The time for composting has come


The MPPP is organising a community awareness programme on composting on 16 July 2011.

16 July, 10.30 am to 4.00 pm
Queensbay Mall, Bayan Lepas, Penang
2nd Floor, South Zone Link Bridge

Organised by: MPPP Councillor Dr. Lim Mah Hui and MPPP Tourism, Sports, Recreation & Parks Department

Officiated by: YDP, MPPP, Ar. Patahiyah bt Ismail

Participating bodies: Consumers Association of Penang, Don and Mylene, the Penang Friends of Botanic Gardens Society, Perbadanan Pengurusan Sisa Pepejal dan Pembersihan, Socio-economic and Environmental Research Institute, SC Tan

Do you know, Penang Island generates 960 TONS OF SOLID WASTE PER DAY! The MPPP spends RM83 million, or 37 per cent of its budget on waste disposal in 2009; 64 per cent of our solid waste comes from households. Kitchen waste that can be composted forms over 60 per cent of household waste. If every household plays its part in composting, we would reduce significantly our waste and save tens of millions of our precious tax to be better used.

As part of the Penang State Government’s campaign to make Penang a leading state in sustainable development and, in particular, Georgetown an international liveable city, government, public, civil society, corporations etc. must work together and contribute to this process.

The Majlis Perbandaran Pulau Pinang (MPPP) is strongly supporting this campaign. Dr. Lim Mah Hui, the NGO representative in the MPPP, has taken the initiative to gather non-governmental organisations and individuals (NGOs and NGIs) to increase public awareness and knowledge on how to recycle and compost kitchen waste.

This initiative called “Protecting our environment from home” through composting is under the sponsorship of MPPP. The above NGOs and NGIs have agreed to combine their knowledge and efforts to hold demonstration on different methods of composting kitchen waste. We will bring this knowledge to the public by holding the demonstration at Queensbay Mall, Bayan Lepas, Second Floor, South Zone Link Bridge.

This event will include a colouring contest for children, a choral speaking performance by students from Saint Xavier’s Institution, and a lucky draw for quiz on composting.

For further information, contact, Dr. Lim Mah Hui, 012-422-1880

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A silly BN/Gerakan minister, Tan Lian Hua is asking everyone to plant our own vegetables for own consumption and don’t waste our time to go for Bersih rally. This is a very stupid remark, I live in a small flat, how can I plant? What can I plant? maybe this misnister just cut her own salary to increase the cash flow to country and benefit the people….


Ah Soon was the Traffic Management Expert, now the Compost Expert. Enjoys shooting from the (hip). MPPP has made a start, but NO! Ah Soon has the bestest of best plan on where and how the Compost Center should be and how it should be done. One day there was a problem in Ampang Jajar, and he screams his head off like it is a catastrophe. Everything takes time to resolve, as long as there is a start to move in the right direction why (slam) … anyone who is trying?? The Penang Public Transport system is definitely improving, compared… Read more »

ting pei

so i am not the only one being turned off by Eu Soon’s antics.

The way he put his critisicms somehow remind me of Hock None, simply shoot out of frustration…?


May be penang gomen can engage people like Ong Eu Soon (seems to have a lot of ideas but unable to make it practical hence the frustration) to volunteer to provide his “expertise” (free of course) on composting like :

a) use many unused land in mainland Penang as nursery of plants.
b) MPPP should revise flower/plant procurement schemes if still so, and start buy direct minus middlemen, from own nursery to save rakyat fund.
c) get free consultation advise from E&O on how to beautify the public pedestrian walks like what they have done at Straits Quay.


judging from Anil’s comments, i agree that Penang has many who think and comment a lot. People like tunglang & ong eu soon if only they can put their words into action, can help to revive penang back to its former glory.

otherwise people like them will end up very frustrated like you say … imagine ideas being constipated and cannot pass out …..


You are right. Frustrated (depending on whether it is general ideas or passionate ideas)
To some, talk is cheap here.
To others, worthwhile ideas (time taken to consider and create) are worth in gold, if implemented.
Just like the Street Food Museum idea yet to take off.


Penang Public Bureau Services (Biro Perkhimatan Pengaduan Awam) is a good channel to express your passionate ideas benefiting the public in general.

otherwise, write to ibu pejabat Ketua Menteri at email : [email protected]

More info can be found in latest issue of Bulletin Mutiara.

don’t wait otherwise brilliant ideas get hijacked for commercial reasons or simply evaporate into thin air !


If composting can work out well, how about using it for organic farming purposes? Volunteers or part timers can chip in to realize a solution to our food security. Another benefit of organic farming is (akin to forest gardening practice in UK) Ecotherapy for those elderly and tired souls greening their hands in fresh vege, fruits and herbs. Besides the commercial returns, social interactions and health benefits can benefit us tremendously. I see swath of lands behind the Youth Park which lay idle and not fully utilized. Why not convert them to organic farms and forest gardens. I would love… Read more »

semuanya OK kot

Used cooking oil is equally or more important in terms of green-house gases, as it can produce biodiesel for motor vehicles. This is already practiced by small-scale operators in USA, Thailand, etc. Even oil which is old or full or food particles can be used. The biggest problem facing one guy in Selangor trying to do this is criminals recycling cooking oil who offer higher prices to buy up from food outlets. Only an honest few outlets are concerned about the actual purpose of the purchase. There is no enforcement, of course. The main disincentive here is (a) a confused,… Read more »


I can’t wait to see this. Not just Klang valley, it seem all those people living in rural area(regardless of race) having bad habit of making open burning, an excuses to reduce waste.


Putting Gerakan K as the ingredient to make compos and the finished product will kill even the hardiness lalang! Malaysia has the one thinnest top soil in the world and soil conditioning from compos is almost a must to grow anything…if to start a healthy garden. Home made compos is so easily done…just laying the kitchen waste combined with used news paper and solid waste, turn them over regularly, keeping it on a constant temperature, Add earth worms and they will to do the rest. Why was there no one making simple compos drum for small scale production for anyone… Read more »

Ong Eu Soon

You can see the slideshow presentation of Creating Wealth from Waste at

Ong Eu Soon

The MPPP and the state government are the one that need awareness. Up until now, it neither has any plan nor ideas on how to set up municipal compost facilities for large scale waste compost. This speak volume about the competency of LGe. The ideas of waste compost now surfaced because the MPPP is facing an imminent disaster in garbage collection. The state government stops the operation of Batu Maung Waste Transfer, without providing an alternative replacement on the island. This force the garbage trucks to go to Ampang Jajar Waste Transfer station. The first day of operation at Ampang… Read more »


What about SL? Heard someone talked big shiok-shiok (after the fact of 709) he could easily Kotor our streets with 50,000 SL.
MPPP can easily compost 50,000 of such SL into 7-feet underground of perpetual oblivion in Tanjung Tokong.
Penang is only interested in Bersih, not Kotor SL, fit for hell’s thrashing, grinding (or gnashing) of teeth and eternal composting!


How about separating the Kotor from the Bersih?


Can we put Gerakan K as part of the compost? This is where he belongs.

Gerakan K

I’m clean and law abiding citizen. I never support or join Bersih 2.0. I pay taxes. I employ people. I never speeding. I buy proton and perodua. I support BN. Najib is my hero. I deserve Datuk title before retire ~

Andrew I

Not sure which part you do that will get you a datukship. I know a lot of law abiding citizens who pay taxes and drive a proton or kancil and employ people. Can they hope to become a datuk one day?


Andrew, why bother to be a datuk? Does it have any meaning in it in the first place?

Andrew I

I call all people with airs datuk. It’s a term of endearment.


You may sound like an angel. You may even look like an angel. But cucumber, you are definitively no angel.

HC Pang

That was a good one. But then again, compost should nourish the ground..if you put Gerakan K in, the ground gets polluted..

Andrew I

That’s where a dried old gherkin usually ends up. I have one of those step to open lid bins. Reminds me of the click to thumbs down button.


ha ha ha LBJ, you make me laugh, TQ !!! But if you compost Gelak k, i bet all your plants will KO la, why? Too toxic !!!

Yang Razlan

Kudos to MPPP. Wish many more majlis perbandaran, city hall and district council emulate this. Need aggressive promo and understanding to Malaysian on this. Well done.
Any info on how to create such event.