Should Pakatan emulate the BN?


Defence Minister Zahid Hamidi, in announcing hefty pay increases for the armed forces, made a claim that the Constitution stated that salaries in the armed forces should be higher than in any other government service.

See the NST report here.

I asked a couple of experienced lawyers about this reference to the Constitution and they said they were not aware of such a provision. I looked up the Constitution and I couldn’t spot the provision either. Can anyone point me to the specific provision in the Constitution to that effect?

Meanwhile Najib was reported (in The Star here) as saying that it is impossible for the Opposition to take over the Barisan Nasional’s role in leading the country. “From the days of the Alliance until the Barisan leadership, we have proven that we keep to our promises…. Barisan brought the nation independence and we will be the one to steer the nation to be a highly-developed one.”

Actually, who wants to emulate the BN, which has driven this country into the ground slowly but surely?

Let’s compare the human development record of South Korea and Malaysia from 1970 until now.

… and watch Korea surpass or expand its lead over us in virtually every measure (click to expand chart below):

Impossible to emulate the BN? What do the above graphs say about the competence of BN ministers?

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The Najib administration’s New Economic Model (NEM) has failed to excite investors, with Bank of America Merrill Lynch maintaining this week its call to shed investments in Malaysia. Despite the government’s high hopes on the NEM, the investment bank this month continued to rate Malaysia as a “big underweight” in emerging markets. An underweight call is a recommendation to investors to reduce their investments in a particular security, asset class or, in this case, a country. Malaysia managed to trim its underweight rating from over 50 per cent in November to 46 per cent this month but still only managed… Read more »


Despite this unfavorable rating, the mobs in Parliaments have the irresponsibility to create further bad impressions and perception of our country in their best hidden agenda.
This is what a layman called running the country to the (ground).
To these incompetents, what value has our PM in assuring that Malaysia is run by competent? politicians. PM is either numb or pretend to be numb!



Was it Zahid as Minister of Defence who said recently that non-Malays are too afraid to join the armed forces and lacked loyalty to the country when it came to the defence of the nation?

Was it Zahid who said non-Malays were cowards to fight for Malaysia?

When he said non-Malays were too afraid he was referring to the Chinese, Indians, Sikhs including the Gurkhas, Eurasian Christians, the Babas, Malacca Portuguese, the Sarawakians and Sabahans and most importantly the Orang Aslis of Malaysia who are not considered Bumiputra.


Wah! Is it gone? It was enormous! OK, I think I remember… was looking for a better source. Found where there are two versions of the Constitution, one in English, one in BM. Both have notes of revisions at the foot. The English revisions go up to 1984, the BM one has revisions up to at least 2006. Can I infer from that that the reference Constitution is actually a BM document? I imagine that it could have been an English document at Independence, but then shouldn’t it be a fairly historic date if the language of the reference… Read more »


Hmmm… Posted a comment, disappeared. Back and re-submit, message “You already said that!”. Internet like dialup here tonight, so maybe not a fault at your end.

Gerakan K

How to let PR forming federal power when its machais have no sympathy towards low pay & high risk armed forces.

PR machais are a disgrace to 1Malaysia !!!

Gerakan K

Pakatan from its initial until now try hard to imitate BN.

PKR = Gerakan

Plain Truth

The likes of South Korea, Taiwan and Singapore are in a totally different league now.

In another 15 years, we may not even measure up to the Thais.

1997 RM 1.00 = 11 Baht

Now RM 1.00 = 9.6 Baht

Gerakan K

Gila !!!

Ask Phua to give you free lectures of exchange rate and its meaning and purposes.

RM 1 = 26 Japan Yen
SGD 1 = 64 Japan Yen

Based on your logic, Japan must be 26 times inferior than us. And Japan must be 64 times inferior than Singapore.

LOL !!!

Andrew I

You’ve completely outshone yourself this time. Inferior? Which school did you go to, or didn’t you go?

If you’re waiting for the day when you have to carry a sack of ringgits to buy a loaf of bread, the majority of people here and the rest of Malaysia, unfortunately, aren’t.

You really aren’t doing your political masters any favours with your stupidity, and I’m saying this out of the kindness of my heart.

Plain Truth

Gerakan K,

Your stupidity is plain for all to see.

Little wonder the commentators here treat you, a self professed rent-seeking clown, with absolute contempt.

You really are in the mould of your Dear Leader Ostrich Koh.

Pretty Obvious

To say that I am astonished by Gerakan K’s logic is beyond an understatement.

Gerakan K is well and truly thick and dense.

So simple

Now we know why Gerakan K is a rent-seeker.

He doesn’t have the brains for anything else. This guy is a real clown.


That’s the most ridiculous thing to say, that “salaries” of the armed forces should be higher than any branch of the Public Service!

Of course, the PR or anybody could emulate the BN, without even trying!

If only Dr Zahid would use “Colgate”. It would kill all the germs in his mouth…!


It must the UMNO and perkasa constitution but certainly not the Malaysian constitution. Anil, BN is increasing Armed forces salaries because 99% of the armed forces belongs to one race anyway and armed forces equals to postal votes equals to BN victory i.e. happy armed forces = happy postal votes= bn victory.


It makes me dread a harbinger of something sinister to come.
No apology for that. If my sixth sense is not working correctly the last few days due to cold bad weather. Could have been due to researching too many articles on toyols to relate something in similarity fashion to this issue.
(To encourage toyols to do their biddings, the malevolent owners would promise these creatures something ‘sweet’ in return for thefts/mischiefs accomplished).

Malaysia is certainly rich with folklore and what-lore!


I can’t find one in the wikisource version, but then I have no faith in any copy of the Malaysian Constitution that I have seen since coming to Malaysia. They always seem to be hosted by the wrong organisations, and always seem to omit what I believe to be crucial details such as which amendments they include and in which language version final authority rests. I haven’t looked for a ‘genuine’ version for some time, so perhaps someone can direct me to something that meets my expectations for how the highest law in the land should be made available.


You should try The British Colonial Archives. Or ask Mr. Bean.
They might have a Hasselblad photo print copy of it since they were secret party to the drafting of the Malaysian Constitution. Much of the articles in it were inherited from the British innuendos.
In fact Malaysia is the only ex-British colony hanging dearly on to its British-inspired constitution!
Long Live The Queer & Expired of the Snobbish British Colonialism!

Gerakan K

Easy one.

Just go to Popular bookstore and buy one. They always stock the latest printed version.

The book actually not very thick and easy to finish it under few hours.

The price also very cheap.

p/s: To Yang, get a copy now to understand Malaysia better !!!


What has happened to all the ‘modal insan’ initiative (if any) by Pak Lah?


I know they say “ignorance of the law is no defence”, but presumably ‘they’ didn’t live in a country where you had to travel to a Popular outlet and pay for a copy of the law. Thanks for the suggestion though – I’ll look for a copy next time I’m in a bookstore. Is it only Popular, or does such a thing exist in other bookstores?


Yeah, good “management” by burning a holes in the people pocket, freezing and (marginalising) various cultures, including Malay cultures itself. Oh hey, (talking) about “Malay culture”, unlike 60’s, when the world talk about “Malay literacy”, they actually mean Indonesia.