The scarring of the hills of Penang


Check out this video of the highway development around the Thean Teik area.

And this is the collapse of a newly repaired road in Balik Pulau. If this can happen, how on earth are they going to build a monster six-lane highway along the slopes of Penang?

And finally, a reminder of what happened not so long ago:
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The topmost photo (before starting the video) alone is a good illustration of
– mindless capitalist greed
– government corruption and insanity in allowing non-essential dangerous destruction of the environment
– popular insecurity and brainwashing that makes the rats (running the rat race) buy these houses.


What happened to the supposed career of the century as touted by exhilarated property gurus – property agents?
It’s a hard sell turning hard-to-sell job! And made worst is the minuscule profit margins given by greedy developers to such hard-to-sell agents of hope.
Better drive Grab. At least, it’s not a false hope, not evangelised in glitzy hotel conference halls with all the hoo-ha or he-he-he!
Still believe in the 3-islands of absolut vodka fantasies of black-bla-belah?
Most likely a hard sell turns hard-to-sell!!! But then who pays the price if not Pontius Chow?


Save Penang! Reject the 3-Islands Reclamation! We object to the proposal to reclaim 3 massive islands to the south of Penang Island, as announced by the Penang Chief Minister YAB Chow Kon Yeow (The Star, 6th May 2019). The lack of public consultation and detailed information about the project is shocking in view of the size of proposed reclamation which is 4,500 acres or 7 square miles – the size of Johor’s Forest City! We call upon Tun as the chairman of the National Physical Planning Council to reject the Penang South Reclamation (PSR) megaproject for the following reasons:… Read more »

Milk Tea

DAP regime in Penang must be put to an end. MACC must investigate the party!


ya ya gelakan please take over…malu apa gelakanku…hehehe


Go and report. Otherwise just a spinner and talk without facts.

Wai Hong

If use modern technology and good construction practices, safety can be assured.


Blend with nature It’s the only way to survive Ignoring nature at our own peril When nature strikes calamity flows The modern developments The developers can’t cut as they like There are the natural laws to observe Once they ignore it disasters will happen Workers had died before On hilly slopes developments Even with this history We still hear of green light given The authority always blames The natural causes or a third party Shoddy works and cut corners But ignore the approving officials Blend with nature It is the harmony of good neighbours Do not destroy nature It never… Read more »


Yes blend with nature. Build road along 200 and my foot contour


hehe, Shriek, did your comment circle the earth 100 times before landed here…? Anil must be believing in slow speech rather than free speech…hehe


Build roads along 200 ft then to blend with nature

Gin Tua Pooi

Looking forward to a mall or four in the Thean Tek area. So boring. The hills are so redundant. Good it is developed.