Severe flash floods swamp Teluk Bahang; Penang airport also affected

Check out the hill clearing above Teluk Bahang.

This doesn’t look good. Probably the worst flash floods in memory in Teluk Bahang after heavy rain in the afternoon.

The Teluk Bahang rep has expressed concern that the floods were triggered by nearby hill clearings. That was the first thing that crossed my mind as well when I heard about the floods. Look at the hill clearing in the image above. You can see that it has even gone past the threshold of 250 feet above sea level.

There is also a hill clearing at Teluk Bahang covering 20ha for a housing project with half a dozen towers and some kind of Shaolin temple perhaps.

This is one of the reason why Penang Forum is so concerned about protecting our hills. Last year, Penang Forum held a major public forum on the importance of saving our hills. All of us have to be vigilant about these hill clearings.

Of course, the flooding in Teluk Bahang could be aggravated by a high-tide at noon that was receding and poor drainage. The flood had receded by 7pm, by which time it was low tide.

But it is important to identify the real source of the flooding apart from looking at remedial measures such as drainage.

Over at the Penang airport, flood waters spilled over inside the terminal. Traffic jams were also reported at the roudabout near the airport terminal building.

Is this the sort of welcome we want to give visitors to our “international city”?

See report here.

The approach road to the airport was apparently also flooded. Apart from poor drainage at the airport, shouldn’t we also look at the extent of hill clearing and concretisation in southern Penang Island?

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Notice that the gouged-out hill is just outside public view. This applies to almost every hill and valley within sight of urban areas. Star recently reported on an illegal dump site in PJ, Selangor. The neighbours have been suffering for 10 years. The reporters saw many lorries coming in with trash and even found out the rates charged. However, all that the head of enforcement had to say was that his personnel did not see any trash being brought in during their visit. There was no comment on the dump itself. There are other such dumps elsewhere. UN EP said… Read more »

james k

Imho, it is due to a combination of: Poorly planned irrigation and drainage in development projects + freak weather 1. There are cities where density is high and greenery is low yet floods are uncommon due to proper irrigation and drainage systems. 2. The La Nina and supermoon effect brings torrential rain over very short periods of time which our drains cannot cope with. Our drains and rivers our insufficient to deal with this. MBPP and JPS must ensure that the existing and future drainage mechanisms can withstand this type of weather. And of course, keep our hills green and… Read more »


“The Teluk Bahang rep has expressed concern that the floods were triggered by nearby hill clearings. ”
But has anybody really understand the surrounding environment there in Teluk Bahang ?
I’ve frequently passing there due to my works. It’s so filthy and with almost all drains being clotted up ! I personally witnessed many of the hawkers there conveniently poured their waste onto the drains despite the clot ! The wild wild west I would say !


this what makes Far Lim kopi o kau kau famous.if not will be ice cendol.


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Gunning Jerai is another nearer choice. There, the bunian may be more forgiving to loud mouths & you may get out alive!


old man with smsll boy*s mind challenging others to fight. Only knows how to bully. Better challenge those in mt komtar. lagi best if csn win over those in mt komtar. makes you tua pek kong over tokong. boost your ego.


YES, gentlemen … love not physical fight. We do not want to see Team A and Team B in Anil’s kingdom of justice.
Tunglang and Zoro should shake hands for better Penang and not influenced by spiritual world.


Do you know what is a bunian?
Why they don’t like loud mouths?
I don’t have to do anything except to invite loud mouth to x-perience
bunian hospitality for loud mouths like zoro!
Note: did I mention any fight? For your goodness sake, pls brush up your reading & comprehension skills before commenting like a Knee Jerk.
Still wanna take my challenge of bunian hospitality x-perience?


Will someone finally check the Shaolin temple development in Teluk Bahang now?


Someone asked about floods and street level trams in an earlier post – probably a good reason to have elevated tracks unless we can resolve flash floods.

james k

The main issue of flash floods is to be solved first, rather than thinking of ways to create infrastructure to avoid floods.
If we follow that line of thought, what next? Build all future houses and apartments on stilts? Build elevated airport terminals on stilts?

Solve the crux of the problem, not avoid it.


Sounds logical to me but also ambitious in a tropical country prone to thunderstorms and old streets and infrastructure like Georgetown. What kind of ‘fix’ would give you the confidence of unlikely recurrence of future flash flood – I think even a small ‘ponding’ failure on a street level tram track might be interesting to see.

Lee Joo Mong

Airport that can also entertain shallow draught boat is more useful for those not using land transport.


Its past midnight at airport still raining…I think if continue raining then good excuse no need to work at FTZ factories as natural holiday declared?


Raining CATs and dogs can be new tagline for watery Penang?


At an alarming rate it is still raining at midnight after a long day of rainfall, I fear for the worst at Bukit Kukus, Botak Hill, Tanjung Bungah & other landslide prone areas. Has the Hill Nagas awakened from their long siesta of hot El Nino? It is futile to call St Michael to fight these Nagas commissioned by La Nina. While the rich & famous can stay dry & safe in their condos, the average bo bin-chui Penangites at ground zero level will have to bear the brunt of torrential rain bringing flooding & muddy water, which instead could… Read more »


Condo developers will add the benefit staying at high rise no flood water concern.
Having said that, time to hunt for affordable homes at Prangin Mall 30 and 31 Jun. Told only 3 thousands units are left for grab. Don’t cry for me Penang if you all miss this opportunity to own own home on the island.


Affordable at RM 250,000-400,000? Affordable for whom?

Super Rajni Star

plain roti canai last time 25 sen, now RM1. trouble is salary not increases in tandem with inflation while ringgit keeps on depreciating so a lot of stuff appear not affordable.

last tme high end smart phone RM1.8K+ now already hitting RM3K, blame who ???


Minimum wage RM1K can buy Huawei P9 Lite.


not only pg expensive, it is reported SP cost over 300k? so houses in pg are slighty more