Seri Tanjung Pinang Phase 2: Local authority grants planning permission for land reclamation


Despite numerous concerns raised by Penang-based civil society groups in Penang Forum and others, the local planning authority in Penang has granted planning permission for land reclamation work under Phase 2 of the Seri Tanjung Pinang project.

According to E & O Berhad, the approval was granted by the Rural and Urban Planning Department (Jabatan Perancang Bandar dan Desa), Penang in a letter dated 25 November 2014 to the developer Tanjung Pinang Development Sdn Bhd, which is owned by E & O (with the Penang state government having a minority stake).

The approval is subject to the developer surrendering 191 acres of reclaimed land to the Penang State government. Out of this, 110 acres will be the net area available for development made up of 60 acres on the large man-made island off Straits Quay and 50 acres at Gurney Drive.

The developer is now allowed to carry out land reclamation work at the site.

This is a great pity as the impact of the land reclamation – raised by NGOs in the Penang Forum and the Penang Inland Fisherfolks Welfare Association (Pifwa) – has not been satisfactority dealt with. None of the authorities responded to the Penang Forum’s litany of concerns over the Detailed Environmental Impact Assessment.

We now have to bear the consequences of the impact of this land reclamation while the considerable cost of any required dredging is set to be passed on to the public in the future.

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LimGuanEng tak boleh

While there is no solution in sight for the possible water shortage in 2020, the authority still proceed with the STP2 which is more likely for high density development.

“Early last month, Penang’s Chief Minister called on PAAB to speed up the Perak-Penang water transfer project in order to provide for future water demands, as 80% of Penang’s water source is derived solely from the state’s Sungai Muda, which will meet water demand only up to 2020.”


Rome is build in 1 day and so Malaysia boleh to have STP with Perak state in 1 day too


Just received the assessment bill for 1st half 2015. Last year was RM1060 and now its RM1186. That`s an almost 20% increase. Now this is what we called a caring govt ch.. minister that (misled) us that he will not increase assessment when he said that the KL Council is not concern about the people welfare when they increase assessment rate. Not only that, he (misled) us that there will be no increase in water tariff. Lets make the Change back to Gerakan BN


It takes too much to go against the will of the state government without a strong environmental-political lobby in Penang. The Penangites who care, are informed and vocal are not heard amongst the majority caught up with making ends meet. Where is the state’s accountability in assuring the voices of dissent that this project will benefit the people and environment of Penang, the fishing community, ease the acute housing affordability problem, and that it is in line with the Penang Island Local Plan which is still to be gazetted because it yet to translated in Malay after 3 years. Again… Read more »


I don’t actually see there’s any big fuss over STP’s reclamation. It’s such a minute piece of “incident” throughout and yet some Penang people like to play it to the fore just because they get so used to it and get played along with small issues !?

To manage an “orphanage state” like Penang ain’t easy and survivorship means every endeavor to try and trudge through the wilderness. Why then must only we see it as a blocking muse? Fellow Penangites ?


Environmental damage is small issue? Botak-ed Hill (Bukit Relau) is small issue? Dire future of fishermen folks is small issue (or a price to pay by these helpless folks)? ‘Experimental’ water theme park in sensitive seaside environment is small issue? I believe there are more of your delirium / intoxication / illusion of small issues in “orphanage” Penang without a loving paternal (Penang born) leadership but an import from Kapitan love for such kind of development. Survivorship is not to irresponsibly make hay (for oneself) while the sun shine in the wilderness of ‘wild’ unsustainable development. Environmental issues are not… Read more »


To the developers its a small issue. To the PR DAP supporters its a small issue no matter what.

gk ong

Botak Hill in Penand is now considered little damage when compared to the vast spread of land stripped of vegetation at Cameron Highlands.


Botak hill is man made by an incompetent useless govt. Cameron Highland is a natural disaster


Crimes against Nature is not apologetic in scale comparison with political comparative.
A rape is still a rape no matter who is the rapist. Unless one is indifferent with an ulterior motive to protect certain political regime worshipped as venerable all ways.

Datuk Seri Y.B. Loh

Numerous concerns? How many complaints? Is it 0.00000001% of the population. Let’s have responsible blogging or journalism please!


Begitu lah perangai bongkak (arrogant) kerajaan yang semakin duit-gila kau kau. How do you gather this surreal 0.00000001%? From your Kapitan Duit Gila? Anilnetto is the only one blog that ‘dares’ to blog the ‘unreportable’ of Coast-Mud-Politan Penang for mass awareness. Unless one is behaving like the Seditious Act of gagging the truth, what justification for questioning the concerns of Penangites? Otherwise (without access to reports of such nonsense happening in Penang), it’s no different from the Gerakan era of only main stream reporting the ‘only nice to the ears & ego-dastards’. Who would want to vote for irresponsible governance… Read more »


As a Datuk Sri a person needs to help the society in need. I hope to see your contribution featured in this blog.


By Penang population of 1.6 million that will be less than quarter of a person at 0.00016. By Malaysia population of 22 millions that will be 0.0022 of a person. Wowow


Ark, you can complain like hell, do you think the CAT will care about you or your lovely Penang. In only 6 years its has become near disaster. Another term Penang ecological balance will be gone and finish. Beware another term for PR DAP and this mad CAT run again.


The land reclamation is even more massive in Johor Bahru with the entry of China developers. Just look at Danga Bay, Pantai Lido, Stulang, Puteri Cove, Princess Cove… with endless property roadshows in Singapore to lure buyers.


These chinese developers … will be bringing in as many as 5000 construction workers from China for the JB condo projects and set to alter the social-demographic aspects of Johor Bahru. Umno Johor dare not make too much noise as these chinese developers actually collaborated with (powerful interests) on most of the condo projects.