ALERT: Stray dogs being shot in Tanjung Bunga


At around 10.00am today, I received a message from a distraught Tanjung Bunga resident informing me that stray dogs were being openly shot in the Persiaran Tanjung Bunga area near Ratu Mutiara.

Five shots rang out.

Many other dogs belonging to residents in nearby apartments began barking furiously.

This is not the first time this is happening.

A few months ago, according to the same resident, enforcement personnel were shooting dogs in front of the Tanjung Bunga market in full view of the horrified public, including tourists and children.

Why such cruelty? Isn’t there a more humane way of dealing with stray animals? There’s also the question of public safety.

What does the MPPP have to say?

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You speak the true Ann Ramayah…This mp killing dogs is truely not acceptable…who are they to take the dog life out life out….im really sad about this matter coz my neighbour dog was taken by the parit buntar mp and killed……all living things is god child..not only human….the devil is not out there somewhere..but human who dare to kill the poor animal that innocent……


does anyone by any chance know the whereabouts of the MPPP city council dog pound? the place where dogs are captured first?


My 8 years old son once asked me when we saw these Council killers shooting the poor female street dog at our housing area, ‘Mummy, why these ppls wanted to killed the pity dogs? What had the dogs done?’, I speechless for a while but later I answered to him like this, ‘Son, human are the most dangerous species on this earth not tiger nor lion..just remember, try to save more animals as possible as you can while you grow up..’ and I am glad he is kind and pour so much of his love to animals right now…. Our… Read more »

Ngo Thye Aun

first of all, they are not strays, they have the same equal rights to stay on this planet like most of other living entities.
today i saw the same incident at Bandar Sri Pinang, they were using net though, but the problem with the council people, they don’t have mercy to these animals, in their eyes is just about KILLING and DISPOSING. i just wish we have a team and have a peaceful protest on street to show to our government that this is a serious matter to our moral and kindness to animals.


Ann Ramayah, What makes you think I am a smoker that throws ciggy butts all over ? What makes you think that I simply litter thrashes , what makes you think I do not recycle. You were so wrong. I recycle most of plastic stuff I used, I do not smoke either and most importantly I do not simply throw thrashes like those people you accused me of with similar poor behavior. I reserved my judgment on you, but just like to point out your shallowness. Regarding dog owner that clean up after the dog poo-poo, that is very rare,… Read more »

Starry Nights

For those who are whacking Antares, I must say point out the he is Malay and Muslim. There are lots of people who have met Antares in his wonderful enclave by Magik River where all God’s beings are treated wonderfully. So stop hating. He is just saying it as it is about the faults of his own community. Look around and see what’s going on. This irrational disgust for a god-created anumal resulting in cruelty beyond measure. Did you read about the pup who was strangled because it walked into the neighbour’s house by mistake? Please try and fix your… Read more »

Ann Ramayah

Woody Do you realize that your litter of cigarette buds, tin cans, plastic so much harm to the environment but dog poo only helps the environment. What do you think ‘baja’ is? It is animal s… which is much cleaner than human s…. You eat char kuay teoh, bah kut teh and all that rubbish but the dogs we care for eat very high quality food balanced with corn meal, carrots, oats etc. Not the rubbish humans eat. If you knew how our earth today is dying because of the rubbish Mankind is throwing, you would know that dog poo… Read more »


I liked the comment by Jebat. Many folks talked about how inhumane treatments on the dog, many missed the point of some very compassionate (want to have a pet as show) and yet irresponsible owner that disowned the dogs and let it feed on thrash making the area very dirty. Stray Dogs can be real menace to garbage collectors, Tenaga meter-man, water meter-man, Postman, newspaper delivery man, all at the mercy of those strays. Any other better solutions ? Please suggest. I kind of feel MPPP need to take action before it mowed down another toddler girl , happened about… Read more »

Ann Ramayah


Is this true what you are saying about Singapore? Where do I learn more about this?

Ann Ramayah

I’m sorry, it is people like Jebat Musibat, Antares is addressing and maybe he is being attacked here because what he is saying is so close to the truth. It is not the entire truth because there are many decent Malay Muslims who are sympathetic to dogs but the main problem is the general view of the Malay Muslim (strangely unique to Malaysia and not common in other Muslim countries)is that dogs should be hated. It is strange how they can use the word “God” and “hate” in one breath. Strange how a God Who made all creation, has His… Read more »


I am lost of words. MPPP, please round them up and neuter them and send them to some Dog shelter homes.

In Singapore, anyone can bring in a stray dog or cat to neuter for free and let go again in the same vicinity. Can we adopt that in Malaysia?



As if the one that happened in Pulau Ketam were done by the malay-muslims? Majority in Pulau Ketam are not malay-muslim but others. Come on, like pointed by some here, don’t simply blame without knowing the facts.

So what should the municipal do….trap and capture the strays and dump it at any nearby Pulau in Penang like what the “malay-muslim” in Pulau Ketam did…where later you need TV-smith to go there and rescue these dogs…

Live up to your name Antares….unfortunately you are not so bright.


Why nobody blamed this stray dog syndrome on those irresponsible owner who abandoned their pets as soon as it is old, sick or no longer ‘the cute little puppy my dad bought me before’? The local council have to take action to avoid any untoward incident which might happened due to this stray dog roaming freely in our neighborhood. I know some of you guys will ask why only take actions against stray dogs and not stray cats? My answer to you guys is that, how many cases of people been bitten by stray cats have you heard before in… Read more »


I disagree with the public hunting and shooting of dogs.
Such actions are more deadly to people than the dogs themselves.

If you have to destroy those pests, round them up the proper way and put them up for adoption failing which we should humanely put them to sleep by injection.


I agree totally with anna brella.

If we can’t even treat animals humanely then it really brings about the quetion of where we are headed as a society.

There are so many ways in which stray dogs can be controlled and put away. At the end of the day, it isn’t even their faults – most of stray dogs originated at some point from human beings (irresponsible dog owners) themselves.

They are out there because they are trying to survive. Shooting them is definitely one very inhumane way of putting them down.

anna brella

Two succinct quotes on timeless truths by Mahatma Gandhi: “The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” “As soon as we lose the moral basis, we cease to be religious. There is no such thing as religion over-riding morality. Man, for instance, cannot be untruthful, cruel or incontinent and claim to have God on his side.” My less charitable view is that only uncivilised barbarians in today’s supposedly highly civilised, cultured and enlightened human socities will resort to such inhuman cruelty to such hopelessly defenceless and vulnerable domesticated animals. “Imagine Power To The… Read more »


Antares, your comment says much more about you than about Malays or Muslims.

Jebat musibat

The old MPPP might still from previous govt. As we know, the current govt still have ‘humanity’ not to punish them even thought they are as malays phase ‘Gunting dalam lipatan’. But for me myself.. It’s better an action (as shoot the stray dog) rather than doing nothing as before until something happen just like ’10 years old kids nearly die attacked by stray dogs’! . I would prefer it that way. Yes, i do know, animal is God’s creation. But they are still animal, that would be after HUMAN BEING. Human’s first… animal second. However, I still believe, there’s… Read more »


This inhuman act happened in Ipoh few months back. The poor helpless dog was crying in pain and its helpless cry broke my heart. The satisfaction shown on the shooter face really make me wan to…


Dear Green tara
They killed our dog in front at our house gate this morning . I feel I also want to …. These … told us that it is their Right and Duty .
They said in 2006 that there will not be shooting anymore ….


I want vomit


How many of you had actually seen the shooting in progress? Were they shooting crows or the stray dogs? I have been attacked by stray dogs not once or twice. We cannot walk on any streets peacefully without being harassed by stray dogs. I have to carry a stick or umbrella everytime. If it is a stray, catch it and put it down humanely. As Jebat says, we all can sit on computers and do Govt bashing… and at the same time when a stray bites your loved ones, then it is another MPPP / MPSP bashing…


Partly in response to Jebat Musibat and partly to enlighten our still pathetic MPPP. 1. Shooting dogs in public is dangerous and so last century. By doing this, MPPP is only showing us that they are stuck in old BN-style thinking with no regard for public safety. I thought the DAP/PR government was now in charge of MPPP? Or does MPPP have a different boss but still stuck in the same old thinking – or worse, with no brains whatsoever? 2. There are many dog lovers in Penang who would happily adopt and care for stray dogs. The DAP/PR state… Read more »


I agree with Jebat

Jebat musibat

When the stray dogs bite kids. you blame the gov. when they shoot, you blame the gov. When captured stray dogs killed using injection or other method, you send a photo to tvs. Blame the gov.. What else?

You all just adopt all the stray dog. nuff said.

Shameful and cruel.

Haul up the guilty parties now!


What is the Penang Government doing!?!??!
Did we vote in barbarians??!

We want answers.