Six reasons why fishermen oppose Penang’s massive reclamation

Zakaria Ismail is from the Sungai Batu Fishermen's Unit

The fishermen have their say now:

We are fishermen in Sungai Batu who are directly affected by the project to create three artificial islands off southern Penang Island.

1) Legitimate stakeholders

We are legitimate stakeholders for the area of the project site, where three islands are to be created off the southern coast of Penang Island. We are registered fishermen with registered fishing vessels – with the Penang Fishermen’s Association, the Fisheries Department and the Malaysian Fisheries Development Board (LKIM). We also have title deeds (geran) for land along the coast.

2) Source of livelihood

We receive RM200 in monthly cost-of-living allowances from the federal government, proving that we are full-time fishermen. With 81 vessels, we earned about RM3m in 2018 [average of about RM3,000 per month per vessel]. Full piece on Aliran website
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Don Anamalai

Bargaining chips for compensation.

Good for retiring fishermen for one last windfall.

Precedent set in Kpg Bush Pala.

So time to capitalise.

Milk Tea

Encik, minta maaf. They need funds after wasting millions on the undersea tunnel project. This happens when you do not have any check and balance.


Accounting is at work. Credit and debit. Plus and minus. Investors invest now but get their rewards later. If invest little gets monkees


Fishermen’s accountability:

1. Overfishing depleted fish stock at Penang South
2. Fishermen destroyed seabed and marine biodiversity at Penang South


GEORGE TOWN, June 17 — The Penang government will relook the scale of its proposed south reclamation project if the federal government helps fund part of its transport master plan. State Chief Minister Chow Kon Yeow said his administration will not cancel the Penang South Reclamation (PSR), but is willing to review the project which it came up with to inject funds into the RM46 billion PTMP. It was proposed that island A, out of the three proposed man-made islands of PSR, will be an industrial part while island B will be for high-end support services for the industrial… Read more »

Teh Susu

We can sense CM Chow has no sustaining cunningness of niao kong to pursue for 3 artificial islands after heavy bombardments from public. Even latest Buletin Mutiara had np mrntion of 3 reclaimed islands and solely focus on the expressways of PTMP.


Foreclosures on the rise To understand the whole issue now happening, read the link above. Maybe you are one of those affected by foreclosure & clueless as to what had happened earlier in your frenzies to buy properties despite the many freebies & discounts given to you as you happily signed the SAP to get a bank loan or even multiple loans thro’ mortgage brokers to reap ‘cash back’! In this gloomy weather of property hang & rising foreclosures in the coming years, is the state gomen fully aware of the dire consequences of going ahead with the 3-fantasy… Read more »


Foreclosures could be from genuine home buyers who could not keep up with loan repayments due to factors like retrenchment and other financial constraints like unplanned child birth.

Those with money to speculate properties are likely deep pockets and the banks are fond if them.


The MaCAi Star paper quote “sources” said foreclosures going up, “sources” unknown,unidentified and unnamed, could be “flying saucers”……


No need to live? No need to rent? If buy house, then you only pay constant rent. If you rent, you expect rent to go down?


At least one heavy metal has poisoned the entire sorrounding SEA – quite a world-class achievement. Has there been any official comment? Has the relevant authority made a statement on the safety of fish being sold? More of us are headed for expensive private kidney dialysis, cancer, etc. Our fate is not much better than that of the Batek orang asli. This is because country is run on the principles of
– apartheid, dogma and demaguery
– capitalism, ali-baba business and get-rich-quick
– tyranny and gangsterism – the law of the jungle.


It boils down to strong political will whether to enforce strictly, environmental controls & consistent monitoring, persistently by those who are entrusted to do a job (ie work culture of no lapse nor ‘tidak ada’ attitude). It also points to consistent principles & not bending backward to commercial interests in the name of creating investment like that Lynas rare earth ‘poison’ processing business in Pahang. Politicians never keep promises like that PH Shiok-Rakyat Manifesto. The only business happy to serve us is the health benefit insurance companies who see the inevitable health damages coming but see no qualms to increase… Read more »


Yes, why go and look for chip one ton mee and burn litres of fuel in the process and contribute so much to global warming


Insurance: The stress of waiting for the co. to confirm to the hospital will further complicate your health problem – but they often reject the claim.

Blood donation: These cartoons do not keep any records. On each visit, they want you to fill in the same form asking insulting questions such as whether you practise unsafe sex, have visited countries the West considers unsafe, etc.


If you seek medicare in a private hospital, most likely you will be advised to stay overnight in order to qualify for a claim in your medical insurance. And after paying a much higher fee, room stay & medicine costs for agreeing to claim with your medic-insurance, you are required to get a doctor’s letter to make an insurance claim which will set you back another Rm100.00 just for a simple letter which could probably be produced from a template in 5 minutes(?). Btw, what is the cost of a A4 70gsm paper & inkjet ink plus a few seconds… Read more »


See even tu lang owns a vehicle so much for his kbkb over building new roads. He has Bet, he will use the recent highways which he condemns as it is faster and save his petrol bill. Shriek!! See orso wants for parking for vehicles.


Tu lang, you forget to kbkb at those health insurance company. You are so ferocious at the same tokong and chow mien but diam at those health company. Double whammy.


If fishes have heavy metal, no one will buy fish and fishermen will blame pg lang for dumping waste just like oil palm waste.


Many factories processing palm oil discharge toxic waste rich in ammonia to rivers.

But authority close one eye.


Now you learn Malaysia boleh after soooo many years?? How about hawkers discharging his washing into the roadside longkang? Why Ngos do not highlight such Malaysia boleh?

Switch Machine

Sungai Pinang now needs latest grading and pls announce its status to public. Judging by its dark black colour we can surely say past efforts cannot sustain and pls do something to prevent health backlash.


Fishermen fear for future as Malaysia mulls Penang reclamation to create three artificial islands off Penang’s southern coast worries fishermen and environmental campaigners.

Kopi O Ah Pek

City of Dreams man made island off Straits Quay does not get objection from northern shore fishermen????


Everything there is a protest. Protest against Naik sending back. Protest HK approving extradition bill so that the boy now jailed for taking his girlfriend ATM money for killing her in Taiwan so that he can face trial over there. Everything is a protest just like Tu lang.


so the few hundred fisherman own the southern coast and its sea, there shall never be any development unless the fisherman give the green light ? you 1 million other Penangites can go fly kite….hehe

Kamal Hassan

Wei Penang where got big open space now to fly kite what left bei g designated for vondo building hehe


Literally fly kite is in 20 century Fox. Now 21 century, flying Drones. R2D2. More interesting as space is cramped. Soon, nasi lemak, mee Goreng, rojak will be delivered to you by drones as Amazon is putting a trial now.