Residents alarmed by high-rise, high-density project


Residents in the Lorong Lembah Permai 3 and 4 area of Tanjung Bunga are worried about plans for a high-rise, high-density project in their quiet neighbourhood.

Residents protest against a project in their neighbourhood

They are also concerned about the road-widening which they believe could “remove or damage the trees that have been there for many decades, decrease the five-foot path width on the sides, increase the traffic by a huge amount…”

One of the key issues in dispute is whether Tanjung Bunga should be a primary or secondary corridor of development and how this project was approved.

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Penang Island is only an island, and an island that has only that much space to accommodate. Just because we think it can be develop as much as the wannabe developers of World Islands, Dubai would want you to believe in the spin-off prosperity of their egoism makes not much of space sense, much less the socio-economic-environmental balance. Why don’t they go develop the mainland where the percentage of the poor are higher and their promise of spin-off prosperity is more for these mainlanders. Why can’t they make less dizzy profits (for the time being) to help the average to… Read more »


It seems some people would like to make Penang a concrete jungle. YES to development, but please think of the environment. Don’t think that just because you don’t live in the area, you won’t be affected. You can build the best roads and the biggest drains, but floods will come if development is not sustainable. Look at the floods in Kajang recently. Global warming is happening and no one is spared. So please don’t syiok syiok, ok?

Gerakan K

You oppose me so you are BN supporter. Machai here won’t happy about it

Sze Tho

Lets get some facts right. Kajang floods were due to irresponsible parties realligning the river and the combination of heavy rains causing the river to burst it’s banks. This does not mean you cannot build high density (condos and apartments) at all. Does building a condo in Tanjung Bunga automatically make it unsustainable? Have the deatils been spelt out yet? have you seen the details? Do not oppose development blindly without having the full set of facts or details.


So what do you mean by “irresponsible parties”? That’s precisely my point, think about the environmnent, the surrounding also, and not just build.High density is not a bad thing per se, but it has to be supported by the required infrastructure and transport system. High density must be transit oriented.


I agree with just, if you want to have high densities, pls ensure u have adequate infrastructure to support it. Lorong Lembah Permai is only that big and wasn’t meant to support high-densities. Have high-density projects where you can ensure adequate access. Otherwise you will create jams for the existing residents and the future residents. There is no point in widening the road in front of the condo when all other roads that lead to it are narrow ones. Go build somewhere else like along the main road and join the other crazy skyscappers.


Are they saying that that portion of Penang island should not be developed? Then TBRA should have bought the whole hill.


Just to place things in perspective.
Lorong Lembah Permai 3 & 4 are not what you would call undeveloped areas. There have been houses there for decades, only kind of “Exclusive” single-storey bungalow types.
There’s been a village there since the 1920’s.

So High-density development is a relative judgement.
So, its back to the Penang Master Plan – yeah – the State Govt. still owes us that.
What is the zoning plan for that area ?

Ong Ong

What a bunch of selfish resident. If there’s no building of road and developing of the houses at that area, they residents would probably have live in the forest already. Always think for themselves and not other. Just walled the tanjung bungah up and nobody will do anything to it. =.=


Agreed. High density is needed so that more people can have an address at Tanjung Bungah area!

We must learn to share!

Merry Christmas!


Dear ong ong, being selfish to a certain extent is human nature.Imagine if u bought your house 20-30 years ago and the developers/council showed a beautiful plan for the area. Suddenly, in 20 years time, they decide to build a 30-storey condo right next to or beside your house. Worst still, some private company decides to build a columbarium or factory next to it. How would you feel? Sure, an increased density is needed as Penang’s population increases and new wider roads have to be built, but zoning and planning should be done properly and adhered to strictly. There should… Read more »

Syiok Syiok

Gurney/Kelawei residents will see similar situation within 5 years time when the seashore area (now muddy) will soon become reclaimed land for housing/commercial projects. Don’t blame present gomen as this has been established during past administration to expand the limited yet precious land area in Penang. As long as this is a sustainable development creating career/job opportunities to the increased population of popular island, majority will not complaint unless you are a resident of that area. Traffic congestion likely be solved when the nrrow Gurney Drives will be expanded into highway-like linking to the undersea tunnels to mainland and new… Read more »

Gerakan K

Jangan buang masa dengan rocket. Mari undi mereka keluar dan biar BN selamatkan kamu semua !!!


Jikakalau undi BN lagi teruk. U mahu demonstrasi boleh kena tangkap, jikalau rally, pun boleh kena tangkap, jikalau capap pun boleh kena tangkap, jikalau protest pun boleh kena tangkap dan banyak banyak lagi serupa pakai kuning atau hitam.


Kamu mahu undi apa. Sikit Density atau korupsi.

Korupsi dan scandal serupa di bawah

1. National Feedlot Corporation (NFC) Cow scandal
2. Port Kalng fiasco
3. Scorpene
4. Dan baru berita Umno leader linked to Alstom bribery
scandal, says Singapore daily
5. Banyak banyak lagi.
6. Baca itu.


Kalau undi you mahu pilih apa.

Density tinggi
Korupsi. Malaysia Transparency International(TI) Corruption Perception Index(CPI) turun From 37th in 2003 to 60th in 2010, yet BN refuses to admit corruption