There HAS been a new land reclamation deal in Penang post-2008


Contrary to the Penang state government’s position…

Is it really true there has been no new land reclamation since 2008? What about the Bayan Mutiara land deal in 2011?

I blogged back then that Ivory Properties had received a letter of acceptance from PDC for ‘mixed development’ of 68 acres of existing land and 35 acres to be reclaimed.

Check out the press release from Ivory Properties confirming this.

There could be more to come.

Have a look at PDC’s tender for the “Project masterplan consultancy cum conceptual masterplanning consultancy for Middle Bank reclamation…” (see screenshot above).

And check out this pre-qualification document (below) for the proposed development of a marina in Tanjung Bungah, which includes land reclamation “(if required)” of up to 20 acres.

Source: PDC
Source: PDC

Meanwhile, we will wait and see if the Jelutong dump site redevelopment involves any land reclamation.

Mariam Mokhtar, please note.

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Anil, why so mushrooming MEWAH development in Umno Bkt Bendera Division ? Umno that division just keeping queit.
No check n balance ?



Sustain development all those big green words. Man can can continue to live on trees. No whispers on jungles clear for plam oil trees and displace animals. No support for Sarawak report.


Now has to be dap crony. Before that critics are bn cronies. Bn crony is better as the land are throw away at real cheap price and land are around urban areas


Ivory has been doing very well.
Not surprise that many developers are adopting the same strategy.



gerak khas

Ivory was a pet of Gerakan, but its master Loh EH was able to switch ship immediately after 308 when Gerakan was sinking.


Got money, can do anything under the heavens with venerable Niao Kong. Not the other way.
I still remember that election billboard @ Jalan Dato Keramat which was immediately RIP after the GE results. And we may see the same billboard site with another political-polishing expression in the next election campaigning until the unexpected election result.
Got Money, Can Do Wonders For Political Parties. (Notwithstanding the unexpected election result thereafter).

Future Malaysian election campaigning should make it illegal to use money politics.
And we will see what will happen to the comfy corporate-political tango going on in Penang.


Tunglang seems to agree to Najib’s CASH IS KING mantra.


Tunglang ; Spot on right. Expectation is what we expected and what we do and think is right not just being in obsession.


Sustainable development in Penang according to CM:

SH Tan

“I will sue! I will sue anybody who challenges our integrity. (The state giving) reclamation rights is a lie! We have not approve any massive reclamation” said He.


In exchange for slush fund for the next GE?
This is the harsh reality of politics.


To win GE in Malaysia, you need lots of money as most ignorant Malaysians can vote for you if you give them some goodies (eg. free food in Penang). That is the success factor of BN, thus USD700 million into Najib’s account (allegedly) for that purpose at GE13 – but exactly now much pocketed by him is still a mystery since he never deny it.

Kumar Rilek

If you cannot beat them, then use their tactics to counter them!
After all, Najib has proclaimed Cash Is King!

gerak khas

Under the watchful eyes of Che Det, it will be difficult for Ah Jib to amass public fund for his war chest in the next GE.


Hi Anil,
Just wondering, is there any works going on on Botak Hills lately. Just snapped a few pictures today of a working excavator on the hill…
Been searching your blog for email add i can forward it to you if u are interested.