Sarawak the richest state by 2030, 2020 – or 2009? Yes, 2009


Sarawak Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud’s latest claim is that Sarawak will be the richest ‘state’ in Malaysia by 2030. He obviously chooses not to know that Sarawak was already the richest in 2009.

See the New Sarawak Tribute report for Taib Mahmud’s new 2030 target.

Sarawak PKR leader Baru Bian retorts:

Has he become so desperately short of ideas that he is recycling his speeches from 1981 when he became the Chief Minister of Sarawak? This is the sort of promise a fresh-faced dewey-eyed leader would make upon assuming office, when he is full of vigour and inspiration, and driven by visions of development and progress for his state and people. That Taib Mahmud should still be spouting his empty promises 31 years after taking office is proof that he has been and is a failure as leader of the State.

Why, Taib doesn’t even remember that it was only last year that he said Sarawak would be the richest by 2020. Baru Bian adds:

As I recall, in April last year Taib made the same promise of Sarawak becoming the richest State in Malaysia when unveiling the State BN electoral manifesto, except that last year, the target year was 2020. Why has the goalpost been moved forward 10 years in the space of less than a year? Does Taib actually keep track of the poppycock he feeds to the masses? Does he actually have a plan in place or is he making up stories in his old age?

But Sarawak WAS already the richest in the country in 2009 – yes, 2009. Aliran reported last year: “According to the (Statistics) department, Sarawak’s GDP per person, a common measure of wealth, amounted to RM30,318 in 2009, higher than Penang’s RM29,569 and Selangor’s RM27,609, and much higher than Johor’s RM18,458.”

So why are so many of its people living below the poverty line? What has happened to the people’s wealth?

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Alan Newman. NZ

Friends told me, the Sarawak CM and his cronies live in giant mansions, and everywhere you go you see Naim’s ( Hamed Sepawie) big projects. For 45 years thousands of shiploads of timber & palm oil left Sarawak…. Since Sarawakians are so self-centred, gullible, gutless, and resigned to looking up to a super-wicked … and his cronies. Many are now resigned to the hopelessness that prevails in Sarawak. Let God deal with them now, in life, in heaven or hell. Let God’s curse come upon them sooner or later. Taib, family members, Hamed Sepawie, Awang Tengah, Asfia Nassar, Len Talip.… Read more »


Huh.. I did not know Sarawak per capita GDP. All that oil I guess..

najib manaukau

You get what you plant ! … Brunei and Singapore … the two countries have trillions of ringgit in their reserves and not in the foreign bank accounts of the corrupted Umno scumbags …!


Blame the Sarawakians for keeping him as CM for so long.

Super Mak

Sarawakian who read this pls wake up and vote for your children if not yourseld this coming GE13.

for bumis like Iban dayaks etc we have better not be lured by short term monetary rewards …. they are like prostituting the legacy to cronies of barang naik. do you know our precious timber are everywhere in the world and do we get rewards for that ?

ABU is the phrase.


They cant wake up la… The Iban, Dayaks, etc are either too poor to wake up or …, i dont know la. I am lost.


Malaysia Chronicle published this interesting piwece by K Suresh late today:

In Sarawak, the Dayaks are not bothered whether Taib goes or stays to die in office


“…why are so many of its people living below the poverty line?” I think the answer to that can be found if we try to examine another question: Why is Taib Mahmud still CM of S’wak when Naib had already announced that Taib would be stepping down after the last state elections? There are already piles of evidence against Taib which at the very least should have been enopugh for him sto step aside temporarily while a investigation – a RCI possibly – is carried out on the strength of the evidence. But Taib is still CM, flaunting his massive… Read more »


Pek Moh Hornbill:
“Sarawak will be (not now yet, please, please) the richest state by 2030. The state’s rich assets are spread out and squirreled for safety globally, in US, UK, Australia, anywhere else you know where lah. Thanks to ‘chun chun’ Sarawak Report!
Now you know why Sarawak ‘will be’ the richest state of Sarawakian Dream by 2030. From 2009, 2020 and on and on, eternally. Keep your eternal hope orange bright and strong like the unmistakable horn of the Sarawak Hornbill”.