Is the Tg Bunga Residents Association anti-Pakatan?


Here’s a comment by blog reader madmonkey that I thought should be highlighted for discussion.

Dear Anil,

Came across some more (Tanjung Bunga Residents Association) TBRA-bashing in (a blog) and some kind but deluded soul was saying poor Anil has been taken in, has had the wool pulled over his eyes by this BN-loving, LGE-hating, self-serving ogre called TBRA…

To those who would believe TBRA has a secret anti-Pakatan Rakyat agenda, please go to their website. You will see that, in early 2007, TBRA had taken the former CM, KTK, to task, (alleging) he was responsible for the “sell-out of Penang”:

Public officials have been hounded by the Tanjong Bunga Residents’ Association (TBRA) to address this thoughtless and haphazard development. The State Government and MPPP have sent them from pillar to post without significant answers. The authorities have no plan, no vision…

TBRA has taken this to all the right people, namely the Chief Minister, and the President of MPPP, all to no avail. It appears that our public officials have neither the desire nor the power to reverse this devastating trend. Penang’s Chief Minister, who represents Tanjong Bunga, has let his constituency down and is moving on prematurely, leaving his home district in a mess. He owes Penang more than this as his legacy! When questions are asked, everybody points the finger to someone else, somewhere else, far away from anyone in high office whose job it is to take responsibility and do something to stop this egregious development.

You can check out the earlier postings in their website; see for yourself whether there is any iota of truth that their agenda is pro-BN.

Ask YB Liew and YB Teh, who contested in Tanjung Bunga for Parliament and State seats respectively, whether TBRA members, by and large, lobbied on their behalf.

It does TBRA a gross dis-service, to be tarnished and tarred like this. Truth be told, KTK owes his ouster in no small measure to the likes of TBRA.

I am not a member of TBRA; our paths have crossed due to the convergence of similar issues pertaining to haphazard development in Penang.

Thank you, Anil, and may the Force continue to be with you!

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Daniel Khoo

Before reading this, please be advised that I am about to use some vulgar language To all those who believe TBRA is anti-PR or anti-BN… You bunch of … narrow minded morons. I’m not sure if you were born stupid or it took years of education is some back end school of knocks to get you this way. TBRA is a NPO/NGO. Registered on unregistered, I don’t give a … TBRA consists of a number of volunteers who as a group only have one aim, one policy, one mandate. As individuals, whether they support BN or PR is irrelevant, nor… Read more »

Approving Authorities

Threats, threats, threats and more threats and with not a word on seeking accountability.

The solution is simple. Just carry out your threat in the next GE and bring back KTK. After all, he was the Tanjung Bungah assemblyman for almost two decades and a fellow resident there as well.

The hillsides are among his legacies, not that some of you are seeking any accountability from him.

Ong Eu Soon

The issue here is rampant hill cutting, it is just unfortunate that LGE is leading the state government now. Whether PR or BN, the point is not who is pro-BN or anti-BN. Whoever can justify his/her ground on opposing rampant hill cutting is doing a service to Penangites. Everytime when there is an issue, the hard core and die-hard partisan supporters would like to turn the issue as PR vs BN. You have a bad CM who has no iota of ideas on how to run the state. For example, on solid waste management he want another landfill, but a… Read more »


Kah Seng, as much as non-partisan rakyat like you and I would like to offer advice to the present CM (as much as we did to the former CM), unfortunately people in power only listens to those who can offer MORE than mere ‘from-the-heart’ advice. If you want the CM to listen to you, (perhaps) you would have to sponsor a trip to some country on the pretext of “meeting potential investors”, so that he can claim that he is not spending rakyat’s money, and you have a captive audience. This government wants to show that it is businessmen-friendly, so… Read more »

Kah Seng

“Penangite” has a very good point above: CM LGE is overstretched as MP, ADUN, DAP party leader, key leader in the new and fragile PR coalition, and a CM.

While the Mar 8 sudden power shift requires the current arrangement, PR/DAP/LGE should really consider adjusting leadership role and strategies to be even more effective.

The longer PR/DAP stays as Penang state government, the more responsibilities/credit/blame it will have to bear. Time works both way: It will help and challange PR. There is still time to make some memorable progresses that PR/DAP can take credit for before the next GE.

mad monk

In response to Racheljansz:

You’re about as dumb as ceong2000.

Go to the TBRA website, as suggested above, and you can see they were not as “deaf silent” as you contend. They had been making noise from way back when!


Mag M

I don’t see TBRA as anti Pakatan. I see them as doing the right thing to stop all this raping of the hill slopes in Tg. Bungah. It is destroying everything. Our state government should be ashamed that they are not doing anything to stop this, especially high rise building of Surin, the Hilltop homes and the Moonlight Bay or something which is further up Batu Ferringhi. DAP used to condemn the last Government, so it is high time to prove they are different by solving the people’s problem. If they do not, they will be voted out next time… Read more »


As a member of TBRA, I wish people would validate their statements instead of making wild and unsupported allegations. If people like Racheljansz would bother to read TBRA’s blog at which started from 2006, they would realise that it was precisely the concerns of hillcutting and reclaimation projects etc. that it was set up to provide a channel and voice for the residents to pressure the government of the day. Please also bear in mind that being a community association, it has no access to prior information of what developments were going on in Tanjong Bunga until physical works… Read more »


In politics every thing is grey & blurr. So maybe unbiased soul can shed some light on following accusation:- 1. TBRA was deaf silent when the BN administration of Koh Tsu Koon, who incidentally lived in the up market Hillside residence of Jalan Marie Pitchay did not make as much as a mosquito buzzing noise when the hills in Tanjong Bungah and Batu Ferringhi were raped by greedy developers linked to Umno. 2. Why was there no noise when the Tanjong Pinang reclamation project in Tanjong Tokong was given the approval when is should not have been approved in the… Read more »

Kah Seng

Those who bash TBRA as BN-lover are actually BN-like in thinking. They are too deep in this habitual thinking: Government is always right and almighty; any questioning of the government is sacrilegious, disloyalty, and trouble-making. The truth is a healthy NGO like TBRA must question and pressure the government of the day to do the right thing, and improve. Being a common member of TBRA, I actually think TBRA has cut the PR and DAP-led government a lot of slack, because of these: * an understanding of the relatively short time frame of the new PR government, * the state… Read more »

Lim GL

First, we need to know who are those in TBRA. They do not have the guts to even publish the Committee Members name in thier website. They are behaving like some mysterious group, because I believed, once they exposed themselves publicly, the would be skeletons in their closets.

mad monk

In response to ceong2000:

[“This group is belongs to Be End and all is well taken care off by the KTK during the last time so it’s hard for them to change the new things…”]

You are either some developer with a hillside project or you’re a dimwit. Let’s see, KTK took good care of TBRA for openly saying he sold out Penang, and that he had let down his constituency…

Huh?! Duh…


I am a resident of Tg Bunga. I support PR just to get even with BN=umno for the injustices they do to Malaysians other then teir own cronies and to earn equal rights under the Malaysian sun. However I think Guan Eng is over-stretched. Being a leader of a major component party of PR, he should have given the CM post to the Head of Penang DAP. He is already a ADUN and an MP and furthermore, he need to strategise to move DAP Malaysia up a few more rungs and be ready to play a pivotal role in the… Read more »


I think, Penang being the first state that is headed by DAP, it is very important that LGE takes charge and ensure the state is well run. Should there be a need for LGE to devote more time on national matters to the point that, his role in Penang wil not be effective, then he needs to choose. Politics aside, even in corporates, in uncharted waters, it is often that the CEO will take a lead role to set things in the right path…


Why do you think KTK did not dare contest the elections in his traditionally “safe” seat in Tj Bungah, in his own neighbourhood!?


Come on, I would like to believe TBRA is neither anti Pakatan nor BeeEnd, they are just objective in what they are doing to achieve what they wanted too. Simple, whoever can serve or work towards their benefit, TBRA will vote for them, peoples power.


I live in Tanjong Bungah but it was the will of TBRA that stood against KTK and shifted him to Putrajaya (backdoor entry Minister) We must make sure Gerakan stays where it is suppose to be – DEAD AND BURIED


Show your displeasure and dissatifaction banners towards DAP-lead goverment in Penanti by-election. Help UMNO to win this election.


This group is belongs to Be End and all is well taken care off by the KTK during the last time so it’s hard for them to change the new things.Anyway it’s only a small group who like to make noise not all from the Tanjung Bungah residents.Hope they learn their lesson soonest.We should be more open and see wider then will know the actual picture.