Tanjung Tokong villagers oppose project


Kampung Tanjung Tokong residents are opposing a RM1 billion “mixed development” project managed by Uda Holdings that could affect their 200-year-old settlement.

Photo courtesy of Wartawan Rasmi Laman Reformasi

This project is clearly a legacy of BN rule, but how will the Pakatan administration handle it?

According to the residents association chairman, Mohd Salleh Yahaya, the village once had over 500 houses. Some of these households were relocated to the Tanjung Tokong flats before the project stalled in the 1990s – only to be revived now.

The kampung was down to 310 houses. Later, 45 households were resettled in transit housing not far from Island Plaza after being convinced by Uda promises.

The remaining 265 or so houses will be affected in phases by the Uda project.

So far, 60 of the 310 households have received a compensation offer of a flat measuring 800-850 sq ft.

“Uda does not want to engage in direct negotiations with the village committee but instead prefers to negotiate with the local Umno and a friendly village group,” lamented Salleh, when contacted.

Classic developer’s divide-and-rule tactics.

“Cikgu Salleh”, as he is better known, had turned up to express solidarity with the Buah Pala villagers during one of the demolition attempts.

Like the Buah Pala villagers, these villagers just want to protect and preserve their traditional settlement, which is home to over a thousand families.

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Harris Aziz

The main concern is that UDA has not given any black and white regarding compesations n relocation plans.

Abdullah Yahya

That piece of lot each cost almost RM 1 million. Imagine that and compensation that the kampong people will get or will not get is only a meager. This land was given to the kampong peoiple in exchange for the british who took their property in the upper hillside of tanjong tokong when they reside there. At least the british had that courtesy to reclaim the coastal land in exchange and giving back to the kampong people under TOL ordinance which should be given to the people their grant but did not happen to be. where is UDA now and… Read more »

mahmud yusoff

Dear Anil, It is interesting to run through your blog. Comments by many also having meaningful opinions, suggestions and to certain extent some are very unclear what the Tanjong Tokong villagers are seeking for. Being someone born, grown up in that kampung at least up to form 5, left for further study, work in KL however the heart never dry to see the kampung development ie. with regular visits and involvement in local NGO for the sake of villagers rights, I am touched to participate in this forum. Back in 1974, The Federal Gov. (during the leadership of late Tun… Read more »


watch this;


looes74, exactly what I mentioned earlier. The whole situation is confusing. You have one group already accepted compensation and moved out, another group talking to UDA, and one more group wanting to talk to the PM. Therefore the residents do not all have the same opinion about wanting to stay back there. In the meantime, it appears that UDA controls the land (?) and therefore some CEO wearing his nice suit sitting in Jln Ampang in KL is deciding on the fate of the development of the land. That means the people of Penang is not having a say in… Read more »


Dear Anil,

G. Krishnan writes on Kg Buah Pala http://imagineequality.blogspot.com/2009/09/buah-umno-buah-pala.html

I agree entirely with him. I hope you can share this with other readers. Thanks.


GH Kok, Well, as the facts are so fuzzy, frankly, not sure how would be the best way of resolving issues. From my limited understanding, UDA has delayed delivering the project. Hence, in humblest opinion, UDA should either be sacked or armtwisted into doing more noble cause. A creation of Low/Middle Class Township. Public Housing Like it or not, properties in the island is getting more & more expensive. Basically, it would be out of reach even for the middle class. The very reason of increasing the housing density in the island. I always go according to the notion that… Read more »


Well Mr K,

I hope you have recovered from the fall off your chair and hope no injuries.

Well I repeat what I said that … “This is exactly as it happened in KBP where the state govt squeezed the hell out of the developer and got the best possible compensation for the residents.”

If you disagree, please put forward your arguments.
Take your time … I know we all have work to do.



I fell of my chair reading your post saying “This is exactly as it happened in KBP where the state govt squeezed the hell out of the developer and got the best possible compensation for the residents.” !!

Surely you must be a professional comedian to come up with such outrageously funny ounch line.


Dear Anil, My apologies. When I saw your report above, my immediate reaction was “what the hell is happening here ?” I sort of sensed that it’s developing into another case of Pakatan-bashing and I felt moved to post a quick response. However, after reading it through and looking at the photo again, as I understanding it now, the UDA project has been shaping up for some years now and that a certain percentage of residents have (perhaps happily) accepted the compensation and moved on, whereas the remaining group is now in the midst of negotiating with the UDA. Out… Read more »



I don’t think Penangites want the kind of development that Singapore has pursued. Singapore had managed to blend the worse of East and West to produce a mongrel that is while materialistically developed but seriously underdeveloped democratically and socially.

rajan / ivan ho : let’s not get personal and waste time, space and energy. add to the debate and not add hatred.


Watch Yes Minister. The Right to Know. Extremely relevant to all going on in Anil’s blogs

1) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8o_9sY-UE9U&feature=related

2) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VetqtFpI8XM&feature=related

3) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q_oQv2M01YM&feature=related

It also exonerate LGE’s government from the so called KBP issue

Ivan Ho

Ong Eu Soon and K is just empty vessel(up there) trying to make noise.


By the way, Tanjong Tokong residents have already accepted the compensation in principle. It’s far lesser than what KBP folks are getting.

Fatimah Zuhri

1. Land IS a state matter.

2. Don’t you guys learn this in school?

3. Go back and read what are the power reserved for the STATE govt and what are the power reserved for the federal govt.

4. In this issue, the STATE (DAP govt) is clearly responsible for it.

5. If LGE just throw up his hand and say I just want to stay away then he is acting VERY AMATEURISH and VERY IRRESPONSIBLE. …

arnie m

Ong Eu Soon, UDA or Urban Development Authority, was established by the Federal Govt in 1971. It was incorporated in 1996, becoming UDA Holdibgs Sdn Bhd. The State Govt is not involved.

Ong Eu Soon

Stupid it is ecomony! At this stage of recession, the UDA want to revive the project. Only to have it abandoned again after demolished the villages. What are this state government try to achieve? The state government can not operate in such a way, just to allow any so called DEVELOPMENT to take place without weighting on the viability of the project and the right of housing and living of the villagers. This DAP state government is digging it’s own grave, thinking that the people can be fooled just the way BN did!


K speaks with ill intentions. He wants his beloved xronies of gerakan to come back. K-sure but dream on


K, As you said, the issue here is not politics but social justice for the residents so why are you playing politics here? You agenda seems to be bashing the PR govt, not social justice and you’ve already started by bashing LGE even before the state govt has uttered a word. I find your attitude sickening. You are obviously unable to write few sentences without bashing PR. If you want to want to campaign for BN then please go to a political site instead of polluting Anil’s blog under the guise of social justice for Kg Buah Pala or Tg… Read more »


so, where… is Ali …? where is … Ismail?


Dear Anil, People keep on saying “Land is a state matter”. BUT if the Federal Govt grabbed a piece of state land, is it still a “state matter” ? To me, it is not a “state matter” anymore. It is a “Federal Govt” matter. Whoever wants to get the land back should fight the Federal Govt. That’s common sense, isn’t it ? Ok now, how to fight to get it back ? Some people say the state should “acquire it”, i.e. pay to get it back. Now, it’s like saying, say someone breaks into your house and steals your TV,… Read more »


I wonder if the Penang state government got itself embroiled in this mess would come out a “WINNER” whatever the outcome.


Philip, I have never considered Anil Netto as a Socialist. He can be considered as Naturalist or Anarchist. (Anil, nothing wrong being an anarchist but you definitely one of them. Anarchist is no terrorist. They just don’t believe in any form of government. Anarchist believe keeping things as it were. They are individualists. Kowloon Walled City residents are good example of anrchism) True socialist would be like the Early days of Singapore under PAP. Land Acquisition Act used regular against squarters, landowners, farmers so that those land confiscated for Public development. One of them is Public Housing. The one found… Read more »


I am not sure what I am to say is relevant, and Anil, if it doesn’t get publish I understand. With kbp and now tg tokong earmarked for development some anti-development readers may lean towards socialism to argue the case for the villagers. My story goes like this … An economics professor at a college made a statement that he had never failed a single student before but had once failed an entire class. That class had insisted that socialism worked and that no one would be poor and no one would be rich, a great equalizer. The professor then… Read more »


Jebat Musibat & K The issue here is NOT politics but social justice for the villagers. Hard core and fanatical PR supporters such as yourselves only concerned about preservating Pakatan’s image and support base. Please be reminded that PR is no longer in Opposition but they are the rulling govt. Please also be reminded that land are state mattter and the CM cannot again wash his hands over the issue. If LGE cannot handle and solve the issue, then he better pack up… I am sad that yet another part of Penang is being destroyed. I think we now beginning… Read more »