The Sarawak-Tasmania link


Hydro Tasmania, acting as a dam consultant, is helping Sarawak build more dams, which could displace natives, while a Sarawak timber firm, after extensive logging in Sarawak, is now involved in the timber industry in Tasmania.

Ta Ann Tasmania put out the following unedited versions of their interview with SBS:

And this is the unedited SBS interview with the Ta Ann management:

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30 Aug 2012 3.50pm


Is there a mistake in:

“Ta Ann Tasmania put out the following * UNEDITED * versions of their interview with SBS:”

Should that be “EDITED”?

Gerakan K
Gerakan K
30 Aug 2012 1.01pm

Even China built world biggest dam and displacing not only natives in the process, but wildlifes and most treasured historical buildings for thousand years !!! Various tourist hotspots suddenly disappear !!!

… Don’t tell me only China can build dam and nuclear power plants.

30 Aug 2012 8.14am

What is really impressive is the Baram protestors speaks pretty good English.. Taib’s family & crony are just wildlife …

30 Aug 2012 7.46am

It is very sad to note that, foreigners are more caring for the welfare of the indigenous people, by helping expose the wrong doings of the BN government .
Compensation is not the answer. Construction of dams is not necessary in the first place.
Together with logging they destroy the ecosystem.