So they want to build a monster highway on sensitive hill slopes in Penang


First take a look at what happened in Klang after a retaining wall for the new West Coast Expressway gave way. The resulting land movement displaced and dislocated major water pipes, creating serious water disruptions in Klang.

Check out the site of the failure probably at around 8:00 in this video clip

How could a retaining wall on a new highway give way? You tell me.

This is what the minister said:

Failure of retaining wall

In a statement, Water, Land and Natural Resources Minister Xavier Jayakumar said the situation resulted from a faulty retaining wall built by WCE.

“Pengurusan Air Selangor Sdn Bhd (Air Selangor) states that pipes do not break under normal circumstances. 

“The pipes were displaced and dislocated at several places as a result of the failure of the retaining wall built by WCE, causing land movement which shifted the pipes,” he said.

And the Penang government wants to build a monster six-lane highway – complete with four stretches of tunnelling – on the sensitive hill slopes of Penang Island? God help us.

The Bukit Kukus ‘paired road’ site in Penang where nine workers lost their lives as a result of slope failure

Photograph above: Danielle Keaton-Olsen, Read the article here

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Let the C.M. sign that he’ll be personally responsible for anything going wrong.


You are recommending engineers to close shop. Then employ road sweepers and office boys to design and cm signed and take responsibility.

BB Boy

Hail Anil for sustaining efforts to bring awareness on potential worst consequences of PTMP, with heated but not hostile exchanges of ideas, so that CM Chow does keep his promises unlike YB Sim totally ignore a library replacement for Bayan Baru folks.

Anil is like a David taking on Goliahs of Komtar Master and Partners. Who knows Anil can create a big upset like Liverpool beating Barcelona 4-0 to turnaround 0-3 1st leg score and advance to Champions League football final!

Wai Hong

Need to sacrifice oneself like Iron Man in Avengers Endgame in order to defeat the evil of Thanos! But Anil is more likely a lover like Captain America prefer the last dance?

BB Boy

Follow the analogy, if Anil is Captain America, then Khoo Salma could be the Black Widow ? Chow the Thanos?


The politically correct term for infrastructure failing due to corruption and recklessness seems to be “tanah runtuh”. It has a bland ring to it, somewhat like Semi-Value’s “act of god”. The West Coast highway seems to have been a quick job done quietly, providing totally superfluous infra as in Balik Pulau.

See the ruins at this link, 11,600 years old. They look lie the highway supports coming up in Penang. Perhaps this will be our fate too.


Why don’t protest building pipelines? If they want water, go and dig wells.


Why don’t say don’t build water pipes? Build water pipes requires felling of trees and Removal of earth.


NGOs refused to live in caves that is why water pipe is built and they of course say ok…