Sarawak polls imminent


So this is it. The Sarawak state election is likely to be held in April. And an announcement about the date could be made soon.

One contact in Sarawak told me last week that he heard the election could be held on the 9-10 April weekend. We shall see if he is right. Whatever the dates, these polls will be closely contested.

One theory is that Taib Mahmud may decide not to remain as chief minister to pull the rug from under the opposition campaign. After all, the chief minister has been in power for 30 years and has become the focal point of criticism. His administration has come under heavy fire in the wake of environmental destruction, the loss of native customary rights land (now being challenged in through law suits), the scandals in the corporate takeover of land, the ostentatious wealth of family members, and corruption scandals including the ‘leakages’ of federal funds.

More than that, it is the sense that Sarawak’s wealth, which could have benefited its people immensely, has instead fabulously enriched a small coterie of individuals and well-connected companies.

The elections will also provide a chance for the people to let the BN know what they think of the idea of more dams and smelters, in the wake of the controversial Bakun project. The corporate stakes are huge and it won’t come as a surprise if certain forces go all out to break up opposition attempts at ensuring straight fights in all 71 seats.

The polls will also tell us how secure the BN parliamentary vote banks (seats) of Sabah and Sarawak really are.

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It is important that Pakatan needs to see the bigger objective of denying BN 2/3 majority in Sarawak as priority and more important rather than individual party fighting for narrow party interest on seats allocation.

It should be who stands the best chance to win as the allocation criteria.

Of course, this may sound idealistic but losing this opportunity to deal a blow in BN’s armor, Pakatan may not have another chance in many years to come.


Nothing wrong to disagree between parties in PR. Don’t just kowtow to whatever the master says\


The countdown has begun. We the rakyat of Sarawak are ready to throw (out) the hated White Rajah…


That Hugh Hefner clip is superb. I’m still anxious about presenting the fact that some Malaysians live in longhouses as ‘poverty’. I don’t believe that living in a shoddily-built, poured-concrete box – even if it has jolly impressive add-on columns and deserted balconies – is the height of development. I presume too that there’s something ‘right’ about longhouses that suits the way those people want to live. One of your recent comments called for a survey of possible power generation techniques for Malaysia: I think it would be nice to do the same thing for accommodation. Malaysia looks to my… Read more »

Gerakan K

But it is interesting to know too that DAP says it will fight with PAS over lottery banning.

Wow, multi-corners in-fighting.

While all parties in BN remains peaceful and committed to 1Malaysia. Stable and reliable.

Andrew I

“While all parties in BN remains peaceful and committed to 1Malaysia. Stable and reliable.”

Whilst they’re not going for more seat allocations via the backdoor, you mean? Courtesy of none other than the honest minister.

Andrew I

“But it is interesting to know too that DAP says it will fight with PAS over lottery banning.”

Also stop being outdated:

This is how gentlemen behave.


BN is definitely peaceful because there are … weaklings like the MCA, MIC and Gerakan who dare not confront their master. What is MIC doing in the panel of Interlok issue. And what is Gerakan Zero KPi Minister and the porn star from MCA going to do when the Bible has been desecrated. You have even a worsening … from Sabah who is a Christian and say its OK to desecrate. Yes all peaceful in BN because either they don`t have any …s or they must have got something in return


DAP fights for the people rights even within the coalition just as PAS and PKR do for the Muslim and Malay rights. Bible desecrated !!!. Hey hey where is the Zero KPi backdoor minister and pornstar from MCA or the parties leader from Sabah and Sarawak. Nowhere to be seen. Where, just look in the closet or underneath…

Gerakan K

But SNAP says PKR is causing problem with them. SNAP says DAP and PAS are all alright.

Interesting in-fighting between them.


MIC representatives withdraw from the Interlok panel but the 2 Malaysia deputy grrrrrr and they meekly come back. Hahaha This is what Gerakan K call no problem. Yes no problem but chicken


Absolutely, Sarawak Election it will be held, timed when(if) Anwar found guilty and thrown in jail. This will to give Mr “White Raja” to hide … his (tracks)… without any trace for the Opposition…! Although, Sarawak is still not ready or capable for a change of govt, (he) will leave not until he has a incoming govt all his cronies taking over the helm….he knows his time is up politically.


Taib is doing the Margaret trick…..Guess what when Margaret Thatcher resigned, Tory ruled for another 7 more years…..Same trick over & over again

Bako Boy

Sarawak bangkit!

Time to oust Taib and remove the safe deposit for BN.