Seri Tanjung Pinang Phase 2 traffic impact assessment seriously flawed


Not surprisingly, no traffic consultant was named in the Detailed Environmental Impact Assessment.

A survey carried out by the DEIA consultants showed that the most cited reason respondents disagree with the STP2 project is increased traffic congestion. The DEIA report estimates that STP2 will support a population of more than 200000.

This will create massive pressure on the traffic dispersal and transport system in the project site and its neighbouring townships. A review of the traffic impact assessment of the DEIA report by members of Penang Forum and concerned Penangites raises several major concerns:

a) The traffic study carried out by the traffic consultants for Pulau Tikus, Jalan Kelawei and Jalan Burma was based on the old two-way traffic flow system. These roads have now changed to one-way and hence the results of the traffic study for these areas are no longer valid.

b) The consultants used peak 9649 cars in the mornings and 12134 cars in the evenings for 23358 residential units. This works out to be less than 1/2 car equivalent per household for an affluent township! (The current Penang statistics show more vehicles than the Penang population.)

A recent TIA for a project in Sungai Nibong of 1560 residential units with an estimated 5470 residents puts peak morning traffic at 9737 pcu/hr and peak evening at 11362 pcu/hr.

STP2 is 10 times bigger! How can a township of 200000 people produce such an unrealistic traffic increase? When basic data used in the study are so questionable, the accuracy of the whole traffic impact assessment report is in question.

c) The DEIA report assumed that “by the time the proposed development is completed (by 2034), the public transport utilisation would already achieve 40 per cent”. On what basis did the consultants use this ‘wishful thinking’ assumption to determine their trip generation data? Even the Penang Master Transport Plan acknowledges that 25 per cent mode share for public transport is already a good achievement. The current public bus transport mode share is only 3 per cent.

d) The success of the traffic dispersal plan for STP2 relies heavily on the timely completion of all the four mega road and undersea tunnel projects. The consultants emphasised that “the Penang Outer Ring Road (Porr) and other major highways that were initially planned to improve the traffic conditions along Jalan Tanjung Bungah, Jalan Tanjung Tokong and Pulau Tikus are now necessary”. Porr is still needed to link these four new highways and tunnel to the STP2 arterial roads and 10 new interchanges will need to be constructed. All these require public funding. The DEIA consultants are presenting a ‘best case scenario’ with everything completed in time by 2034. What happens if all or some of these mega projects do not materialise? Porr was and remains a very controversial project. Additionally who funds the 10 new interchanges and Porr?

(The Paragon development experience – The Paragon project was approved on the assumption that both Porr and the monorail would be built to solve the traffic congestion. Neither was built; the resulting traffic chaos is self-evident. We cannot repeat this mistake again on a much bigger scale with STP2. Road networks must be built and be in place before any large projects are allowed to take off.)


Penang Forum finds that the traffic impact section of the DEIA report is highly flawed and NOT acceptable. We call for a new report to be done by an independent traffic consultant appointed by the Penang state government and not by the project proponents. We also call on the Penang state government to ensure that all road networks and infrastructure be built and be in place before any large projects are allowed to take off.

This is part three of a media statement issued by the Penang Forum Steering Committee on 3 April 2014

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Don Anamalai
Don Anamalai
2 Jun 2014 1.05pm


Read here to find out how in Singapore, The Land Transport Authority (LTA) and SMRT collaborate with StarHub (telco) and IBM to improve the public transportation network through the use of data.

10 Apr 2014 6.48pm

No need to waste money on consultants. Every young Malaysians aspire to own a car despite risking bankruptcy with loans they cpuld not pay up. The high number of vehicles on the road will jam any highways and roads.

10 Apr 2014 11.10am

Yang, your hatred on Dap is irrational, can you count on gerakan, the ya ya n betul politians??? You mean 57 years under BN still not enough??? See what has become of this land??? We really cant blame the sg looking down on us, malasians, because we have most inefficient, incompetent and corrupted to the core government. Look at our judiciary, our education system, look at the utterances of our ministers, etc etc etc kong beh liaw, am tired too. I did send two letters to mr cm, and his office did reply so promptly but you dont believe, so… Read more »

9 Apr 2014 5.54pm

The NGO have protested, The blogs here and elsewhere have protested. Their Red Bean are everywhere stalking and reporting to him But does he care to listen. DAP & LGE have become too arrogant. He is now also barang naik. He has broken his promises. … Let us have no more outsider next GE. Let us get out next GE

9 Apr 2014 2.40pm

Penang Forum against the project of seri pinang 2 as it is too detrimental to the environment.

Shall we all join hands to protest and object? Gather signatures or how ??? Do we, the people have power, talk must accompany with action, otherwise noisy gong, no point.

9 Apr 2014 11.50am

While we engage in debate, most of the prime land development are to be developed at all cost be it during BN or Pakatan. Commercialization has the ways to fool the rakyat even the BN/Pakatan administrators somehow got to close the eyes.
$ rules and clouds judgement.
Only those with conscience fight on……

9 Apr 2014 11.31am

Although the St Noviete land was sold, the state govt. has the authority to stop the heritage building from being developed. Gerakan stop it until DAP govt come vandalizing until it cannot be recognized.. Don`t know whether its a dog or CAT pin into the Paragon to be forgotton forever. Say No to LGE and DAP PR next GE. Yes the DAP is spineless and go along with PKR and PAS to approve enactment 35 in the Penang State Assembly that prohibit non muslim from using Allah

9 Apr 2014 10.38am

Can i say it is a shame that the Catholic Church have that piece of land sold?

However, did the Catholic Church have an option?

Anil should know better why the church have it sold. Thks to the BN govt and the spineless Gerakan, a good for nothing party except ya ya and betul. Vote la Gerakan for further damage if still not enough in the next GE…

Ong Eu Soon
9 Apr 2014 6.37am

Every eia studies or feasibility studies used to be conducted in the office with the best imagination of consultants. … (Many) faked and nobody go to jail. Should we allow this malpractice to be continued? … for the Penang undersea tunnel project will the authorities learn to behave and abide by the rules and regulations!

9 Apr 2014 4.53am

(The Paragon development experience – The Paragon project was approved on the assumption that both Porr and the monorail would be built to solve the traffic congestion. Neither was built; the resulting traffic chaos is self-evident.

And the worse part is the former heritage building St. Joseph’s Novitiate built in 1925 which is supposed to be preserved has been become like …