs bad omen?


More like 3 pieces of plastic handkerchieves for Arrogant Komtar mourning the impending death of marine life in southern Penang island!


You mean no one strike 4D price. You can strike just like you can see dolphin.


Rare in Penang. Used to be common in T’gganu – 30 years ago. 4 or 5 species come ashore there. Others have also described watching the egg-laying as awesome. Torches, noise and vibration are not a good idea.

In the religion of capitalism, everything must be commercialised and financialised. The eggs are being sold widely (also in Sabah) and even a certain minister ate it. No idea if the conservation efforts in T’gganu for decades have made any difference.


MCA has launched its Government Monitoring Committee (GMC) to keep tabs on the Pakatan Harapan government.

Previously cannot find fault with 1MDB scandal. How it can now? LOL moment.


Very arrogant to impose comment quota, sure stand to lose readers.


1 comment every 5 days appropriately a new guideline, since Anil typically posts an entry every 5 days?


How about those only grumble like old maid? No intellectual discourse but always the kbkb??


The less KneeJerk shrieking & he-he nonsensicals & lies combo, the better.
TQ to Anil’s wisdom to counter these 2-in-1 distasteful combo.