‘There will be no development on Bukit Relau’: Tycoon


The Edge has carried a fascinating news story about the degraded Bukit Relau in Penang. But the question remains: how was the land converted from hill-land to low-density housing and who was responsible for that?

Bukit Relau: Tycoon breaks silence

Written by Sangeetha Amarthalingam, fz.com (contributor to theedgemalaysia.com)

GEORGE TOWN (Nov 18): In an astounding revelation, Penang tycoon Tan Sri Tan Kok Ping whose company illegally cleared parts of Bukit Relau early this year has vowed that development will not happen on that land.

He said although he was not aware of the land clearance, he assured there will be no development on the hill.

“Honestly, I was not aware of it but I can tell you there will be no development on that land. My management made a mistake of clearing the land without my knowledge. Now, I am paying the price.

“Therefore, there will be no development. I cannot deal with the headache of developing the land,” claimed Tan, who is one of four directors of General Accomplishment Sdn Bhd that owned Lot 11396 on Bukit Relau.

Breaking his silence to the media after being in the eye of controversy following his company’s involvement in the illegal act between February and April, Tan said the management wanted to ‘build’ a road on the hill to ‘monitor’ the land.

Sounding resolved with the turn of events since his company’s exposure made by Penang Island Municipal Council (MPPP) on June 14, Tan said he accepted the decision made by the state.

This, he said, included the RM30,000 fine slapped on General Accomplishment by the Penang Sessions Court on July 11 for failing to submit earthworks plan as required by Section 70A of the Street, Drainage and Building Act 1974.

Four months later, Tan now said he was ‘willing to pay’ thousands of ringgit to ensure the land ‘returns to normal’.

“We accept any decision made by the state. We were slapped with an RM30,000 fine. The Deputy Public Prosecutor has appealed the court’s decision to impose a higher fine. We accept their prerogative.

“That’s why we do not want to develop the land and allow for a few years to pass so that it returns to normal. My focus now is for the land to go back to normal,” he told fz.com.

However, he refused to reply when asked if the land would be developed even after a few years. Full story in The Edge.

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“Honestly, I was NOT aware of it, but I can tell you there will be NO development on that land. My management made a mistake of clearing the land WITHOUT my knowledge”… O…yeah? Who are you trying to kid hah? If we did not make noise the project would have proceeded unabeted. As it is now…the damage is done! “However, he refused to reply when asked if the land would be developed even after a few years”… The reason he refused to reply is because this whole damned thing is part of a scripted soap opera with no ending in… Read more »


In the Chinese Opera of Peking, the change face mastery is the envy of many operas in the world. Even Jackie Chan tried to master the tricks despite his already quick hands & acrobatic facial expressions.
We may see more of this type of sudden-change face playing on the politically-well connected stage of cat & mouse corporate operas of Cosmopolitan Penang Island of constant ‘Bing Chui change’.


YBs all got gaji naik.
But rakyat only got barang naik!

Sasha Pranth

Never trust a developer! How can he not have given the green light to the clearing of Bukit Relau? Considering the rate of development in Penang, I bet Bukit Relau would have had fancy bungalows hanging precariously from its slopes had not the media and the people kick up a fuss. However now that he’s given his assurances, we should hold him to it. It is truly despicable what Penang island has deteriorated into.

Rufus Mallu

He says he cannot deal with the headache of developing this land. His management made a mistake. But ironically, the top man didn’t know anything and neither could he see what’s evident from across the Penang bridge! So, we will have to judge his sincerity by seeing how fast and efficiently he gets the replanting done and ensuring the land is not developed.


Sounds pretty sincere esp when it came to accepting fine and replanting costs. It will be extremely damaging to his rep if in a few years he restarts development there. Kudos to all who highlighted the issue and exposed the threat to Bukit Relau!

Gerakan K

As the popular chinese saying, “if you believe what he says then pig also can climb tree”. Anil, will there be any replanting actions ???

Cat Burglar

GK, have you seen a CAT points a finger (its paw)?
A smiling cat in Penang, yes!


He cannot not know the land had been converted in zoning to allow building. He could not have been in the dark. Who in his management applied for it, who had the authority to sign as landowner? It might pretty well have been him who signed the application(?)
This is just PR, to present a “responsible” face to the public.

Ed G

Tan Kok Ping should prove the sincerity of his words by restoring the land to its former state without any further delay. The cost of the restoration effort should be borne by him or his company. Plain and simple.

Ravi Vijaya

‘However, he refused to reply when asked if the land would be developed even after a few years.’

What can MPPP do about this?

‘Up till today, MPPP has refused to comment on the matter which they claim as ‘very sensitive’ leaving the state government to issue statements on it instead.’

Does this not indicate that the MPPP which is supposed to be independent, is dominated by the state government?


Yes so is LGE the smiling face guy. But one thing he never reply to your letter and you can never find him at the service centre at all. Worse still when you write a complaint and hand it over to his centre personally, two week later although no reply they will said they never receive your letter at all. Who to blame the clerk or Rayer. Come man I have seen enough of smiling face. In front prentend like good guy but chuky chicky here and there


From the various accounts published together with photos, the ramplant clearing of Bkt Relau was clearly evident when one crosses the Penang Bridge for many weeks now. As top man of the company which owns the land, are we to believe that Tan Kok Ping did not even glance upo at the site now and then when he cross the bridge, or perhaps he did not cross the bridge during daylight hours all the while? So “Honestly, I was not aware of it but I can tell you there will be no development on that land. My management made a… Read more »

a toong

Monorails just toys for tourists. It will not will solve traffic problems in Penang. The Sydney city have finally realised the folly of monorail and decided to demolish it ! The first priority is to set up a proper bus network along the major routes into the city.


One thing is for sure, the botak will definitely be developed. Its a you scratch my back and I scratch yours. Same as Nacheap. Did anybody notice the road in front of Han Chiang has been widen onto the land of Han Chiang school by at least 10 feet. Would Tan Kok Ping allowed that if there is no tit for tat.


Komtar Tower Cut Above Saloon Law: No one above the cutting edge law (of botak-ing) Teh Gong Tai Tai: I just woke up with a botak head! *= *= *= No more next time! Little India Barber & Part Time Blogger: Then what is the price of botak-ing? Kimberley Street Fengshui Master & Fate Adjuster: Gua ka lu kong loh, “Chay Sua Kua Hai, Boh Soo” Penang Gong Lang: Tong kim an chua? Tokong: Pai sa ki heow, kok tow kuat-kuat sa tao, buak Komtar kor yeok (pray with 3 joss sticks, knock head on floor 3 times very hard,… Read more »


“Honestly, I was not aware of it but I can tell you there will be no development on that land. My management made a mistake of clearing the land without my knowledge.” Separating fairy tales from truth.


I guess we have to wait then.

Awang Selamat Ori

This is just a reaction to cool down the anger against LGE within such a short period of time. From the high of May 5th, the tide is turning very much against LGE! People are angry, the kind of monies for the undersea tunnel and the highways, the youngsters are asking, why not monorail? How much does it cost to build the monorail? If land can be reclaimed for the tunnel and highways, why not stop the tunnel and highways but instead develop the monorail? The people are burdened, very much burdened with the Federal Government’s policy of wanting the… Read more »


One more Flextronics is also retrenching. And businesses getting bad by the day. Yes LGE may be the last PR CM and Jardip & Rayer will see their last term in Dato Keramat and Delima. Just ask anybody in Penang, many are getting more and more fed up with Rocket and their arrogant attitude. I am a hardcore supporter for 40 years and is getting more and more fed up. Rocket & PR better wake up or it will be demised for you next GE


In other words…… they will wait a few years loh.