Tanjung Bungah hill clearings breach 250-feet threshold


Take a look at this and you can see the 250-feet threshold being breached at several points.

Under the Penang Structure Plan, development higher than 250 feet above sea level is prohibited (apart for special projects, which really should be for the public interest).

In Tanjung Bungah, some of the development also appears to be on steep hill-slopes greater than the permissible threshold of 25 degrees.

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David Loman

Liow Tiong Lai proudly announced the RM30 billion boost for the construction of 3 islands under the ambitious Malacca Gateway, (again) with collaboration with PRC under ‘1 Belt 1 Road’ initiative.

Luckily for them there is no Melaka Forum to oppose.


why no letter to unesco on melaka but there is one on penang. pr gomen easy to grind but bn can send to kamunting resort? melaka highest hill bkt cina is much higher than pg hill. melaka has little flat land and more population than pg.m


Closer inspection reveal that only parts of Ratu Mitiara and (possibly) Alila Homes fall above the 250 feet threshold… … refer to the above image….


According to Google Map, almost the entirety of Ratu Mutiara, Chee Seng Garden, Alila Homes, Pepper Estate and Taman Evergreen are at close to or above 250 feet threshold…

Tua Tai Chee

Before we get to witness the hills of Penang collapse due to greedy development, we may get to witness economic hardship brought by MO1 mismanagement of the country. Circulated in whatsapp today the warning by socalled Daim that ringgit to depreciate to RM4.50/US$1. Bank negara reserve RM101 billion but nation debt climbed RM614,880,270 billion, each tax paying citizen has a debt of RM18,835. Also warned that Msia economy to collapse in 3 months due to oil crash becase of surplus created by uncle sam to punish russians and also cheap sale of smggled crude oil from Syria & Iraq by… Read more »


when it rain CAT & DOG every has to talk shelter. so blind and deaf … are blaming who? why not blame for malaysian debt? state gomen has to mitigate the effects.

Stylo Logan

Tough time ahead especially those with high household debt.
Economic crisis is imminent.
Ah Jib may call for election soon?

Andy Soong

Najib’s CIMB brother has sounded such warning.
It was on the headline of today’s China Press.

Vivica 118

A study on the financial fragility of urban households in Malaysia has found that only 10.8% of them would be resilient to financial shocks. Highly-leveraged with little savings, many will find themselves in a quandary in the event of a financial shock, which could stem from a loss of job, changes in interest rates or financial markets; or other factors such as physical impairment, death and divorce. The same study, as highlighted in the recently published State of Households II report by Khazanah Research Institute (KRI), indicates that more than 50% of the country‚Äôs urban households did not have any… Read more »


Maybe because of the mostly hilly landscapes there?


250 ft ten commandments, or god give the message to Gilakan thou shall not exceed exceed 250ft limit. Similar in past we use five foot way or 1chain road reserve and horse road. Gilakan has help umno to change the law of country since 59 years.


Who actually holds the land laws & who actually can twist & turn & change the land laws for special projects (only in fine print) to their corporate-political fancies? Apart from MACC, nobody can catch these die-hard recalcitrants @ Komtar to bring them to court of justice above lawyers’ spinning. You & I don’t have a standby platoon of spinning lawyers, neither an army of drunken trolls & knee-jerking minions. But we don’t have to be a helpless sitting duck. The Plausible Way to counter such arrogance of recalcitrants is to spread / share the news at ground level &… Read more »