Gejala sosial? Tengoklah jurang kaya-miskin…


If you are more comfortable reading articles and blog posts in Malay, the Centre for Policy Initiatives (CPI) has begun translating selected bloggers’ articles into Malay.

You can find its latest selection of translated pieces here, including my blog post on income inequalities and social ills.

Please help to support this blog if you can.

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21yr old undergraduate

He tries to keep his food bill to RM4 to RM5 … sounds like me LOL


Got very big divide. Crony has a huge mansion in Damansara Heights or Kenny Hills. He eats the most lavish foods, namely hotel food and his latte coffee is at least RM15. His food bill for each meal is no less than RM200. He has at least 5 cars, one of which is a Ferrari and his leisure activity is mainly centred upon women. Contrast that to the guy who has no house, waits for his bus in Bangkok Bank and lives in constant debt. He eats in the mamak, mostly roti canai and drinks his kopi. He tries to… Read more »


Income disparity = steady supply of slaves to the system.

Root Cause = Value Producers displaced by usurpers of power and value.

By the way,

Where is Bala?