Sungai Ara hill-top clearing above 250-feet threshold


The white line in the satellite image is the contour indicating 250 feet above sea level. If that’s the case, the image shows that the hill-clearing lies above the 250-feet threshold allowed in state guidelines.

In 2012, the state government said that 31 development projects had been approved by the previous BN state government on hill land above 250 feet and none by the PR state government.

The state government/MBPP must let us know what this hill clearing is all about, who is responsible for this degradation, and who approved it, if at all.

Also what sort of hill-slope is this? What are the gradients?

Stop the degradation of our hills.

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Medalene Sim

Anil, pls adv which part of Sg Ara is this hill satellite image ? Pls note that there is a pending Appeal Judgement from the Appeal Board on Lot 14345, MK 12, Persiaran Kelicap, Sg Ara, Penang based on the proposed hill development by Sunway City , where the said hill devpt is above 250 ft fm sea level and slope gradient is exceeding 25 degrees. Thx

Medalene Sim

Anil, pls adv which part of Sg Ara is this hill clearing image ?
There is a pending Appeal Judgement from the Appeal board on Lot no: 14345 Mk 12 DBD Persiaran Kelicap, Sg Ara to stop the Hill Devpt project by Sunway City where the hill is above 250 ft fm sea level and slope gradient exceeding 25 degrees. Thx


Global warming is causing sea level to rise.
So in future need to build homes on the hills?



There’s also another illegal hilltop clearing in Pearl Hill, Tanjung Bungah. It’s located at the meeting point of Jalan Puncak Bukit Mutiara and Jalan Puncak Bukit Mutiara Satu. It looks like the illegal felling of trees has already encroached into College General’s land. The people there started by constructing a ‘temple’, then slowly expanded the area with more structures. The last one week they have been chopping down many very old and huge trees, possibly just for the ‘view’. The fallen trees were left burning for the past 3 days. Please take a look.

gerak khas

It is more alarming that Fairchild Semiconductor will close its Penang operation by year end, affecting 1000 employees, half of which are permanent staff..{8F3EF1AB-4E96-473D-B4C2-2DB1D79EB235}


OK lah, Anil?

Ying Ying

Gerakan Penang reported to have recruited 800 new members with more divisions opened, but so far they have yet to address over development issues so may be this is not the focus matter for them? Anil can interview Tong Keong if they are to address such concern?


Guidelines are flexible unlike rigid rules, and therefore could be bent to accommodate new requirements or to conform to new needs.


A Cleaner Greener Penang is also a flexible guideline (to be broken) for a ‘green’ ride?
Maybe the CM’s passion is no guideline, no Penang Local Plan, no need to tell me what is sustainable development.