Stop Lynas delegation takes campaign to Fremantle


A ‘Save Malaysia! Stop Lynas!’ is making its presence felt in Perth, Western Australia during a week-long speaking tour to raise support for its campaign against a Lynas rare earth refinery near Kuantan.

Work began at Lynas’ concentration plant in Mount Weld in May 14 and the ore will be shipped via Fremantle Port to the firm’s rare earth refinery in Gebeng, Pahang.

From the Pahang Don’t Need “Hazardous” Project facebook group”, a reported on the Stop Lynas! website:

Today (Saturday), we set up a stall at the busy Fremantle market place, next to the Sea Shepherd stall. As you may know the Sea Shepherd is a group of very passionate and committed activists who directly confront any threats to marine mammals like whales and dolphins.

We wore the Save Malaysia! Stop Lynas! T-shirt’s and our day started with the cafe boss telling us that we were already on the front page of the West Australian news paper Business Section with a big photo!

We distributed about 400 open letters to the people of Fremantle explaining the issue. We have gained a lot of supportive people. They may not have heard of the Lynas story but they stood to listen and asked us questions as well as giving us encouragement to fight the fight!

We have a few key supporters from various groups coming to meet us especially to offer their help for the Stop Lynas campaign.

We are tired from the long day’s effort but we are all in good spirits for beginning to make a mark here in Fremantle!

Jade Lee

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Phua Kai Lit

Please keep supporting the anti-Lynas campaign.

We must prevent Malaysia from being used as a permanent dump site for toxic wastes by foreign transnational corporations.

I have put together the following:


PM Najib & family went to Perth on Independance Day.
Could he possibly be there to monitor this event?