“Extraordinary RM4bn investment” for Penang?


Some questions have been raised about a so-called “extraordinary RM4bn investment” for Penang.

First off, I think we shouldn’t get too excited about FDI figures and use them as the key benchmark to measure economic success. We should look at qualitative aspects as well. We need to consider the impact on employment, the environment, and long-term sustainability. Is the investment beneficial to the local community and what is the impact on small businesses (e.g. if a hypermarket is built)? If companies repatriate their profits and are granted tax holidays, how will they contribute to the domestic economy? Will the investment result in technology transfer – technology that is useful for the local people, that is?

We certainly don’t want foreign investments that pollute the environment, contribute little to the local economy, deplete our natural resources (e.g. forests) and promote militarism (weapons manufacturing).

Press Statement By Penang Chief Minister And DAP Secretary-General Lim Guan Eng In Komtar, George Town & Kuala Lumpur On 24 June 2011.

What Is The Extraordinary Investment For A Global Center From An American Company Which Dr Koh Tsu Koon Claimed On 16 May 2011 That He Had A Role To Play In Bringing To Penang?

Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon should prove that he has the courage to own up to his own mistake of a false investment announcement by an American company instead of trying to cover up his failure with another lie. Dr Koh must fully account to Malaysians what is the extraordinary investment for a global center from an American company which he claimed on 16 May 2011 that he had a role to play in bringing to Penang.

Dr Koh claims that he had never announced that Motorola was investing RM4 billion in Penang. However Koh is not being honest. Reports in all main newspapers, such as the Star and the Sun on 17 May 2011 had reported Koh as saying that the Prime Minister will announce an extraordinary investment to set up a global center by a United States firm during his visit to the US.

Koh even boasted in The Sun on 17 May 2011 that he had played a role as an adviser to the US company in coming to its decision, which is to be announced by Najib in New York. True enough, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak announced on 19 May 2011 of a new RM4 billion investment by a Motorola to set up a global excellence center. This new RM4 billion announcement was widely reported in all newspapers including Bernama, Star, Sun, Utusan, Berita Harian and in MIDA websites.(see chronology of press reports below)

Koh now claims that this new RM4 billion investment was a mistake by Reuters. If so then why was this mistake not corrected by all the mainstream news media including Bernama? No one in Malaysia was aware that Najib and Reuters had made a mistake as not a single correction was reported in Malaysian news media. Were the official Malaysian media accompanying Najib so incompetent that they did not correct the RM 4 billion mistake? This can not be so.

Najib’s announcement of a RM 4 billion investment had delighted Penangites and Malaysians. The Penang state government was willing to thank Koh for helping to bring the RM4 billion new investment to Penang. But this empty boast by Koh had not only deeply disappointed Malaysians and Penangites but also shamed the Prime Minister for making a false announcement in front of the foreign audience in the United States.

If Motorola is not the extraordinary investment of a US company in Penang, then Koh should explain what is the amount and from which American company is that extraordinary investment coming to Penang? Many Penangites are shaking their heads that Koh despite 18 years of experience as Penang Chief Minister can make such a shameful mistake.

Can Koh Tsu Koon please stand up and own up to your mistake so that you can learn from it and improve your performance in your new job as Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department?


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… LGE is doing what he does best , (bluffing) everyone here. If he is a true gentleman like KTK, try proving himself by bringing in investments into Penang instead. What has he done in the past 3 years plus other than reducing expenses and showing people that MPSP and PBA has made money? Has he even tried bringing in investments?


i think you might have chronic constipation problem ? can’t you see post 308 Penang is like being rejunevated in terms of people mood, business activities, and more housing for less privileged in Batu Kawan ???
Koh yet to explain where’s the RM4 billion he claimed as in the The Star’s headline recently. May be his words being challenged by Trade Ministry and if so Pemandu Idris Jala’s words at least more reliable.


KTK pandai ampu dan cakap, tapi kita orang Penang dah tahu dia tak ada kebolehan sebagai seorang ahli politik yang bawa pembaharuan untuk menaikkan taraf hidup kita.

Kita sokong LGE!!!

Han Chiang

Could it be that motorola now reluctant to invest additional (claimed) RM4 billion when there is now no agreement to buy the claimed motorola communication tools (walkie-talkie in laymen term) by the gomen ??? Have we being all these years held hostage by MNCs claiming to give job opportunities ? to be frank, MNCs seem to have more WINs than wins for the local folks IF we get to see the bigger picture which may be classified as OSA ??? Our Ringgit are being kept low (in relations to other currencies) so as to make the country being attractive to… Read more »


This is what I have to say: the country has no strong leadership with people centric policies and long range focused vision to put the people empowerment first in the beginning decades of walking as an Asian Tiger Cub. Now as a toothless aging Tiger, the people don’t even have the spending power to live like a King Tiger, much less a Musang. We are perpetually becoming a beggar nation for FDI and R&D investment of foreign countries because the people are not made to become Tigers , respected, feared for its competitive prowess and financially wealthy to call the… Read more »

Bersih Lagi Best

may be there are still many toothless / paper tigers fearing the … berjanggut now in power ? never mind BUT do cast your vote wisely, ok ?

all these … are scrambling for dwindling national resources and transfer them elsewhere creating syiok sendiri apanama ‘legacies”. just remember the aftermaths of Marcos and recently Mubarak & such “legacies” can be dismantled (wipe out the roots as well) within months once (change) takes shape peacefully.

tan, tanjung bungah

Hi everyone, Don’t hold your breath that the shameless political eunuch would apologise for misleading Penangites and Malaysians about the purported RM4 billion US company investment! Morever, can Penangites and Malaysians ever able to be deceived by this political eunuch anymore? It was reported by minister Mustapha Mohd that the RM4 billion investment is the sum total of 30 years of Motorola’s investment in Malaysia!! So, is this the spinning by (political) eunuch KTK, as if it’s a new investment? A former CM with no KPI to shout about, a current back-door minister whose KPI is still found wanting! A… Read more »


Every now & then , bn are caught telling wonderful and creative lies.
Lies created so that their previous voters would come back to them.
Lies created to deflect the bad economy , mismanagement and inflation brought in by the bn federal govt.
Even the prime Minister have to “turun padang” just to launch a grocery shop and to advertise his Cheap 1Malaysia shop.
Your feel good factor is no longer there.
Best to resign and apologise to Malaysians.

Penang Voter

What else can you expect from a ‘Little Boy’ (KTK was called that when he was CM by Government Officials) ?

I am sure he is looking for a ‘hole’ big enough to hide his head….

Andrew I

Haha, Gherkin Khan’s idol is going to make a dishevelled appearance soon to deny and “refract” all these baseless accusations again. You would think that a little more would be on offer because of all the brainstorming… thus the look.

The Penang surprise. :-p


I don’t see no ostrich in Komtar, Penang since March, 2008.
Why should I believe an ostrich story telling on Penang?
Penangites must be reminded time and time again to be more alert to Shiok-Shiok-Sendiri Syndrome mutated from Gelak Kan (laughing stock).

Norizan Bakar

mutated from Gelak Kan ?

i thought mutants only exist in cinemas like X-Men : First Class.

may be political ostrich(‘s) … specialty is being a first class barang naik Polisher.

Gerakan K

KTK is my hero, period.


… Gerakan fanatics, they believe in the lies of their leaders LOCK, STOCK & BARREL….
Super Rascals, and the Ostrich is the King Rascal

Plain Truth

It never ceased to amaze me how the Gerakan members still see fit to have such a political eunuch KTK as their leader.

Vilified as a Ostrich by his predecessor LKY, treated with contempt in full view of the press by his counterparts in Penang Umno, tainted by all these widely reported allegations of land scams (under his administration), not even having the decency to provide an accountabilty on Kampung Buah Pala and Pantal Jerejak, the list goes on and on and on.

What a disgrace !!!


How else does (political) eunuch Koh Tsu Koon get his back door minister post. To follow up on … his master Najib and UMNO.


He never learn his lesson. Penangites are (fed up with him) and yet he is trying to spread lies…? No wonder CSL is fed up with him to want to lead the BN coalition assault for penang?


Penangites don’t need another CSL Sequel 2 Video.
We are not Kotor, but Bersih in mind, conscience and heart.
Please for God’s sake, not another X-rated Sequel approved by what is that name?