Tanjung Bungah ‘sore thumb’: What’s going on?


This is the view from the Springtide condos in Tanjung Bungah. Note the reclamation using soil/rocks from levelling at the top.


How does this jive with the proposed 1.61ha Tanjung Bungah Coastal Park announced last year?

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The local authorities need to clarify what is going on and how they will ensure public access to the beaches.

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Anil, have you heard of the Copthorne possibly being re-developed into a 51-storey hotel? I guess with the sea-to-ground level being about 7-8 floors at Copthorne currently, the portion above the ground level will still be about 43-44 floors, about the same height as the Cove. (Perhaps slightly higher.)

Mad Sailor

It’s only the new Marina going in, lah!


Sure it has everything to do with BN. BN Najib 1 Malaysia houses is price up to 400k and do you call that cheap. Najib BN 400k is considered as affordable, how else do you expect the developer to built cheaper house. Worse still affordable houses in Sabah is as expensive as in Penang despite the state with vast land for development. Does not that have to do with BN.

Phyllis Teo

Sabahans and Sarawakians can opt to stay in cheap long-house that extends horizontally (x-axis) while Penangites has only one choice: expensive high-rise that extends vertically (y-axis). Perhaps PR1MA is an illusion that extends in z-axis since RM400K is classified as affordable?


We are not prepared for: Angry Seas & Rising Sea Level. National Geographic: Some natural disasters change the face of our planet in a matter of minutes—earthquakes, tornadoes, forest fires. But some changes, like rising sea levels, play out slowly, over decades. Rising seas are an inescapable effect of our increasingly warm world, and the consequences will reshape coastlines and lives around the planet. Read about some ways we can face this challenge in our featured article this month. http://ngm.nationalgeographic.com/2013/09/rising-seas/steinmetz-photography http://ngm.nationalgeographic.com/2013/09/rising-seas/sandy-photography http://ngm.nationalgeographic.com/2013/09/rising-seas/superstorm-surge-graphic http://ngm.nationalgeographic.com/2013/09/rising-seas/uneven-impacts-map http://ngm.nationalgeographic.com/2013/09/rising-seas/sea-level-chart The future will see a rise in sea level (due to climate change effects which are… Read more »

Don Anamalai

tunglang is held in high esteem so much that Ajay dare not say his NatGeo comment here ‘has nothing to do with the post”?

Siew Kut

tunglang’s own blog fails to take off ? i look forward to his new entries on Penang Street Food but the last time i read about was Bangkok Lane from him.

Anil is now more focused on prperty development issues and appears to have neglected street food scenes in Penang ?

btw, iproperty.com fair will be held t Straits Quay Convention Centre this Fri-Sunday. If there is a bargain sale, let the readers know, ok ?


Hi Siew Kut. Go to http://tunglang99.blogspot.com You missed: Lily Pond – A Sanctuary where Virgins Bloom + PENANG Teochew Chendol “si pek ho liao” even an Eskimo can’t resist This year, I am quite tied up with a contract work, so can’t contribute much heavenly food temptations on regular basis which was also my earlier intention to gather more authentic materials for proposing the Penang Street Food Museum, which sadly Pg State Gomen doesn’t give a hoot. Also, now that I am hooked to things of serene Nature like rainforest, thus my divided attention to 2 different passions – Malaysian… Read more »

1M 2N 3S

PENANG Teochew Chendol “si pek ho liao” ??

the one at Keng Kwee Lane RM2 and the one at Prangin Mall RM3.8 is basically LPPL.

same stuff catering for non bin hui and bin chui customers respectively.


Anil is ‘gentleman’ enough to stop blogging about Penang street food in order for to make way for tunglang’s blog to prosper. But it seems like tunglang’s blog is not attracting the intended traffic, possibly due to feng shui?

I think both of them must join forces to be effective? tunglang’s ranting of food on Anil’s blog is the right combination?


an example of how this state is allowing developers to do whatever they like to our beaches…and the most pathetic of all is when the state gives permission to some towkay to put an inflatable slide in the sea…and call it a theme park


Another ‘rape’ on Penang’s Nature, this time it’s more ugly-vulgar if one cares to take a hard but disbelieving look from the heavens above. Tis more like a phallic symbol of ostentatious seaside development for the rich & famous, no thanks to the apparent CAT dreams of Cosmopolitan Penang of frenzy Bing Chui Hor Lang Kua, Beh Kam Tua. I am no expert in geology or the angry seas, but I can readily surmise from the shocking bird’s eye view of it, tis an irresponsible coastal formation that interrupts with the natural flow of strong sea currents along this stretch… Read more »


Is this reclamation going on on the proposed site of the coastal park? I doubt the MPPP is sincere in creating a coastal park. From the news report you attached dated March 12, it is proposed to be 1.61 hectares. Common sense will tell you that it does not require more than a year to set up a park that is merely 1.6 hectares. In fact it should be called a garden more than a park. The Chinese from China can finish building a stadium and the Japanese would have finished building a bullet train in that time.


Each time when it rains, the sea water around the area become teh tarik colour. From the photo it looks like there’s nothing to stop the water run off into the sea! Isn’t it a requirement by MPPP to cover ALL exposed soil using geotextile material and where is the temporary water retention pond as required by all ongoing projects?


Don Anamalai,
Your comment on BN has nothing to do with the post.

CM is giving too much free hand to the developers. I understand his desperation to prove the state can survive without Feds handouts. But to let developers run wild with their imagination isn’t going to benefit local folks.

Don Anamalai


“If houses are expensive, then don’t buy from the developer or else, don’t grumble too much,” has got nothing to do with the post?

That is the very reason local folks are held ransom by the skyrocketing home price and BN as a government has indirectly telling us that they are powerless against the developers. What more do you expect a state government can do?

We got to examine the root causes of high property price from all aspects, and I am just giving my opinion on how the government is running away from its responsibility.

Danny Kua

May be Penang Gomen knows well that frenzy building-up of super condos cannot be sustained when the prices are beyond the reaches of even the overseas speculators.
So they are earning as much from this “lifestyle” developers so that affordable housings (the ones in collaboration with Spore HDB consultants) can be implemented without hard to draw federal housing funds ???

Realistic Housing

Danny Kua: So they are earning as much from this “lifestyle” developers so that affordable housings (the ones in collaboration with Spore HDB consultants).

Greedy developers are no fools. Some can even find ways to chap lap before a single affordable home is to be built should the price free-fall to hell! Already they take opportunity to announce a 10% increase in home prices, do you think they are angels?

phyllis teo

Seems like BN politicians is following Adnan way of telling off rakyat. 2nd Education Minister Idris Jusoh told parents they had an option of sending their children abroad if they are unhappy with the local education system. What a kind of Wakil Rakyat?

sore thumb

It is becoming a Umno’s SOP that when you are not happy with the government they ask you to migrate. Now when people ask for better education they ask you to send your children overseas. Who does not want so if I was as rich as the scorpian guys who earn billion in commission that can effort to send ten or hundred generation of my child educated oversea may be in Cambridge or Oxford? Boarding school while they are still 6 years old? Many politician minister and top corporate magnate all send their children overseas when they start specking.

loke ming xian

Ajay should be more open and must question issue beyond one point of view. Readers like Don Anamalai has added new dimension, just like tunglang adds colour in his comment, to the point brought on by Anil. Otherwise, this blog will be as sterile as NST where readers are forced to accept a myopic view.

We must dare to step out of the box in our thinking, as the new education blueprint will continue to make students accept things without questioning, so that BN policies can never be challenged.

Don Anamalai

The landscape of Penang is undergoing lots of ‘nip and tuck’, altered beyond recognition instead of beautification. Hills are flattened (like nose job) to provide soils for landfill (boob job?).

Anyway, BN could no longer offer consolation for affordable housing when Tengku Adnan told Malaysians to stop complaining over the skyrocketing price of properties by saying “If houses are expensive, then don’t buy from the developer or else, don’t grumble too much,”, He is now lecturing us on the principle of “willing buyer & willing seller”, like … justifying the flesh trade between a prostitute and her paying customer.