Sex video ahead of Sarawak polls


Right on cue with the dissolution of the Sarawak state assembly, a sex video has surfaced involving a top opposition leader.

And according to Tian Chua in a tweet: “Our response to the fake video is definite & unequivocal: NO, AnwarIbrahim was not involved. This is nothing but another smear!” Later Chua added, “The smear video was a good job but not free from vital flaws. People told me the character in video looked similar except a big tummy.”

What I found most peculiar was that journalists who were invited to view the tape had to surrender all electronic gadgets such as handphones and cameras as well as their pens and notebooks. Why bother calling journalists then?

According to Malaysiakini, they were also made to wear “an ankle-length brown robe over their clothes before they were allowed into the screening room”. A robe? ‘allo, allo, what’s going on here? Oh, maybe they want to cover up any pinhole cameras the journalists might have been carrying?

First the organiser wants to invite the media and then he wants to make it difficult for them to report by asking them to surrender all their tools?

The mysterious Datuk T’s version in The Star of how he discovered the video raises many questions about his credibility:

Datuk T claimed he had stumbled upon the video after he was asked by the politician to search for his watch in the room where the sexual encounter had taken place.

“As I could not find the watch on the table, I searched for it behind the dresser. I was shocked to find many strands of wires behind the dresser.

“On close inspection, I found four well-hidden CCTV cameras, I tried to open the two dresser drawers and found one was locked.

“I prised open the locked drawer using a sharp object. I found an active CCTV recorder. I disconnected the wiring and took the recorder out of the hotel,’’ he said, adding that no one had the recording except him.

Anyway, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out who was/is being targeted here. Anwar, for his part, has categorically denied that the man in the video is him, pointing out that the man in the video had a much bigger stomach.

Is this another attempt to divert our attention from all the serious issues confronting our nation especially after the explosive revelations in Sarawak Report? Sodomy, DNA, now prostitute in sex video – sudah bosanlah.

Meanwhile, funds are being splashed out ahead of the Sarawak election. According to Bernama:

He (Muhyiddin near Sri Aman, Sarawak) announced allocations for SMK Lingga, RM18.5mil for the 15km Stumbin/Tanjung-Bijat/Sti­rau Road, RM50mil to upgrade the Sembau-Stumbin Road, RM1mil for flood mitigation projects at five Malay villages and RM600,000 for several longhouses.

Muhyiddin also announced government development grants of RM580 for each of the 1,022 families from 51 longhouses in the area.

In ENGKILILI, Muhyiddin said the people should not be taken in by the Opposition’s promises.

“They cannot fulfil the promises they make in their ‘orange book’,” he said when visiting the Joshua Lipa Engkilili home in Lubok Antu here.

Muhyiddin announced allocations of RM1.7mil for residents of 172 longhouses in Engkilili and Batang Ai to repair their homes and RM2.57mil for projects to improve the infrastructure in the two areas.

He said that an additional RM2mil would be set aside to overcome the problem of flash floods in Engkilili and Batang Ai.

Amazing, it’s raining money! But don’t expect the Election Commission to say anything. Maybe the next video could be about all that money pouring into the Sarawak election campaign?

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That’s about it, anil ! It touches greater issues but it’s not the time to stretch it. Although it can be stretched thin in the SARAWAK ELECTIONS!

The attention of Malaysia should be on Sarawak NOW !

IF YOU CAN AND WANNA HELP MALAYSIA, help Sarawak NOW! Anyway little way YOU CAN!

Polling date is 16 April as announced hours ago!


what an incredible storyline. It can only be conceived by (a certain party).

telur dua

What perfect timing and a whole lot of …

tan, tanjung bungah

Hi everyone, This character assasination ‘crusade’ has been going on and on for far too long, in the perpetrators’ belief that as more and more dirt is thrown at certain personality, the public perception and doubt of the suitability of that person to lead the nation would stick. After all, public perception is a MAJOR factor in politics! I sincerely hope that Malaysians are wise to this deception. Is the current sex video the secret weapon that (one politician) so bravely proclaimed last week? If not, what a convenient coincidence that on the day the Sarawak Assembly was dissolved, the… Read more »

najib manaukau

First there was Chua from MCA ,now it is Anwar who is next ? There won’t be a shortage of candidate in the political scene in Malaysia in fact a whole lot more I would not hesitate to add. And I hope it stops there and not any further like a political murder after they had tried everything.
One thing for sure it must taken ‘Datuk T’ a lot of time and trouble not to mention a fair bit of money too. From where I winder ?





James Bond

Wow…we all know that that BN are going to have a tough time in Sarawak especially after bible bungle….

But looks like they are are really going to loose in Sarawak…

FD will go …with or without video….

And fake videos have a horrible way of backfiring….


Very easy to solve lah. 1- find the watch. 2- if had sex , where is the condom or towel or stain on bed . Since it is recorded and the quality claimed is a vast improvement from Soi Lek’s sex DVD video quality. Surely can see where the person ejaculated. Can also use the semen stain here… 3- If the recording is so clear , the police can hunt down the girl too. She is material witness. 4-Hotel have CCTVs located at the lobby, lounge, check in counter, lifts. 5- And the most super dumb part is…..if the person… Read more »

David Chang

While in the advertising circle, SEX sells. Here in Malaysian politics, SEX ‘kills’ an opponent’s political future. The next decade will see Malaysia as a top contender for Asian Sexpoliticwood for all manner of political sex videos. And the exception made for no censorship of pornography in Parliament or in public for the benefit of winning no-blink-eye voters’ conscious over speaks volume of our country’s leadership morality and gentlemen one-upmanship. Are we going to have Sexpoliticwood Oscars for the top procurer of these caught in the act videos? There will come a day when our pure-in-mind kids will ask: Daddy,… Read more »


HAHAHAHAHahahahahaha….nice try.
He is at home with Dr Wan Azizah, their children, grandchildren and members of his staff, on the night in question.
End of story.


What has become of Malaysian politics? It has turned disgusting and repulsive!
How low can one go? And how can the politicians expect the people to trust them anymore (I am talking about those responsible for this latest sex tape ‘revelation’).


This is the same people as the ones who caught CSL with his pants down. HAHAHA. Be a bit more creative laaa. Like having the sperms of a football team around that … fella…! Wakakaka…


Here they go again, Datuk What? Teow? Tiu? Must be lah, I would give a second thought if its a Mister but when Datuk is mention… No difference from other … Latuk. If found to be malicious, can the law do something to this Latuk? Macam macam ada in boleh land by the usual No shame… party. Kerja lain tak da?


UMNOsaja are desperate. Elections are near, they know the Rakyat are ready to dump them out, the Lynas rare earth plant, the planned nuclear plants, Mahmud (administration’s) huge corruptions. So, like you say Anil, you have the sixth sense, can we call this as a political troll? Can I describe the sex tapes as a political troll? First … the Indians in Interlok, now … the lady was a prostitute from China. How on earth do they know the girl was a prostitute from China…? And had Anwar’s picture superimposed on it? Can the UMNOsaja lawmakers be more creative and… Read more »


IS that what good Muslims are resorting to nowadays, getting together to watch someone else’s sex recordings?? I dunno, sounds more like a marketing ploy of a new film than issues of interest for the country. We should be focussed on the welfare & economics of the country, how the current govt is spending the tax-payers’ money than watching some cheap porno.

(If I REALLY want some entertainment, I’d be watching the likes of … and NOT some ugly wanna-be AV actor/actress!!)


Is it not illegal to show any pornography publicly ?. Isn`t this a case of showing publicly a pornography film. And yet the man who desecrated the Bible have the nerve to ask the organiser to report to the police. That person should have been arrested for publicly showing pornography.This is what 1 Malaysia is all about. Yes come together and watch blue film especially of politician and during the even of election. Anil can I show some over your blog … Our country is now become more and more laughable.


To add insult to injury, they are even showing it in Parliament!

Quote The Malaysian Insider: ‘Sources told The Malaysian Insider the video was played on a laptop belonging to a Parliament official, in the smoking area of the lounge, and seen by several Barisan Nasional (BN) lawmakers and reporters from an Umno-owned online news portal.’.

And now we know who is above all – the law…?


Hi Anil,
firstly watching the video we all knew straight away the whole thing was cut and paste together. Secondly datuk Anwar simply does not look like the video character. Thirdly if it was Anwar then anyway that does pour cold water on his alleged sodomy charges. which is great. So this latuk t actually did pakatan a favour.

Thios video if true will greatly enhance Anwar’s reputation as a living bull of a bloke. we blokes salute anwar.


I think your comment would have been more credible without odd logic, let alone the attempt at positive spin. Perhaps it’s my ignorance: is there already a precedent in Malaysian law for escaping a sodomy charge by having sex with a prostitute? I suppose there is a precedent for career enhancement following a sex video. Is that really what happened to CSL? I wonder why I ever bothered going to school.


point taken. What absolutely bothers me is that nobody is talking about the state of our economy, or crime or corruption etc. Instead come election time and some turkey pops out another sex tape.

We at DAP have had enough! We want to talk about our economy , we want to talk about racial equality and economic prosperity. Why doesn’t anybody want to talk about that!

Penang Voter

What do you expect from a party of BONKERS like BN (Bonkers National).

Also, UMNO has no brains to do anything right…

What else can I say ????

Orang Miskin Mersing

Kindly remind all SPA patrons to check if there is any CCTV operating in such premises before getting `service’.
Also the SPA operators should publish disclaimer :
`The Management Will Not Be Held Responsible If Customer Sex Video Made Available To Journalists Or Published On The Internet’
The video will be great campaign material for PRN Sarawak & PRU13!
Keep ’em coming Bro Anil!


These low lives from the ruling administration could not penetrate destroying the Opposition leader with their infamous Sodomy II, have now resorted to another shameful sexual episode… defaming him again!…

I prefer to know what happened at a weekend rendezvous in a lonely bungalow at Port Dickson…

Kian Ye

… Also, it’s POINTLESS to ask why is the recording released to the media today. Is it accidental to Sarawak State dissolution??? It’s NOT IMPORTANT!!! What’s IMPORTANT is to ask is the man caught in the tape… or not!!! I believe this so-called ‘Sex Recording’ will be wide circulated in the coming days. Public then can determine for themselves whether is the man indeed ANWAR IBARHIM or not or whether it’s DOCTORED or not. I believe the public ain’t that stupid to be FOOLED should this be a prank or should this be a ‘Cover-up’ by Pakatan Rakyat. I think… Read more »


Haha, you sound so so like the BN storm trooper. lol.


could be an internal sabotage?

Kian Ye

Hi mlong,

It’s NOT important whether is it an internal sabotage or not.

What’s important is whether that DIRTY MAN is … himself or not.

Get it???


is CSL video?


Msians are getting very creative in CGI. Like those political sandiwara actors and politicians, their talents are being used in the wrong way. We could have a bolehwood easily.

Kian Ye

I just knew (he) is a dirty man. From men … to China dolls.

What’s next???

Francis Ngu

Understandable. BN panic buttons all on: Money rains, imitation Sarawak Report(s), to distract from the substance of the Sarawak Report. Remarkable that BN Deputy Speaker of Dewan Rakyat from Sarawak had called for BN to clear the allegations on Sarawak Report before elections, “but all the perfumes of Arabia-will not—.” Sarawak’s Mongolian moment ! Retire stories, believe it ! I have not come across any general elections any where in the world whereby Government Heads No. 1 and 2 (maybe 3 next), declare they will retire after elections. Why not right now ? So who are Sarawak people expected to… Read more »