Save the dolphins, save ourselves!


Something’s happening in the waters off the southern half of Penang Island. Recently, a rare loggerhead turtle appeared in these parts and now … frolicking dolphins, captured on footage that began circulating yesterday.

What makes this footage different from other earlier footages of dolphins in Penang is how close they came to the boat, even guiding it forward.

Someone sent me the following message accompanying the footage:

These dolphins are delivering a very special message to all Penangites.

Dolphins and many more helpless aquatic life forms are in our waters nurturing and protecting us in ways you have yet to understand.


Penang government, enough is enough! Stop the greed! Stop grabbing our shorelines! Stop land reclamation now!

The ecological, socioeconomic and ecological impacts are irreversible and will hurt every single Penangite… just remember, even the persons profiting from these projects will not be spared.

What do you think? Dolphins are among the most intelligent mammals out there. But just how intelligent are they? The Whale and Dolphin Conservation website explains:

It’s a complicated question because it’s hard to compare a whale or a dolphin’s intelligence with our own, mainly as we can’t use the same methods to measure both. We can’t ask a dolphin to sit an IQ test or maths exam, or challenge a whale to build an engine or design a building. For a start, they don’t have hands and they communicate very differently from us. In fact, dolphins seem to have an almost unfathomable, alien intelligence, which is so unlike our own that perhaps a better question to ask is ‘How are whales and dolphins intelligent?’…

Whale and dolphin brains contain specialized brain cells called spindle neurons. These are associated with advanced abilities such as recognising, remembering, reasoning, communicating, perceiving, adapting to change, problem-solving and understanding.  So it seems they are deep thinkers! Not only that, but the part of their brain which processes emotions (limbic system) appears to be more complex than our own. Lori Marino a neuro-expert explains that ‘a dolphin alone is not really a dolphin; being a dolphin means being embedded in a complex social network…even more so than with humans.’

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Yes, please do not dump platic bags indiscriminately into the drain then to ocean, the dolphins will eat it thinking it is jellyfish!


indeed Penang state government the first to limit usage of plastic bag despite displeasure from the producer (talking about disruption of business..the fisherman and their supporter thought they are the only one affected..?) …this is real work that make a difference that would never acknowledged by NGO that can’t stop kpkb and accusing others as greedy…


AFAIK, they are too smart to do that. Yet, they cannot escape plastic micro-particles, effluents, toxic algae (that organic waste promotes), etc. This may explain mass deaths on some beaches.

Any municipal project to separate plastic waste is likely to be superficial. To reduce plastic, you don’t even need a shopping bag. An ordinary medium-sized plastic bag that is not too flimsy will last for months.


Could the artificial islands be Penang’s Fantasy Island for those chasing their dreams?

Kim Poh Poh

Fantasy Island reboot in southern part of Penang Island

Wei can shriek out like Tattoo welcoming rich and famous to invest and help the B40 economy!


Dolphins & turtles are more intelligent than Chow Chow + Goons @ Komtar Tower of Absolute Vodka Arrogance!
And I am sure late Karpal Singh also enjoys the company of these intelligent sea creatures in his final resting place ie the sea of Penang, yes a resting place we should protect in his honour as a true Anak Pulo Pinang.


You are sure? You been there and saw former lion of jelutong? Why come? You can orso enjoy like he did and bettet to have no eye see

Kim Poh Poh

Turtle, then dolphins, next mermaid appearing in Penang waters?

Don’t ever discount that. The call of nature may surprise many.

Myth can beco.e reality. In 80s we never imagine living in high rise building and sneer at HKongers and Singaporeans living in pigeon boxes now the tide has reversed.


The oceans hold ~40,000 GigaTonne of carbon (25% of the mass of CO2) compared to 3,000 in land soil, 700 in land vegetation and only 200 in the atmosphere. They have been absorbing ~90% of excess heat and ~25% of excess CO2 over the last few decades. In view of the rising heat and acidity (due to absorbing CO2), how much longer will this last? Marine vegetation including sea grasses are an imprtant factor. Many species of marine life are migrating away from the equtorial belt to escape heat, flotsam patches, effluents that ships dump, etc. Under the major global… Read more »


Former PM Najib (MO1 Bossku) has been ordered to defend himself against all seven charges in relation SRC International Sdn Bhd. The onus is now on Najib’s defence team to prove reasonable doubt in the cases established against him, or he will be found guilty.

Kim Poh Poh

Availability of dolphind may prompt Tourism n Developers Penang to create marine park at Jerejak. Could be win-win for the survival of endangered dolphins being taken care of.


according to the smart people in penang forum, these lovely animal should have been dead by now due to the disastrous land reclamation…..


hehe..if we can stop fishing activities altogether…marine life will thrive, fishing pollute our seas, kill our marine life.. all for the pleasure of sea food loving selfish greedy folks on land..
why is there shipwreck diving?…man made object but heaven for corals and marine life…so does man made object killing marine life..??