This is what happens when you pour concrete and asphalt all over


Today in Kuala Lumpur, but it could just as well be anywhere else in the country where politicians and planners turn cities into concrete jungles.

Flood waters even entered a light rail transit station in KL. I hear damage has been extensive with many cars submerged.

Mind you, this was after, what, just a couple of hours of rain? From water rationing to an excess of water.

Mind you, other cities are trying to create sponge cities, while we pour more concrete and asphalt all over.

“This is what Malaysians love and desire … See Penang’s hills. See Sarawak’s deforestation. See our dirty and clogged rivers, cukup…,” one observer commented.

Time to focus on public transport, instead of widening roads and building more mega highways.

Otherwise, we will have to invest in boats and gondolas before long. I suppose we got more than we bargained for with the KL River of Life project!
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Drainage engineering is poor and cut corners causing flooding. No need smart tunnel if ok. Malaysia Boleh!


No concrete poured.

GEORGE TOWN, Sept 14 — Penang today launched its first self-sustaining community urban farm that can potentially feed up to 400 households each harvest.

Penang Chief Minister Chow Kon Yeow said the initiative was implemented in collaboration with the Chief Minister Incorporated (CMI), Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris (UPSI) and Think City.


Why The Poor Are Dying Of Climate Change

Do not be a culprit with high carbon footprint. Don’t drive aline, practise car pooling if not taking public transportation.


GEORGE TOWN, Oct 5 — Penang has finally submitted its dossier to Unesco in its application to get Penang Hill Biosphere Reserve recognition after years of research and compiling documentations for submission.


mkini reported high risk money laundry. how come so fast on betty but close one eye or both eyes. wear eye mask and not face mask?


GEORGE TOWN, Sept 21 — Penang is calling on those with memories of Sia Boey to share their old photos and stories of the site for a project documenting the history of the old market site.

I believe tunglang has previously shared many Sia Boey memories on Anil could possibly share those stories on behalf of the disappeared tunglang.


If you build more trains, you pour even more concrete as places get more crowded and more and higher buildings goes up. Only solution is drainage, underground, more concrete


Vertical forest building

Will it be possible in Penang?


Anil, any commentary on Sabah state election?

Have you seen the slogan on Warisan’s billboard:
“We are here to build a nation, not a particular race or religion”.


Zunar’s guide to voting:
comment image?ssl=1


Wow! We are becoming truly “developed”. WB, IMF, etc. would approve. We have traffic jams, duplicated train and highway systems, floods, mudslides, haze. What we lack to reach fully developed status is vast fires and smog. We can please our foreign masters by importing more plastic and obsolete industries. A “cabinet committee” has just announced more bureaucracy: 4 “clusters” of existing govt. depts. and agencies. This is to improve food security as recommended by UN. Each cluster will look into availability, affordability, quality and something else. Will this help farmers, fishermen, transport operators, wholesalers and retailers? Or does it mean… Read more »


What happened to the periodic annoucements of plans, after each of the past flood disasters? There was talk of retention ponds spread all over Federal Territory. Satellite photos to estimate the proportion of built-up land, elevation maps and patterns of rainfall can provide a good estimate of potential flooding at each point. A local law could make every stretch of tarred/cemented flat surface including car parks, sidewlks and private land land beyond a minumum size porous, e.g. by drilling holes; the govt. can subsidise this. Instead, there is an attempt to reduce outrage and expectations, e.g., saying that a flash… Read more »


How about peng land? Any DID “pond” to retain or detain water? DID only gorek bigger and deeper but Peng land kia will throw more rubbish so convenient. If no pond, no need rocket science. Peng land sure will be flooded.
What can peng land do if the sky wants to pour down water or to trickle down and cause drought? If Peng land gets flood – peng land too much development. If peng land too thirsty from drought – peng land too many co2 foot prints.


Time to focus on public transport?

Tell that to Penangites kiasi of covid-19. More are shunning public bus and Grab, instead prefer to buy personal cars with safety as an easy excuse.

It is OK to pour concrete to build pedestrian walkways, but not for car parks! Encourage Penangites to walk minimum 10,000 steps a day instead of driving personal cars. Burn your body calories, not fossil fuels of motor vehicles!


any survey on bicycle lane usage? How many are using it per day? Where are those support the green environment? Only show off?


Drive cars to boost bin chui.
9 year car loan easy to kau tim.
So more co2 exhaust we breathe in with or without mask.