Speedy ride up Penang Hill ‘uncomfortable’ for some


The speedy train ride up Penang Hill is not to everyone’s liking, especially those who want to savour the natural surroundings on the way up.

This letter was published in a local newspaper:

HAVING read about the new and better trains going up Penang Hill without the need to alight at the Middle Station for a change of trains, I finally found time to experience the ride personally.

Since it was a weekend, there was a crowd at the Lower Station but it was well-controlled and orderly.

Once I was in the train and it began to move, I was somewhat uncomfortable at the speed at which it was travelling.

The ‘excitement’ with the old trains, which gradually rose above sea level and enabled passengers to see the land below become more and more distant as well as various types of trees, plants, ferns and even pitcher plants (monkey cups) on the side of the tracks, was gone.

Was there really any need to ‘rush’ up to the top of the hill?

The return trip was more unpleasant and scary to me as the train was travelling at a fast speed.

It would be appreciated if the train operator could consider slowing down the speed of the trains.

Eustace Anthony Nonis,

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23 Feb 2013 4.23pm

I agree with you Anil, As the group of Hills people who sent there reps to KL to meet with the Federal Government people. The Minister Listened but just ignored what was put to them on the railway upgrade There suggestion was cheaper to construct.

Gerakan K
Gerakan K
23 Feb 2013 12.20pm

Welcome to LGE’s money money money money principles !!!

So sad to hear “Penang Hill is not worth a tourist product”

Let’s kick DAP out and push other in to correct the errors !!!

Andrew I
Andrew I
23 Feb 2013 2.12pm
Reply to  Gerakan K

So Anil not pro pakatan, ya? So can agree with him on other topics or not?

24 Feb 2013 10.45am
Reply to  Andrew I

Anil, to be fair I doubt the state had a choice or a say in the matter. It was a take it or leave it scenario for the state govt. Either you go our way or you don’t get anything. Which would you prefer? The state had no choice but to take it.

Anthony Tan
Anthony Tan
23 Feb 2013 11.55am

Totally agreed with you, I was there a few days before Chinese after more than 15 years. There is nothing much at the peak except for the new hawker centre. The place also does not look well kept with the unsightly broken benches, individual hawker stalls which are not operational littered around the playground. By the way, why are these few individual hawker stalls being allowed to operate there when the new hawker centre is already in operation? Being a travel writer, Penang Hill is not worth a tourist product. Imagine you have to wait about two hours during peak… Read more »

23 Feb 2013 11.16am

Not the only complaint a member of my Tramways just returned from Penang said it was the worse trip he had ever had on Penang Railway he quoted it took 6 minutes to go up like a bullet an a hair raising return in 7 minutes the frighten his wife at such a speed,He also noted the cable rising to top of pulley an quoted it look like jumping over the pulley.He had no time to admire the view.

Ong Eu Soon
23 Feb 2013 10.39am

There is really a need to ‘rush’ up to the top of the hill in order to make more profit. You should realised that the CM only care for money. He want to make more money. Money!Money!Money! You die your business. With the shaky train speeding all the down, i can image why you are so horrified.
Welcome to the BolehIsland

My name is N
My name is N
23 Feb 2013 3.14pm
Reply to  Ong Eu Soon

Wondered who ordered the trains. CM or PM? Get your facts right before you open your big mouth and blame the wrong person. Not only Melayu mudah lupa…Cina pun begitu!