The other Beverly Heights in Penang


This is the project called ‘Beverly Heights’ in Bukit Gambir in Penang advertised as being built 110 metres above sea level.

Photograph: Beverly Heights project update, July 2013
Photograph: Beverly Heights project update, July 2013

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More photographs here.

Have a look at the project website here.

The project is for 17 bungalows priced at RM4.8m-RM6.3m. The approved building plan is MPPP/OSC/PB(3251)/10(LB). Expected date of completion: June 2014

The building plan was submitted on 6 December 2012 and an OSC committee meeting approved the plan on 5 February 2013. (Thanks to blog visitor Loh for the link.)

How did it get approval for development above the 76 metres threshold? Perhaps the MPPP could explain.

This Beverly Height project is developed by Metrio Hill Sdn Bhd, which is managed by Metrio Development Sdn Bhd.

Hence, it appears to have no connection with the Pepper Estate project for which the Malaysian developer is Beverly Heights Properties Sdn Bhd.

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same with YTL in Sentul Kuala Lumpur…. this crony linked( to m) company has detroyed the serinity of once peaceful Sentul…
all … stupid projects… “lifestyle” konon…


Athies, I don`t quite agree with you. Sentul was once an areas of slum, drug addicts and gansterism just like the Perak Road area (Teluk Au) in Penang. I believed Sentul will developed into an ultra modern areas complete with the proper amenities once it is completed. Just like Teluk Au in Perak Road, Penang which was once a slum teeming with gangster and drug addict, it is now nearly completely free of this nuisance. The only problem is to give proper compensation and housing to those that are affected by the development.


Excellent idea ‘kangelar’. Let’s have a peaceful rally/ assembly/ ‘bantah berdiri’ to signal to the state government that Penangites have had enough of this luxury, high-end development be it on low land, hill side, reclaimed land,etc. ENOUGH, STOP, GO BACK TO THE DRAWING for GREENER, CLEANER Penang! There is no need for for any political party to initiate this peaceful message, just enough like-minded ‘us’ who seriously question the kind of ‘lifestyle development’ we appear to be saddled with when itโ€™s quality affordable housing (literally affordable for low and middle income earners) that is more urgent.

Gerakan K

@Datuk YB Loh – PSC: “From the link above, it is approved recently, so cannot pushed to BN now.” Your statement is a bit premature. When the father or son is speaking, suddenly it *IS* BN fault !!! You have ask around for feedback before just made a conclusion like that. I have seen too many incidents like that one. Sudah biasa. The extreme one was when the father wept publicly. You know what happened subsequently, right ??? The tsunami of certain look in Malaysia !!! So unbelievable but true !!!. Don’t underestimate the acting skills of that father and… Read more »

Andrew I

Cannot beat apanama dia performance.

Andrew I

…leaving certain look still in dilemma after so long.

Gerakan K

@kangelar: Sorry to admit, BN has no chance in Penang for the next 20 or 30 years. People of certain look have decided to stick with rocket no matter what (eg botak hills, corruption, poverty, homeless, houseless, racism, cronyism, nepotism, replace green with concrete, congestion, suffocation, 5 millions condo, $400 000 affordable houses, trees chopping, Excel error in election, etc). Please wise up dear @kangelar. What to expect when they won with supermajority ??? Think loudly in your mind !!! It is reward time for the father and son party. … But don’t be jealous. It is their achievement in… Read more »


Yes we need UBAH and we need more than this UBAH against racism, religiousm, violence … perpetuated by the AMMO and their sycophants

Anak Penang

Hi Gerakan,

From what you wrote represents BN and its alliance’s thinking. So, how can PG people vote for that. Sikit-sikit merajuk. Corruption wise, racism wise, religious wise, violence wise and etc… We still need UBAH.


Regret to inform you that BN UMNO will be shaky within this 5 years. The shivering has already started. Everything point to it. They are so afraid of a simple video and film

don anamalai

What about MCA now that CSL may not want to give up his position and some of the grassroot people are calling for EGM to oust him before December?


We cannot trust those in power be it DAP or BN. We must protest towards the DAP government. They promised no development above 76 metres. Let us unite and hold a peaceful demonstration in front of KOMTAR. Penang is saturated with all property developments until it destroys natural environment. Where are you now BN people? It is a golden chance for BN to redeem your mistake.


Where are you all now. Well well election is over, what is the point of digging ??

Anak Penang

For me DAP or BN is the same. Pi mai – pi mai tang tu. Now DAP no sound. So how? Penang ppl die lor.

Anil, Any update from CM LGE?



Any idea who sit on the OSC ? This OSC seems to me to be all-powerful.


Beverly Heights ? You mean Hoyllywood stars are coming to live in Penang ? May be they can erect more alphabets sign on the hills of Penang.
Penang soon creating a bunch of social network jokes after the kancil carpark fiasco !


There are several projects name under Beverly. There is a Beverly in Tg Bungah and Batu Feringghi. What ever name it does not matter. After all it is way out of the Heritage area and Penang is an international cosmopolitan with Chinese, Taiwanese, Korean, Hongkongies, Japanese, Singaporean, Indonesian, Thai and American and European buying properties and settling here. Most important the govt must built more low cost (LC) and low medium cost (LMC) project for the people and don`t let the developers hijack the LC & LMC project as one that is not LC or LMC at all. Recently developer… Read more »

Datuk YB Loh - PSC

Tarikh menerima permohonan is 6th Dec 2012.

From the link above, it is approved recently, so cannot pushed to BN now.


developers come up with of all sorts of ridicilous names for projets and brand it as lifestyle living and those responsible give easy approvals and when something goes wrong the blame game starts all over again…as the saying goes…pi mai pi mai tang tu jugak

KL Soo

The authority must ensure that only local-sounding name be used to reflect our heritage and culture.

Andrew I

Ya lah. We can do it to roads.

Let’s see. How about Fatimah Hills?

Andrew I

Or abang adik instead of E & O homes to reflect the high and low cost homes?

eng hock

some suggestions for naming true lifestyle livings :

a) Ong Heng Huat Estate (i think ong eu soon will q for that ๐Ÿ™‚ )
b) The Bo-Hooters
c) Ubahans
d) ori-maestro

what say you

don anamali

If Malaysians can accept Ali Kafe and Ah Huat kopi alongside Starbucks, I suppose there is no harm in having local names for condos. In JB, there are Wadihana Condo, Tun Halimah Condo…. but now fancy names are coming up as well…maybe because of targeting Singaporeans?