“Surface subway” vs Porr


Do we really need Porr and more highways if we have a bus rapid transit system like in Bogota?

I like the idea of encouraging people to cycle to the nearest bus rapid system main stations. Look how they store the bicycles – a lot less space consumed than car-parks. Thanks to nkkhoo for the link.

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tan cairong

“…. Cycle – would you cycle in the heavy rain (maybe face floods)/dry hot humid weather to lets say the nearest LRT station in Penang (if any) to go to work? Be sensible rational & pratical. People, lets try it for a week.” I have tried it for years from Primary school till Form 6. People in my generation living in small towns cycled to school. Even when I was studying in Form 6 in Ipoh I cycled. Some cycles for 5 km or more each way. If you are cycling to the LRT station at 7 or 8 in… Read more »


Mr Ong Eu Soon

Its easy for you to say many things of CM.

Do you know he is bound to so many laws and terms from Fed? Its not about CM’s got guts, its not easy for him to rule Penang when Fed EPU MOF all are BN people in there.

And working with these people needs cautious and lots of negotations and study.

Dont just comment for the sake of comment.


Mr Ong Eu Soon

Past damaged is undone. Its not worth blaming who who and who politicians anymore.

We are talking the state of the country as at today.
Who says the country has the money?
Do you know the latest story whats next maybe will
be sold to foreigner?


Planing for an intergrated public transport in Penang must take into consideration many aspects including lifestyle. Penang Govt must set a goal & work towards it. A govt cannot make overnite change in the society to tell them to cycle to the nearest LRT station. It boils down to education & awareness of cycling must be cultivated from young. PORR is one route to partly enhance tourism, reduce time from airport to batu feringhi and in cases of emergencies (sick persons/old road collapsed. Remember we will have Penang 2nd Link, that will open to more traffc into Penang especially to… Read more »


How many of you here writting in the comments take Rapid Penang/others buses to work in Penang everyday?


Some people, write & write, they themselves never even taste wats public transport called buses.


I read in every one of the comments.
Its easy to write this and that this and that.

Cycle – would you cycle in the heavy rain (maybe face floods)/dry hot humid weather to lets say the nearest LRT station in Penang (if any) to go to work?

Be sensible rational & pratical.

People, lets try it for a week.


PR government executives had just visited Xiamen, the sister city of Penang.

Xiamen’s successful BRT system should open their eyes that Xiamen is no longer a backwater as at 20 years ago. While Penang transport system and other infrastructure development is stagnant since 80s.

tan cairong

“Penang island with only a half of million population CANNOT support MRT or full scale LRT.” This is basing only on economic consideration. Environmental and quality of life improvement will payback many times the cost. Look at countries like Denmark where household waste recycling is something like over 50%. Economic cost consideration will not payback. Spending on Putrajaya will never be recovered by economic consideration, so is paying for your kids to study overseas. It was said putting the money in the bank will give higher return on investment. I can go on and on. It’s also such mentality that… Read more »

ah mor

another green idea. suffice to say this system is impractical in the PG island due to the demographic make up of the island and the existing road structures. roads and lanes are just too narrow. with so many motorbikes on the road, we hav already reached the max road carrying capacity on most of the arterial link roads. It’s not too late to start proper town planning. Just go across the strait, many ppl seems to hav forgotten abt Province Wellesley is part of PG too. Redevelopment of this vast area of land there will be a brisk by comparison… Read more »


We simply have to bite the bullet and pay for a train system in Penang. Period.


The threshold to build MRT is at least a million population for cost factor.

About 10% or 300,000 passengers in Klang Valley are using LRT daily. The fact is all KL LRT systems have to be nationalized after losing money for years.

Penang island with only a half of million population CANNOT support MRT or full scale LRT. LGE may consider train system used in our palm oil estate. LOL

tan cairong

If you take a train from London King’s X to Cambridge, the first thing you notice is a huge number of bicycles parked outside. There are a large number of people living in Cambridge commuting to London to work. They cycle to the train station to take the train. During off peak, there are also people cycle to the train station, take the bicycle on board, and when arriving in London, cycle to their destinations. We simply have to bite the bullet and pay for a train system in Penang. Period.


many of you just can’t understand that penangites is so spoilt that we don’t even park our car at a decent car park if you have to still walk a few minute to the destination. That is why you see cars park infront of building, restaurant, road side and such. This is not something you can change over night. This is in the blood. As good as the public transportation is, it still will not work, simply because this is Penang. looes74, i think you mis-understand me. I dont mean all Penangites have luxury life, i was saying most penangites… Read more »


Anil, This one I agree with you. Public participation. But the Public participation goes beyond the NGOs. It covers everybody. Not just Tanjong Bungah Association. Or You or KBP folks……Every single Penangites….. Young professionals, couples & singles are humans too. They need decent affordable housings. Why they are excluded from owning houses in Tanjong Bungah just because they ain’t there early. That’s one issue Penangites are facing. Anil, would you deny their rights? Can you tell them staright in the face to stay elsewhere? Where do you draw the line? Pening kepala? Crash, Sorry,not all real Penangites enjoy luxury lifes.… Read more »


All of you guys can just talk. Talk is cheap but to do it you get bang front and back. Man, there are so many stake holders. You think buses are good. But they do pollute and young child can get disease easily. You are young but when you are old, how to rush with people pack in the sardine can. Our buses are greatest pollutors and bone shaker. Further, who will give you a seat. If you are Shella, you get touch front and back. How about business? They feel that people are not coming to their place anyone… Read more »


crash…. No one in Bogota believed the surface subway project was possible and feasible. You see the stupidity of Bogota authorities can make impossible to possible. I saw many office staff in Singapore now are willing to cycle from their house to MRT. The precondition is a safe bicycle lane. You see Malaysian government is so rakyat-friendly and understand their lifestyle is driving car. That is why Malaysia needs Proton, F1, etc. to make our cities look like car-packed modern cities. Because of present administrators are smart, they are keep telling rakyat that traffic jam is a sign of modernization.… Read more »


this is an idea of stupdity. thank god you guys aren’t the bunch that administer the state. before you make any proposal…. you need to make a survey into penangites lifestyles. I mean the real penangites … not peoples like some of you who live a decents life writing journal.. taking buses doing humanitarian work n etc. Sadly but true that the real penangites enjoy porsch lifestyle and etc. so your intention is godly, but unrealistic. and yes NKKhoo.. you might not have any problem cycling 5km, but that will be just you. There are people who dress up.. with… Read more »

Chris CK

Dont mind me deviating a little bit, the only way for these solutions to actually work is to create the culture of a 2 party system that is strong with each party having equal capabilities of forming government. Only with strong competition will the government come closer to us and listen to our views. Right now, with a single federal monopoly, they couldnt care less because in their minds, they will always win and it is like their God-given right to rule the country and suck it dry in whatever way possible. At this moment, we cannot compare to singapore… Read more »


Ong Eu Soon…From my visit to public hospital in Muar, I would say Chua Sok Lek and Chua Jui Ming both are can-do politicians. Sadly, Chua is … morally tainted…

I do not rate LGE as a wise politician from day one. Until today I still cannot find any PR politician who can make thing happen. Many of them are behaving like empty vessels, good in making noise but no result.


BRT is cheap compare to LRT. This allow private initiative to venture in without the need of federal funding. The question here is how you should induce all those profit hungry bizmen to venture in BRT regardless whether they are cronies of those in power or not. === I agree with Chris CK, BN federal government is not interested to provide better public transport system to protect Proton, Perodua, Naza and other bumi IP holders. Muar city has a similar PORR, go see yourself how chaotic traffic in Muar now. Bicycle and trishaw are used to be main vehicle in… Read more »



No System is perfect,,hence have to be modified to suit local conditions,ie.. in the middle of Georgetown can be small feeder busses with the support of main trunk road busses.

But the Intention, the Soul & Heart of the System must be environmental friendly and low cost to the society .

The System shd not be vehicle for the State Government to … award… projects to State Government friendly companies….!


Dear Mr Ong Eu Soon

Its not that the CM Lim Guan Eng Govt dont have the guts..

The present Penang Govt is “sleeping” with the Developers….

The word ” Development” is just excuse to (profit them) … not for betterment of society!!!



Its a beautiful system.. can be done in Penang!

This system is ideal for mass transportation … its is cheap and will save the Penang Government from paying Billions to the Developers or Contractors!!!

If someone complaints of smog and dust… he must remember , by having more cars in the road, there will be more smog. Further the busses air-conditioned…

Most likely the critics for this systems will be the Developers Stooges who will lose potential money for building expensive Rail or Elevated Highways!!


Chris CK

In a perfect world, you are right Anil. In a perfect world, there are no political parties since that is not compulsory to have in a parliamentary democracy. All MPs are independent and they choose the best one to be the PM, but we dont live in a perfect world now dont we? Every MP would want to be a PM in the real world. You are right Anil, public participation is important in government. So you choose, a party who couldnt care less what people say, or a party who will at least listen. But overall, decision is still… Read more »

Chris CK

nkkhoo, I’m not giving excuses but rather a taste of reality. In a perfect world of Penang, your idea would work, but wake up and smell the roses. Penangites are not a bunch of people who would cycle to the bus stops and wait for the bus simply because people (especially in the service or sales industry) need to get to work fresh and clean. Not sweaty and dirty from all the smog. If this idea were to be implemented, it would bomb and all bicycles would be stolen or destroyed by people with nothing to do. Just go on… Read more »


PORR is a short term solution for Penang, particularly on the island. We could copy some ideas from our neighbor down south, the “kiasu” Singapore like limiting vehicles into “hot” areas, discourage single occupancy vehicles, create bicycle lanes and build the subways (by all means).