Relocate Penang Rifle Club away from Botanic Garden


A shooting range within the grounds of the Penang Botanic Garden is troubling regular garden enthusiasts who see it as incompatible with the surroundings.

They say the daily shooting is aesthetically unsound and a threat to public safety as there is only a chain-link fence separating the shooting range from the public car-park. The loud noises also affect the biodiversity in the area, they claim.

The land where the Club sits now has been automatically gazetted as part of the expanded Garden and the Club should have moved out like the Boy Scouts Coronation Camp did.

If you are concerned about the present site of the Rifle Club and would like it relocated, you can sign the online petition here.

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I can’t believe that (anyone could) insist that the shooting club should continue to squat inside the Penang Botanic Gardens.

What a shame for all Malaysians to have another “first” and “only ” botanic garden in the world that boosts a noisy shooting club within.


2 places I would like to propose:
1) Padang Tembak FRU – here it has big spaces for such activity.
2) Youth Park’s archery ground – it is unused most of the time, what a waste of space. Noise? Why not use gun silencer?


Every Malaysian should watch this youtube :


Doesn’t it make more sense to relocate the Botanic Garden away from the Penang Rifle Club?

trigger happy

Penang Rifle Club more appropriate to be set up near Rifle Range area ?
May be this will rejuvenate Rifle Range as a place not to play play with ……

ting pei

previous penang gomen allowed shooting range in the vicinity of natural park ?
it’s like linking bullets with hibiscus flowers ?

tan, tanjung bungah

Hi everyone,

I fully agree that the shooting range should be relocated as it is not in sync with the serenity of the gardens.

We do respect the members of the shooting club but the authorities can allocate them another place, but away from the Botanical Gardens, to resume their activities.


…. those … responsible for putting the Rifle Club so close to a Botanic Garden… *** brains!
I wonder if the thought have crossed their minds… having the Club location near their homes!…

Andrew I

There you can shoot until you are spent.

Andrew I

Put it in the stadium.