Selangor govt caves in to developers’ pressure?


The Star today carries a report suggesting that the Selangor government could be buckling under developers’ pressure to allow projects on steep hill-slopes.

Selangor is reported to be drafting new “new development guidelines” for Class 3 (25-35 degrees) and Class 4 (above 35 degrees) slopes.

The state had earlier taken a commendable position by imposing an outright ban on steep hill-slope development.  Its ban on steep hill-slope projects was one of the few issues that had set the Pakatan government apart from the BN government. Residents in Tanjung Bunga in Penang had been encouraged by Selangor’s previous principled ban on hill-slope projects.

Alas, no longer, it would seem. Compared to an outright ban, “guidelines” are pretty worthless. It’s a pity that the Selangor government appears to be caving in to the powerful developers’ lobby.

This just goes to show how powerful and influential this lobby is whether in Selangor or in Penang. In the case of Selangor, the developers have reportedly threatened to move their projects from Selangor to Johor.

The Selangor government should have just called their bluff and told the developers to go ahead. Most of the property development in the country is focused on the Klang Valley and Selangor – which is already heavily built up. No sad loss then if the developers were to shift their attention to Johor and spread the concrete and tar around a little. It might even improve the quality of life in Selangor by reducing the pressure on precious green lungs and hills.

But no, the Pakatan Selangor government, by indicating it wants to review its hill-slope policy, has revealed how powerful the developers’ lobby is and how eager the state is to be seen as “pro-business” – even at the expense of being pro-people and protecting the environment.

Just ask the folks in Bukit Antarabangsa what they think now.

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samuel low

Without development our state government could not survive n quality of living will be deeply stranded.
Your comments are solely based on theories in surface without deeper thought . Economics happen by chained cycle. Without much development within a place residents find less job opportunities and leave them no choice but to migrate to other cities.


Selangor gov’t caves in to developers?: The Star today carries a report suggesting that the Selangor government ..


Fatimah … they are all like that. The hatred for BN is so strong that they will make excuses for PR and then blame BN for setting up trojans. PR is a dead end … its getting worse each day.


Anil, I am quite amused with your quest of banning all Class 4 buildings due to environmental reasons. I believe with your suggestion, most Hong Kong deemed unconstructable. I understood that you are socialist at heart. However, such actions would not work simply because the most important tenet for all mankind. Food on the table. Jobs! Shelters! Blindly shooting developers would not achieve anything. People, What we need strict enforcement. Rule of Law. That’s how Singapore survive. That’s why I don’t agree with Anil quest of saving KBP. I say that again, it’s all Anil’s faults. Giving false hopes for… Read more »


In the current political climate this land is full of irresponsible developers colluding with corrupt officials to develop hillsides, taking short cuts and disregarding the environment and safety of the eventual occupiers of those properties. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t mean to say all developers or officials are like that. Yes guidelines and laws are just on paper and our enforcement agencies are to say the least deplorable. This is when the buyers, yes that’s us rakyat, comes in. How many of us easily get duped, blinded and excited by the wonderful view, greenery, “good fengsui”, exclusive settings of… Read more »

Fatimah Zuhri


Wow…some of the PR supporters are really they are blaming the buyer (a.k.a Rakyat)? The same people who voted their superman, batman, flashman and what not to become the state govt.

Is this how PR mentality works?

If PR is at fault – Blame BN, Blame UMNO, Blame the Rakyat



Loh Yeow Boo of Penang – Nobody is envious of developers. If a developer is so stooopid as to purchase a piece of land comprising mostly class 3 & 4 slopes, with the knowledge (or worse, not even knowing) that town & country planning laws prohibit building on them, then that is their problem. Nobody is envious of stooopid developers. (Having said that, there are many good and established developers out there, who are more knowledgable and genuinely concerned about sustainable development.) FenceSitter – going by your logic, the world be uthopia. Unfortunately, guidelines will always be just … ‘guidelines’,… Read more »


Lets not just blame the developers. What about the buyers? It would be stupid to built properties with no buyers, rite? No buyers, no development, common sense. What is needed are strict guidelines with strict enforcement. Plus educated and well-informed buyers.

Selangor resident

Thanks Anil for bringing up this matter. We are extremely disappointed to hear the news here in Selangor too. More hillside developments on class 3 & 4 slopes not only endanger nearby residents but causes so much environmental problems, more flooding, water shortage, among others. I hope our MB, Teresa, Ronnie & Elizabeth will study this matter in greater depth and consider the long term implications. You made a good point Anil, yes why don’t these developers move their projects to Johor? Why are they pressing so hard to build in Selangor? Commercial viability of course. But if they are… Read more »

Loh Yeow Boo - Penang

we need developers, it is all about $$$. we should not be jealous of the developers, if you are so good, then be one of them. when u are a developer, then you can proudly sya that your company adheres to the highest quality standard and does not built on hillslopes. otherwise, just shut-up.


Only people with money live on hill slope. Only expensive homes are build on hill sides. These people choose to live with danger. It is their lives. Who cares about them.

I have no sympathy for the people living in Bukit Antarabangsa. I have no sympathy for anyone who choose on buy a property on these expensive hillside development.

They asked for it.


I am with amoker on this score though I cannot help but empathise with Fatimah Zuhri’s sentiments on this proposed review. However, Fatimah is too quick to make comparison. I think she ought not be too Nazriesque in her response (too quick on the draw…Nazri had reportedly advised MACC to not hesitate using the gun following an alleged arson attack…still doubt it is arson…another staged drama to get sympathy and support? Could even be self inflicted, like Anwar did, and Beng Hock, too?) Anyway I digress. So, let’s keep an eye on what the Pakatan government is going to do… Read more »


a well written article mate
i hope the pr guys reading this article will convince the CM selangor to change his mind—–DAMMMMMMMM building on steep slopes will bring more floods.

Morning Dew

Recently Lim Kit Siang called for an urgent need to concentrate on creating jobs. It would seemed that the country may be facing very hard times despite the lack of publications on the state of economy of the country. No news is not necessarily good news in this case. It is just an attempt to shape perception. Economic development is important but for it not to create problems down the road there is even a greater need to re-look at the economic model of development. The underlying philosophy and rationale of development must be carefully formulated. Capitalistic philosophy that many… Read more »


BN IS Jahat and is devil!!! 52 years of advantage taken out of the rakyat with massive development underthe gusie of developers which in actual fact are cronies of big guys in BN parties. Are they real businessmen? They line the pockets to get whatever ways they can for development. PR is not even 2 years old and you start to compare it with 52 years BN? Development must continue, no matter if Bn or PR is the govt of the day. Its only sustained and properly monitored development based on guidelines and rules set by authorities with the able… Read more »


Khalid is just a palm-oil nut kind of material. The nut cracks easily…

Come next GE, Khalid and other nut-cases are gone case..

Fatimah Zuhri


When BN permit development in hill-slopes – BN jahat..BN only care for money, BN is evil, BN corrupt..

When PR permit development in hill-slopes – forward thinking, will generate wealth for state, this is development..

Go figure.



Who are these developers – I mean devilopers? Are they not mostly greedy businessmen who have long supported corruption…? Now it appears they are using their financial leverage to blackmail Khalid Ibrahim… I call upon the children of such devilopers to publicly disown their fathers who are selling their own children’s future down the drain.

No use going to church or praying 5 times a day in the mosque or burning incense at the temple – if your soul is rotten to the core!


If it evolves to a guideline that is used and adhered to, I do think it is still a progress. While i prefer that there is no development, I do observe that Star is quite focussed on selangor nowadays.